Free Webinar Series on Brain Injury

The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training is presenting a free webinar series covering complex issues related to brain injury, including brain injury in vulnerable and at-risk populations as well as brain injury and co-occurring disorders.

To view or register for any of the free webinars in the series, open this PDF file or click on the flyer below (Brain Injury Complex Issues in Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations Free Webinar Series) and then select the hyperlink associated with the webinar you wish to view or register for!


Friday Blogging

David mixing up spice cake batter for our Community Outreach Cooking activity this month.

Angela helped to make spice cakes too!

The individually packaged cakes will be delivered to a local group home. We hope the residents love them!

Emma and C L opening up boxes of protective shields for the No Limits Activity Room.

Safety first!  Our new protective safety shields are a great way to stay safe while enjoying activities at No Limits.

A socially-distanced United Way Exercise Group with Betsy Pinder!

Zel says he likes to mow the lawn because he likes to help keep the No Limits yard looking nice. Thank you Zel!

Brandon using a push mower to cut grass around obstacles such as plants and bird feeders. Good work Brandon!

“I like to mow it mow it, I like to mow it mow it” Angela likes mowing with the riding lawn mower because it helps her relax.

No Limits’ Case Manager, Kyle Fulk, was able to visit with members of No Limits who are confined to congregate care due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are so happy that we were able to visit Alisa and Steve and that they are doing well!

Friday Blogging

Thank you so much to Beritt, John, and Luke for helping us to get our new touch screen activity board together!

For Mindfulness Monday this week we watched a video from Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of the research-backed stress-reduction program Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), explain the importance of mindfulness in strengthening your mind. It was very informative!

Virtual No Limits + Regular No Limits + United Way Exercise w/ Betsy = a great morning!

We celebrated Rachel’s birthday this week. Happy birthday Rachel!

Brandon, Adrian, Kyle, and C L enjoyed an outdoor lesson about power-steering this week too!

Brandon giving TLC to the Native Prickly Pear Cactus in our Pollinator Garden. Good work Brandon!

Emma shared the monthly newsletter for our Thursday session of Virtual No Limits this week. To view our monthly newsletter, please click here:

Mow on Brandon!

The No Limits Catnip Patch is growing strong. We can’t wait to begin making cat toys for local shelters with it!


Friday Blogging

Preparing the room for socially distanced in-chair exercise for Virtual No Limits this week.

Go Brandon, go! Mow that grass in front of your cold hardy Windmill Palm!

Early morning yardwork planning. Great work team!

Our native species Prickly Pear Cactus fruit looks delicious! We can’t wait for them to be ripe.

Angela and Maryann working on thinking and memory skills.

We got a new weed whacker. Brandon says it’s comfortable and he enjoys it!

One of the newest members of No Limits, Angela, learned to mow with the riding mower this week. David and Adrian say she is a natural!

Kyle and Rachel working hard to build our new smartboard computer stand.

A great view of some of the No Limits crew. (These outfits were not planned! We just all wear our No Limits hoodies often because they are very comfortable!)

VCU’s Positive Parenting Project

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) received a 3-year
Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative (CNI) grant to provide positive parenting skills for families affected by a parent’s traumatic brain injury (TBI). A fact sheet about this project can be found below, and please stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for future updates on this project.

Download a PDF of this fact sheet here:  VCU Project Overview for website_newsletter posting 09_25_2020

Friday Blogging

Welcome back Zel! Long-time member of No Limits, Zel, has been missed so much while taking some time away during the pandemic. We are glad you are back Zel!

First aid inspection! Great work Adrian and Angela.

Working on a socially distanced safety lesson. This week we had to important lessons on safety at No Limits – how to prevent falls and what we do in the event of an emergency at No Limits!

Zel getting to know Felix, the robo-cat. He wanted to play him a record on the cool player donated by Peggy Sayers!

Stock on Angela and Maryann. Water is grrrr-eat!

Zel and Brandon doing a great job taking care of the No Limits hens!

This week during Virtual No Limits Adrian shared a lesson on preventing falls for Fall Prevention Awareness week. Thanks for helping to keep us safe Adrian!

Brandon helping to keep the building clean. Great vacuuming Brando!


Friday Blogging

This month for our Outreach Cooking work we made individual brownie pans for residents at a local group home. We were told that they were “delicious!”

Hugg watched us make brownies. Brandon says “Look he’s rubbing his Buddha belly!”

Brandon in No Limits jail…just kidding! Brandon was caring for the No Limits Hens.

Two hens diggin’ for grubs!

A new pet to help us keep pests out of the yard.

Our Native Purple Passionflower, or our “Maypop” Plant, is really poppin’!

One of our newest members, Angela, is quite the artist!

We shared our “Creating Virtual No Limits Video” with Chris Miller, who is the Director of the Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (VA DARS) and she sent us pictures of her cat Burkley enjoying the video!

Burkley apparently enjoyed the video so much he made his Momma, Chris, watch it over and over and even purred at his favorite parts. We’re so glad you liked the video Burkley and Chris!

Creating a Virtual No Limits!

When the virus came, No Limits Eastern Shore Brain Injury Services had to find a safe, inexpensive, accessible way to continue providing support to the survivors of brain injury in our region of Virginia despite the many logistical challenges. This short video tells the story of our journey to create a Virtual No Limits!

Friday Blogging

The first appearance of Felix, the No Limits robot cat!

Our director Rachel and David right after the unboxing of Felix.

Joe is just watching us try to get it all straight! It took us a minute but we got Felix working.

David & Brandon checking him out. Felix is a therapeutic cat made by Hasbro and he is interactive (miaows, responds to touch, purrs, rolls over) and he doesn’t need a litter box!

Here’s a nice pollinator shot from our garden, which we are getting ready to “spruce up” for fall!