Friday Blogging


It has actually been a perfect week for us to have wet weather here at No Limits.  We had two fundraisers to help out with this week that will benefit our furry friends in need throughout the community.  In this picture you see our planning notes for what needed to be baked.  The first fundraiser is a plant/bake sale for the Chincoteague Island Community Cats group who are working towards implementing a sustainable Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cats on Chincoteague Island.  More information on this fundraiser can be found on the CI Community Cats Facebook page (link).  The second fundraiser we baked for is the Pawsome Bingo Fundraiser hosted by Dogs Deserve Better Eastern Shore (link).  This fundraiser will benefit the purchasing of an air conditioning unit for the animals at the Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Facility.  More information on this fundraiser may be found on the Dogs Deserve Better Eastern Shore’s Facebook  events page (link).


Brownie making time – bake on David!


Our sugar cookie set up!  No sleeping CL it’s time to bake!  Hehe!


Aside from baking, we also donated a few house plants and catnip samples (both cultivated by members of No Limits) to the CI Community Cats Plant/Bake Sale!


Brownies and cookies all packed up and ready to go!  Go team!


Corina and Amy being expert cake and cupcake decorators.  Everything turned out so well!


We hope our hard work will really pay off!  We enjoy helping out and giving back to our community whenever possible.  We also think that it is just perfect that a photo of our dear friend Kate is along side these baked goods as we think that she would be proud of the great work we are doing!



Friday Blogging


Good job making those biscuits, but don’t eat them…they’re for the dogs!


Bake on Amy, bake on!


Zel hard at work caring for the No Limits Hens.  Great job Zel!


Glazing pots for an upcoming fundraiser!  Terra cotta pots must be glazed before they are painted.


A great shot of our beautiful sign pictured with our beautiful irises.


Zel working on a brain teaser puzzle before program begins.  These puzzles are difficult but so much fun!


Melissa Glennon of Riverside Medical Group came in to give a wonderful presentation on a few programs available in our community that she helps to operate.  We learned about Riverside Shore Home Health Services, Senior Perspectives, and Riverside Hospice Services.  It was a very informative presentation, and it was interesting to learn about various services throughout our community.  Thank you Melissa!


Zel and Amy staying cool in the shade while the No Limits Hot Dog Cart gets set up for the first time this season!!


CL setting up the No Limits Hot Dog Cart!  He had a very successful first day with the Hot Dog Cart this season!  WAY TO GO CL!  If you missed out on the fun today, no worries!  The No Limits Hot Dog Cart will be open on Fridays from 11 am – 1:30 pm outside of No Limits in Tasley for the rest of the warm months!  (Weather permitting of course!)

Friday Blogging


Amy just chillin’ and enjoyin’ the weather before program begins.


David and Maryann hard at work plantin’ fresh basil in the herb garden.


Brandon the Plant Doctor reviving a few plants with transplant shock.  We will take pictures when they are “better” but Brandon is currently still “treating” them.  Haha!


David waterin’ the ‘maters!  We think they’re saying “mmmm refreshing!”


Sherry and Amy doing a great job organizing our plant containers.


Our Azalea from our dear friend Margaret Ann is back in bloom!  Yay!


Thank you to Maryann and Northampton County Fire and Rescue for donating these hats to No Limits.  We had a mini contest to win the hats and Zel and Jason won!  Lookin’ good men!


Shovel on Brandon, shovel on!


Mulching the banana plant!  Good job Brandon.  We like to put mulch around our plants to help with weed control and to help our plants stay moist in the heat!

Friday Blogging


Zel helping us make sure our watermelon patch begins to sprout!


CL and Brandon hard at work weeding the garden!


The wildflower seed box said to “tamp down the seeds with your feet” and so we did!  We enjoyed these directions.


Brandon helping to keep our lawn beautiful. Great job!


Cut on Brandon, cut on! The yard looks so nice!


Our monthly Self Advocacy lesson with Rachel is always a big hit!


A component of this month’s Self Advocacy lesson focused on working through challenging tasks. Tossing pennies into a cup was more difficult than we imagined, but it was still a lot of fun!


Brandon being a Master Chef while baking David’s birthday cake. It was delicious!


Brandon and Greg giving a thumbs up for the 3rd Annual Earth Day Celebration in Exmore!  We had a great time learning about nature and conservation efforts by local organizations, learning more about native plants, and meeting local farmers (and their farm animals! 🙂 ).  We also set up a raffle to win a Christmas Cactus grown by members of No Limits!  Check out the drawing of the winner’s name below!


Congratulations to Kit for winning the plant!  Thank you to William for helping to pick the winner!  Check out a video of the drawing of the winner below!



Friday Blogging


We are loving this warm weather and enjoying gross motor games outside!  Woop woop!


Happy birthday Emma, and many, many more!


Our first bloom of an assortment of wildflowers.  Very pretty!


Amy and Jason making Tillandsia species “Air Plant” Terrariums.  These terrariums are for sale!  Please give us a call if you would like to purchase one of these beautiful house plants.


Pretty gal with a pretty plant.  🙂  Nice job Amy.


The finished products.  Way to go Jason and Amy!  These look beautiful.


David is frying up sausage for our “Omelette in a Bag” lunch.  Thanks David!


Finishin’ up the veggies – chop chop! If you would like to make your own “Omelettes in a Bag” check out this simple online tutorial we found:


Three men hard at work.  Great job shoveling!


Our raised garden boxes are officially ready for planting.  We love our Community Garden and can’t wait to grow vegetables!  Hooray!

Friday Blogging


Brandon and Emma switched places!  Work on Brandon, work on.


David, Maryan, and Sherry working on Brandon’s birthday cheesecake.  Nice job!


Spring planting!  We are so happy for warm weather here at No Limits.


We were so very lucky to have Brandon’s friends from My Choice, My Voice L.L.C. join us this week in celebrating Brandon’s birthday.  They even provided pizza, punch, and goodie bags for everyone!  Thank you all so much, we had a wonderful time!


Happy birthday Brandon, and many, many more!


The birthday cheesecake was “da bomb”!  Yum!!!


Zel showing off his muscles while helping to clean the chicken coop.  Thanks Zel!


Enjoying our first gross-motor game outside for the season.  Can anyone guess what we’re playing?!  Hint, hint it is an Italian ball game!

The 2018 Kate Awards #2

This week we had a second, “mini” Kate Awards Ceremony where we awarded Courtney Floyd and Anna Wallace as Honorable Mention Recipients of the 2018 Kathleen Walsh Richardson Citizenship Award!  Please enjoy photos of these young ladies receiving their prizes and trophies below!

DSCF5515 (2)

Courtney Floyd, a Broadwater Academy student, is very active volunteer through her school and has assisted with several community events including a Red Cross Blood Drive and helping to operate The Habitat for Humanities’ February Freeze event annually.  Courtney has also volunteered at the public library and for a local Head Start Program.  She is pictured with No Limits member Brandon, who presented the award. Wonderful job Courtney!

DSCF5518 (2)

In this photo, Brandon is presenting Anna Wallace with her award!

DSCF5519 (2)

Anna Wallace, a Nandua High School student, is a very active volunteer through her church, and has assisted in giving back to communities in need while on mission trips to Alabama and North Carolina.  She has helped to operate a Vacation Bible School with the Boys and Girls Club of South Alabama, assisted the organization known as “Mobile Baykeeper” to clean up rivers, volunteered with the Feeding the Gulf Coast Foodbank to sort and donate food for the hungry, and restored a community garden that grows food for families in need.  Super job Anna!

You are both setting such wonderful examples as to what it means to be a great citizen and we would like to congratulate you again on your achievements!  Keep up the great work!