Friday Blogging


DJ posing for a photo with friends while visiting Beacon House Clubhouse in VA Beach.  Lookin’ great everybody!


Maryann vising with Diane.  We miss you Diane and are glad you are doing well!


CL striking a silly pose while bell ringing for the Salvation Army this week.


What’s so funny Emma?!  Oh!  CL is making a silly face.  Zel says “Laughter IS the best medicine!”  Haha!


Adrian and CL ringing the bells.  Good job ringing men!

Friday Blogging


DJ hand making a beautiful snowman decoration!  Thank you very much to Maryann and Donnie Brittingham for donating wood materials to make these decorations!


Denise made beautiful decorations too!  We especially love this project because the wood materials donated by Maryann and Donnie were up-cycled.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!


Working hard to make some animal treats for pups and kitties at our local SPCA and Animal Control.


Amy supervising Chef David.  She thinks he did a great job!


Week #2 with the No Limits bell ringers!  Great job CL – ring a ding ding!


Keisha Elmandorf of the VA Cooperative Extension came to give another wonderful lesson on nutrition at No Limits this week!  We learned to cook a nutritious and inexpensive Italian Bean Soup!


Cook on my men, cook on!


Corina and Jason making sure that David doesn’t accidentally chop his fingers instead of the onions!  Haha, we’re only kidding, David is an expert at chopping!


Amy helping out with the recipe for the Italian Bean Soup!


The final product.  It was SOOO yummy.  Amy says “It was delicious!”  Zel says “It was downright scrumptious!”  This recipe is definitely a keeper.  Thank you again to Keisha and the VA Cooperative Extension for providing this fun and interesting lesson on cooking!

Friday Blogging


Wrap on Brandon, wrap on! Wrap that palm for the winter weather!


Nice teamwork! The palm tree sure looks warm!


The 3 Musketeers also protected our cultivated berry bushes for the winter weather.


Making dog treats for the pups at local animal shelters. Woof, woof, woof!


Ho,ho,ho Merry Christmas! These 3 elves are getting ready for the holidays here at No Limits!


Let’s hear it for the Christmas spirit! All hands on deck to decorate!


Amy says that she and Zel were decorating their very own “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” (referencing the tree lacking leaves – haha!)


Work on men, work on!


Decorating tree #3 – we love to trim the trees here at No Limits 🙂


Nice job David and Zel!  Frosty the Snowman loves his tree.


It’s that time again! DJ and Maryann ringing the bells for the Salvation Army this week.


CL and Rachel rang the bells as well. Great job y’all!


The No Limits Christmas Village!


Beautiful job everyone.  Now it’s time for Santa!

Thanksgiving Holiday Blog 2017


Thank you to John Evans who came out to make some minor repairs that made our beautiful/accessible out building even more beautiful and accessible!


Here we see Amy testing out John’s hard work.


Success! Thank you again to John for assisting with these repairs, and thank you again to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services for providing No Limits with funding to purchase this building!

DSCF3137 copy

Zel helping to care for the No Limits hens before the long weekend.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving from all of us here at No Limits Eastern Shore!  🙂

Friday Blogging


Treat on men, treat on!  Zel, Brandon, and David are making monkey treats for a local primate sanctuary!  Amy says “We’re making the monkeys happy!”


The Chefs, David and Maryann, preparing our Thanksgiving lunch!  P.S.  They are making Maryann’s stuffing recipe which we ALL thought was the bomb-dot-com!


Amy helping to decorate for our Thanksgiving lunch with beautiful centerpieces.  Thank you Amy!


Time to eat!  The men enjoying the delicious feast.  Thanks again David and Maryann for cooking!


An up close shot of the yummy food. More, more, more please!


Deviled eggs made using yard fresh eggs from the No Limits Hens!  If you would like to purchase fresh eggs from No Limits please feel free to call or stop by during business hours (Mon – Fri – 8:30 – 2:30)!  Only $2/dozen!

Friday Blogging on Thursday


This is a picture of the 501 Horn Silica that Brandon made at an Educational Farming event hosted by Perennial Roots Farm!  What is 501 Horn Silica?  It is a biodynamic preparation of manure that can be used to make a spray that will fertilize and strengthen our ENTIRE garden!


The Horn Silica must be buried and dug up again in the spring in order for it to develop into usable fertilizer.  We would like to thank the Perennial Roots Farm for hosting this event, the Eastern Shore of Virginia Resource Conservation And Development Council for providing No Limits with scholarship tickets to attend the event, and the Future Harvest Foodshed Field School for providing very interesting educational workshops on the Eastern Shore!


Zel feedin’ the chicks! The chick-ens that is!


David helpin’ out with the hens. Good job David.


Plant Brandon, plant!  Plant that native Purple Passionflower!!


Here it comes DJ!  DJ was excited to eat lemon bars for his birthday (and so were all of the rest of us!  haha).  Happiest of birthdays DJ, and many many more!

***Reminder – No Limits will be closed Friday, November 10th in observance of Veteran’s Day.  We will reopen Monday 11/13 under normal hours of operation.  Thank you.***

Friday Blogging


Jason’s mom, Liz, came by on Halloween and donated some yummy homemade treats! Thank you for no tricks, Liz, haha. Amy says “More please; the treats were delicious!”

DSCF3093 copy

Gas me up Jason! In the spirit of the season Jason wore his “STP Gas treatment” shirt and hat.


Keisha Elmandorf of the VA Cooperative Extension came to give another wonderful lesson on nutrition at No Limits this week!  Amy thought Keisha’s nutrition lesson was a great way to welcome back our long time friend, Mr. William!


We even got to play “Nutrition Bingo.”


Men hard at work. Thanks for helping to clean the coop y’all!


Our fall kale harvest has really come alive!  We can’t wait to eat it!  🙂