Friday Blogging!



Adrian helping us with a Health Advocacy lesson!



DJ and David during Health Advocacy – listen on, my men, listen on!



CL getting ready to sell some hot dogs (Amy says he’s making money for his honey!)



Cute Chickens aren’t just for Wednesdays!!



Ross the Ross Boss (or Sauce Boss) mowing our lawn. Mow on, Ross, mow on with your bad self!



Look at these zinnias in the strawberry patch, still blooming, ready for Halloween (don’t be scared!)








Friday Blogging


The Twins, Emma and Amy, giving the indoor garden plants some TLC!

DSCF3054 (2)

Zel was having fun helping with making “Comfort Dolls”! This is an ongoing project that No Limits’ assists the Kiwanis Club of Accomack with. The dolls are given to local EMS providers to be given to children in the community who are sick or injured. 

DSCF3055 (2)

Brandon helping to prepare door prizes for the Disability Awareness Showcase.  This Showcase is being presented by the Eastern Shore Center for Independent Living and will be held at Nandua High School from 9 am – 3 pm, Saturday, October 14.

DSCF3056 (2)

Everyone hard at work on indoor projects during this rainy weather.


Amy was giving this comfort doll extra love after it was completed.  She hopes that the “extra love” will be felt by whomever receives this doll!

Friday Blogging


Practicing with our webcam (and being silly) while preparing for a face-to-face chat with the Denbigh House via Social Media!  Kyle’s phone had a special filter and he changed his face to a tiger’s face!  Haha!


Amy and DJ getting a kick out of Kyle’s phone filter.


Day #2 on the Chincoteague Walking Trail!  Last week a group from No Limits went out to assess this trail for its accessibility.  It was determined to be extremely accessible, so off we went again with a bigger group to enjoy this beautiful spot!


Amy’s in the lead!  We really loved this walking trail.


Enjoying the “LOVE chairs” that can be found at the Robert Reed Downtown Park on Chincoteague!


A “love”ly place to take a photo!  Haha!


DJ showing off the proper “caring for our hens” attire!  He loves to help the chickens!


Men hard at work keeping our catnip plants growing big and strong!


Thank you Denise Brown for donating these Gladiolus bulbs!  They have bloomed and are so beautiful!


Dehydrating our sage the “old-school” way!  We hope these bundles of sage will make good meals taste even better!


Happiest of birthdays to our Executive Director, Rachel Evans!  Amy and Zel say “Live long and prosper Rachel!”


Hanging together and having a fun time singing “Happy Birthday” to Rachel!


Keisha Elmandorf  who is the Family Nutrition Program Assistant for the Virginia Cooperative Extension came by to give an educational lesson on nutrition.  We would like to thank Keisha and the Virginia Cooperative Extension in Accomack so very much for sharing these informative lessons with us and others in the community!

Cherrystone Campground Blog!


We enjoyed a wonderful trip to “Cherrystone Campground” last week! We would first like to say a big “THANK YOU” to Cherrystone for allowing us to enjoy their park and going out of the way to make sure our time there was special!


We had a really nice time riding on the Cherrystone “Clam Tram” and seeing all the many sights the campground has to offer!


The Clam Tram Caboose!


Brandon was very interested to check out all of the cool plants around the park!


They even have Canna Lilies which we grow in our own garden at No Limits!



So many butterflies!


Some of us even got to act like kids again!


LOL!  We had so much fun!


Let’s eat!  A few of us relaxing and waiting for some lunch.


While it was not a sunny day, we thought the weather was perfect for an outing!  Not too hot – not too cold!


A beautiful fountain.  We were told that it lights up with different colored lights at night.  Cool!


We even got to enjoy a few rounds of Putt Putt golf!


Zel says “It was tee-riffic!”  Haha!


Paused for a picture while we were “exploring”!


Hole in one!



Jason was all smiles for our Cherrystone trip!


One more ride on the tram…we really, really enjoyed it! 🙂


DJ, Brandon, and Adrian enjoying the sights one last time.  Thank you again SO MUCH to Cherrystone Campground, and our long-time employee, Maryann Brittingham  for making sure our day was fun and special!  We really appreciate everything that y’all did!

Friday Blogging


Brandon, Zel, and Kyle went out this week to assess a local walking trail on Chincoteague Island.



We were impressed with how many Eastern Shore Native Plants can be found along this trail!


A native fern!  We unfortunately do not remember the exact name of this plant but our resident plant expert, Brandon, is 99.9% sure it’s a native plant!


A beautiful photo overlooking the water.


Beautiful water shot take 2, with Zel!


Zel and Brandon had a really nice time on this trail!  Please stay tuned to the Walking Trails section of our website to see a full Accessibility Assessment of this trail to be posted soon!


We also celebrated Jason’s birthday this week!  We enjoyed a pizza party and a cake donated by his awesome Momma Liz!


Happiest of birthdays Jason…and many, many more!  Also thank you to Liz for donating the yummy meal!


A freshly made kielbasa sausage from the No Limits Hot Dog Cart!  Amy and Sherry say “If you haven’t had one yet you need to grab one ’cause they are the BOMB!”  The No Limits Hot Dog Cart is open Wed & Thur 11 am – 1:30 pm outside of 24546 Coastal Blvd in Tasley!


We enjoyed an awesome day trip and picnic at Cherrystone Campground this week.  Please check out our blog on Monday 10/2 to see our blog post dedicated to our trip to Cherrystone!!!

Friday Blogging


Here are 11 of our 12 hens! Not pictured is our Naked Neck Turken named Lucy who was busy laying an egg!  🙂


A picture of our beautiful flock from a “chicken’s eye” view! Hahaha!

DSCF1445 (2)

We will miss you Shirley!  Please come by and see us ANY time and good luck with everything.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the No Limits Hot Dog Cart this week!  We appreciate the support and hope to see you again soon!  The No Limits Hot Dog Cart is open Wednesdays & Thursdays from 11 am – 1:30 pm outside of No Limits at 24546 Coastal Boulevard in Tasley!


Brandon giving the indoor garden a drink!  Brandon says “I think the palm trees really like their new “hotel” aka a nice warm spot under our grow lights!  We are growing Cold Hardy Windmill Palm Trees from seed!

Friday Blogging


Zel letting our chickens out for the day! Good work Zel.


We got a new sign for the No Limits Hot Dog Cart and putting it up was fun! We enjoyed placing it AND supervising its placement!


The finished product looks good! Just a reminder, the No Limits Hot Dog Cart is open Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 – 1:30 at 24546 Coastal Boulevard in Tasley!  🙂


Cut on my people, cut on! Giving our indoor garden plants a trim!


Our friend Angie came to teach us about gardening!  This week we learned all about propagating many different plants!


Angie showing Brandon how to prepare the plants for a cutting to be made.


Thank you again Angie! We LOVED learning with you and can’t wait til next time!