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No Limits Eastern Shore is located at 24546 Coastal Boulevard in Tasley, VA – right next door to the Foodbank of the Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore. Parking is beside the building.

Our current day support hours are Monday – Friday , 8:30 am – 3 pm. There is no cost to participants at this time. We do not provide transportation but we will assist members with arranging transportation if needed (and if available from your location) through our partnership with Star Transit. Members either bring their own lunch or the funds to purchase lunch. Our offices are open 8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday, unless we have commitments in the community.


At No Limits, we work on helping survivors of brain injury reconnect with the community in a meaningful way. We have a schedule of activities at day support that target the areas of independent living, health and wellness, productivity, community impact and outreach,  and cognitive activities, all designed to strengthen the areas most affected by brain injury. Activities at NLES are developed and approved by our team of Certified Brain Injury Specialists. Case management is also provided by a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.


Brain injuries can happen from an external blow to the head, as a result of motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports and recreational accidents, or assaults/violence. Certain illnesses such as stroke/cerebral vascular accident (CVA), brain tumors, and anoxia (lack of oxygen) may also injure the brain.


No Limits Eastern Shore is supported by state general funds administered by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services and private donations. We also receive support from the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore and the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation.


We welcome referrals from service providers and the community. If you know someone who might benefit from No Limits or you are interested in learning more, please contact us at:

No Limits Eastern Shore
P.O Box 259
Tasley, VA 23441-0259
phone (757) 789-3990.
fax (757) 789-3299

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