Friday Blogging


Amy hammin’ it up and striking a pose before Outreach Cooking!


David and Amy helping to prepare 300 hand-made dog treats to be delivered as gifts to the Senators and Delegates on Brain Injury Awareness Day!


Our dear friend Charlene Harris came to visit with us and shared stories about her missionary work in Africa!


We will share a separate blog next week dedicated to Charlene and the amazing work that she does in the Congo!


Zel says “I was pickin’ and grinnin’ for my venison!” Zel was stirring venison chili to go with his nacho themed birthday!


Look at that smile! A big thank you to Maryann and Donnie Brittingham for donating the yummy venison meat!


It’s that time again! Amy and Kyle are hard at work getting our 2017 Kathleen (Kate) Walsh Richardson Citizenship Award applications packaged to be mailed to the high schools and shared with the students.  Please view and stay tuned to our blog/Facebook to learn more about this award!

Friday Blogging


Happy, happy birthday Shirley! And many more! We celebrated a lot of birthdays this week at No Limits.


Birthday cards and comfort doll creation! Eva and Zel are both hard at work.


Happiest of birthdays to Maryann as well! Yummm. We like lots of birthdays!


May the force be with you! (Does it not look like DJ is about to decapitate Kyle with a light saber?! Hahaha)


Faith made an awesome and delicious cake for Denise’s birthday! Amy says “It was so good we tore it all up!”


That is such a purrty cake – great job Faith!

Friday Blogging


Happy birthday Matt, and many more! And thanks for having pizza! YUM. (each year near Matt’s birthday he offers to assist with funding so that we may enjoy a pizza party to celebrate his special day!)


A quiet day, with snow on the way…. it’s Wheel of Fortune time! We did really well this round too. Amy says “Where’s the money?! I thought we won $74,000!”


Thumbs up for volunteering! Our buddy Brandon volunteers at the Riverside Shore Hospice Thrift Store every week!


Nice shot Zel. Thanks for grabbing the mail!