Friday Blogging


Welcome back Mr. William!  It was good to see ya and fun working on our gross motor skills with you!


Spring has sprung!  Time to get back to gardening outside.


We experimented with using a hard-boiled egg de-sheller called an “Egg-Stractor” this week…


…We might stick to the old fashioned way and peel our eggs.  This contraption was fun but a bit messy!


Brandon had better luck using it after Adrian reread the instructions.  Good job Brandon and Adrian!


A messy success!


The No Limits hens getting shade from the sun on the first truly warm day we’ve had all year!


We enjoyed a nostalgic activity today in the spirit of the upcoming Easter holiday – dying Easter eggs!  We used the “rice in a bag” dying method which was fun and also mess free! (Instructions for the rice in a bag dying method can found here: )


Pink fingers = you forgot to put on gloves Kyle!


Amy’s loving the pretty blue color of her egg.  It matches her outfit!


We all had a really nice time shaking and dying our eggs.


Woop woop – look at these great results.  We love the speckled look the rice creates!  Thank you to our Executive Director, Rachel Evans, for teaching us about this cool method of dying.  🙂

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