Friday Blogging

We had another great week here at No Limits!  Both virtually and in person (with safety precautions in place of course!)

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Virtual No Limits is a huge hit!  This week we discussed medical news about brain injury, worked on cognitive stimulation activities, and had a wellness lesson with No Limits’ Health & Safety Coordinator, Adrian!


Our native flowering plant species seem to be enjoying the summer weather.  This is a close up of a blooming Passionflower.


A cold hardy Hibiscus saying “HELLO SUMMER!”


We would like to say a big “thank you” to Calvin for assisting with yard work this week!!!  It looks great!


Brandon spending time with Henrietta (the hen).


David assisted with yard work too this week.  Thanks David!!


C L is representing his favorite team from head to toe!

Welcome Back Blog!


No Limits Day Program has officially re-opened!  (By appointment only, please contact us by phone or email or view our reopening guidelines here  for more information)


Catching up on a humid morning.


Brandon is happy to see that the No Limits Pollinator Garden is thriving!


Safely packaging Kiwanis Komfort Dolls to be delivered to children in need throughout our community.


Three men hard at work caring for the No Limits hens.  It’s great to be back!

Friday Blogging

We enjoyed another fun and educational week during our Virtual No Limits sessions. We discussed health and wellness topics including advocating for yourself, maintaining positive mental health during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and how to stay safe in the summer heat. We also worked on some in-chair exercise to keep our bodies and minds strong!

During our self advocacy lesson with Rachel, we also got to get a sneak peak at some of the Personal Protective Equipment that will be available for members of No Limits when Day Program reopens on the 20th (that’s what you see in the screenshot above!)

Reopening Soon!

We are excited to announce that No Limits Eastern Shore’s office and Day Program will be reopening on 07/20/20 (by appointment only). Please review our Reopening Guidelines below to learn more about our reopening procedures, including a change to our hours of operation and new safety precautions! These guidelines and the July 2020 Calendar can also be downloaded by clicking here: Reopening Guidelines and Calendar NLES

Friday Blogging

This week we enjoyed two more great Health and Wellness lessons during Virtual No Limits.  Again, our Health and Wellness lessons were provided by Betsy Pinder, in the form of a United Way Exercise/Wellness lesson and No Limits’ Health and Safety Coordinator, Adrian Carpenter. We worked on in-chair exercises, stretched, and discussed ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy!

We also enjoyed seeing pictures and learning about Betsy’s recent trip to Thailand.

Discussions during Virtual No Limits this week also focused on reopening plans for No Limits. Please keep an eye here on our blog and Facebook page early next week for further announcements regarding plans to reopen No Limits.

Friday Blogging of Virtual No Limits

This week during Virtual No Limits we enjoyed some great educational/informative lessons and worked hard on developing ideas for future content for both the No Limits’ blog and social media pages. In the screen shot below some of us are listening to Rachel’s monthly self advocacy lesson! This month’s advocacy lesson covered ways to advocate for yourself while in a hospital/medical care setting.

Listening to Rachel give her monthly Self Advocacy lesson!

Virtual No Limits

While the No Limits Day Program remains closed due to COVID-19, we are excited to announce that we have been able to continue offering day program services via “Virtual No Limits”!  Using a web based meeting platform, members of No Limits are able to “come together” to work on various activities and participate in important discussions every week.

This week we enjoyed two Health and Wellness lessons during Virtual No Limits.  One was provided by Betsy Pinder, in the form of a United Way Exercise/Wellness lesson and the other was provided by No Limits’ Health and Safety Coordinator, Adrian Carpenter.  We stretched and worked on in-chair exercises and we also discussed health and wellness topics related to COVID-19, mental health, and heat safety!

Here are a few screen shots from Virtual No Limits this week:

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June is National Pollinator Month!

At No Limits we are proud to provide plants and habitats for our Native Pollinators!  Check out this awesome guide provided from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to learn more about how important pollinators are to our environment, as well as how to plant a pollinator-friendly garden!

Also, check out some of our Native/Pollinator-friendly plants growing in the No Limits garden!  These are just a few of our many flowering plants that continue to flourish in the No Limits dedicated Pollinator Garden.


Eastern Prickly Pear on the verge of flowering!



Native Wineberries “doing their thing”!  (We also have blackberries and blueberries planted in our berry patch that are great for pollinators too!)



Our lavender plant is not a native flowering plant species, BUT allowing herbs to flower are a GREAT way to attract pollinators to your garden.  (As a plus, lavender smells very good too!)


Thank You High Tide Fabrication!

We would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Dale Spilker of High Tide Fabrication for creating the beautiful custom engraved plaques for the winners of the 2020 Kate Award!

The quality of the plaques was outstanding, and we received fantastic customer service/feedback throughout the engraving process (checkout feedback videos below – too cool!)

Thank you again for your wonderful work!

Visit High Tide Fabrication’s ETSY page or Facebook page to learn more about or to purchase from this awesome local business/artist!

Friday Blogging


C L and Jason preparing to put up our Purple Martin “hotel”!


Brandon helped too!


Up she goes!


The No Limits Purple Martin hotel is officially open for business!


Three men hard at work.


Brandon and Adrian inspecting our first aid kit.  Thanks for helping to keep us all safe.