Friday Blogging 8/11/2022

We are making dog biscuits for our local SPCA and animal control.
Brandon did a nice job stirring the dough.
Melissa is spreading flour on her board to roll out biscuits.
David enjoys helping local animals.
Zel had a great time making biscuits.
United Way Wellness with Betsy…. what a good exercise instructor.
Zooming with Betsy!
Our fig tree is getting there.
Out with the old and in with the new.

Thursday Blog 8/4/2022

That’s one great ear of corn that we grew.
Our masterpieces.
Brandon enjoys watering the plants.
United Way Wellness with Betsy. Here she is instructing us again.
Our herb box has bright colors.
Zel is picking his lunch.
Zel enjoyed watering the tomato plants.
We are all having fun painting pictures of the beach.
John is doing a nice job of watering the cucumbers.

Friday Blogging 7/29/2022

Zel enjoyed cutting up vegetables to cook for lunch.
Melissa did a great job of shredding zucchini for making zucchini bread.
David is ready to stir the pot for freezer pickles.
Jason was happy to be in charge of supervision of the zucchini bread.
Steve toasts a job well done.
Melissa enjoys time with Jasper the cat.
United Way Wellness with Betsy is always a hit. We miss you!
We are Betsy’s favorite groupies.
Andrew and Dale are deep in thought and focused on Betsy.
Brandon is becoming one with the chicken.
John stays hydrated while enjoying working outside.
Out with the old and in with the new. Ready to plant our fall garden.
A very nice picture of CL and his son Daniel.

Thursday Blogging 7/7/2022

David enjoyed helping to make baked zucchini for everyone.
The baked zucchini that we made was delicious.
A beautiful hibiscus flower in our pollinator garden.
Bees are pollinating our vegetables.
Peppers are ready.
We harvested a giant zucchini!
Melissa counted money and rolled her change.
Rachel, Brandon and Kyle added fresh dirt to the catnip trug.
John is showing Andrew how to water the plants.
Brotherly love.

Thursday Blogging 6/30/2022

We appreciate receiving such a thoughtful gift of stamps. Thank you so much Michael Boyd for always thinking of us!
We can’t wait to use the Tabasco plates, napkins and container that we received.
Our fresh produce harvest.
Zel is exercising with our chicken, Henrietta.
Zel and Kyle picked fresh berries.
Melissa and Maryann made parfaits for everyone with berries, yogurt, and granola.
Kyle and Brandon are shaping up the pollinator garden.
Brandon is mowing down weeds around the flowers.
Steve is getting catnip ready for local kitties.
Melissa enjoyed bagging fresh basil and crushing it.
Thank you to whomever gave us this beautiful flowering plant.
Fresh lavender drying in our greenhouse.
Nature is doing its job right here in Tasley, and we are assisting.
Harvesting the vegetables of our labor.

Friday Blogging 6/24/2022

Checking out a local nature trail and reading about the native plants.
Laying out our fresh lavender to dry.
Our garden looks healthy.
One beautiful cucumber.
Finally…..bocce ball!
Brandon is checking on the progress of our garden.
Mmmm fresh basil from our herb garden.
Our palm tree is waving in the breeze.
Matt is enjoying his new chair and taking it for a ride.
Melissa enjoyed helping Rachel to call bingo.




Thursday Blogging 6/16/2022

Melissa and David enjoy making chicken treats.
A great time was had by all at Manna Cafe on Chincoteague.
Our meal was scrumptious. We had southwest fiesta bake, chef salad and potato salad.
Thank you Fran and Chef Bill for a wonderful meal and a great time.
United Way Wellness with Betsy is always a good time. We enjoy our massages.
Jason had a surprise visit from his mom.
Thinking good thoughts and touching our toes.
Our beautiful pollinator garden is blooming.
An outstanding picture of Zel knowing what he’s doing.
Melissa and David enjoy making their morning coffee and cocoa.
Brandon and Kyle help to fertilize the vegetables.


World Leadership School: Pace Academy TBIPOP Visit

We had the opportunity for another Teen Brain Injury Prevention Outreach Presentation (TBIPOP) day on June 7 when we hosted 2 terrific groups of kids from the Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, and shared our dual messages of brain injury awareness and prevention.

The morning group
The afternoon group

Each group had a TBIPOP half day session: a presentation on who we are, what brain injury is, and what we do & a presentation targeted at preventing brain injury in young people, plus a group gross motor game (cornhole!). The rest of the blog will be photos from our great day, thank you for coming Pace Academy! You asked some of the best questions we have ever gotten, despite being younger than most groups we present to.

Friday Blog 6/10/2022

Fresh vegetables are great. We enjoy planting them and watching them grow.
David brought in fresh lettuce from the garden.
We enjoyed making pizza muffins for our lunch and so did our stomachs.

Getting it together in the kitchen. A good time was had by all.

Jason is very happy and loves pizza.
Making cards for those who cannot join us.

David is making cards also.

World Leadership School/Norfolk Academy TBIPOP Visit

We were excited to host this great group of young people from Norfolk Academy through the World Leadership School.
We started our day with an introduction to who we are & what we do.
After our TBIPOP we broke the ice with a gross motor skill building game (cornhole!).

After a lunch break it was time to work together to make dog biscuits for local animal shelters.

Special thanks for helping us out with some weeding!

We are always excited about sharing our messages of brain injury awareness and brain injury prevention. Thank you for coming, and please stay safe!