Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs – In Action!

On Thursday, March 15th we held a fundraising event at No Limits to help Dogs Deserve Better Eastern Shore get closer to the goal of funding central air conditioning for the Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Facility (ESRACF).  With help from our wonderful community, we were able to raise a total of $1366 through the event!  WOW!  We would like to say “Thank You” to everyone who came out or donated online in support of this wonderful cause.  We truly could not have done this without you!

The “Go Fund Me” Page dedicated to this cause will remain open until the goal has been met and can be found at this link:

Please enjoy pictures from the day of the Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs event featured below:


Here you can see the amazing assortment of baked good that were made and donated by the wonderful members of the Market Street United Methodist Church’s Women’s Circles.  Thank you ALL again so much for your time and hard work! We also had cookies & cakes made by No Limits & by Adrian’s wife Kathy – you all are fantastic!! 


House plants and air plant terrariums sold at the event that were grown and made by members of No Limits Eastern Shore.


Our hens’ old home was sold to become a new home for some very lucky guinea pigs!  We hope they will enjoy their new “guinea pig palace” and think its pretty cool that this coop will be re-purposed to help a different species!


CL setting up the No Limits Hot Dog Cart before the event!


Relaxing after setting up for the day and before the crowds arrived.


Dogs Deserve Better Eastern Shore (DDBESVA) is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a better life for abused, neglected and abandoned canines; especially those which are chained or penned without human companionship.  It is Dogs Deserve Better who is leading the effort to bring it to the communities’ attention that the animals at the ESRACF are in need of A/C.  Without their dedication to dogs, and hard work to research and plan what was needed to purchase and install the A/C unit, we would not have been able to help.


We were so pleased that the wonderful employees from the Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Facility were able to stop by for the event.  You all do amazing work and we want to say “thank you” for everything that you do to help the animals of the Eastern Shore.

Friday Blogging


Kyle, David, and Brandon making dog biscuits that were sold at our Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs fundraising event this past Thursday.


Brandon says “Hey Kyle…don’t eat these biscuits, they’re for the dogs!  There will be human treats for sale too.”  Hahaha!


Maryann and Amy dressin’ up the house plants to sell at the Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs Event.  Too cute!  (The plants and the ladies)


All hands on deck to label handmade cat treats, dog biscuits, and catnip samples!


Looks like everybody was having fun labeling.  Smile on friends!


Corina hard at work making signs for our fundraising event.  Good job Corina!


CL noticed the chickens trying to reach a patch of fresh greenery that was just outside their fenced in yard….


So he picked it all and gave it to them!  Look at our happy hens 🙂


CL getting the hot dog cart ready the morning of our Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs event, which was a huge success!  Please stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page for our “Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs” post which will feature pictures of this fundraising event in action.  P.S. CL and Maryann – Y’ALL ARE THE BOMB!  The No Limits hot dogs were a huge hit thanks to you both!

We would like to say a huge “Thank You” again to all of the wonderful folks from Market Street United Methodist Church who donated baked goods and household items to be sold for this event.  Your help is so greatly appreciated.  We really cannot thank you all enough!

Friday Blogging


We were welcomed back from the windstorm last Friday to find one of our outdoor sheds blown into pieces! Yikes! A big thank you to our Health & Safety Coordinator, Adrian, who came out to help us clean up on his day off.


One of the beautiful finished products of our building projects last week.  It looks great! This is a sewing cart, complete with a new and easy to use sewing machine.  This cabinet will allow us to store and better organize materials for ongoing sewing projects such as our cat toy production and Comfort Doll making!


Finished project #2, woo woo, nice work team!  This is a closet to store materials donated to us by our late Board Member and dear friend, Jean Kranich!  Thank you again to the Eastern Shore Offices of Coldwell Banker Harbour Realty who donated money to No Limits over the holidays which allowed us to purchase these items.


Working on some Comfort Dolls.  Work on Amy, work on!


We hope these dolls find good homes with children in need throughout our community.  Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Accomack for allowing us the opportunity to continue this collaborative project.


Brandon helping to propagate one of our Crown of Thorns plants.  Don’t let the thorns get you Brandon!  You might just find a young Crown of Thorns house plant for sale at our fundraising event next Thursday!  🙂


Brandon happy to help out with some afternoon cleaning.  Vacuum on Brandon!

Save the date!  As mentioned above, next Thursday, March 15th, No Limits will be holding a fundraiser at our office in Tasley, 24546 Coastal Blvd, from 11am – 2pm to raise money for the Eastern Shore Regional Animal Control Facility.  The money raised will be used to help the facility get closer to a goal of funding an air conditioning unit.

We will be selling house plants, baked goods, dog and cat treats, white elephant items and No Limits’ Hot Dogs.  Check out some sneak peaks of items that will be sold next week below:


Boxes of new and unused scrap booking materials!


Air plant terrariums hand-made by members of No Limits!


Hand-made/preservative free dog and cat treat samples and hand-made catnip cat treats!

We will also be selling No Limits’ hot dogs and several other miscellaneous household items!  Stop on by next Thursday 3/15 from 11 am – 2 pm to show your support for our furry friends in need of AC!

If you can’t make it in person, you can still contribute by going to the Hot Dogs for Hot Dogs Go Fund Me page at or by going through Dogs Deserve Better directly at

Friday Blogging on Monday


Unpacking our new sewing table that will store our new sewing machine!  Our Comfort Doll and Cat Toy Project will be movin’ on up in the world.  Woot woot!  We would like to say a special “thank you” again to the Eastern Shore Offices of Coldwell Banker Harbor Realty who donated funds to No Limits over the holiday season that allowed us to make these purchases! 


Kyle searches for the right piece while Amy and David inspect what has already been built.


Found the right piece!  Build on David, build on.


Rachel and CL joined the team effort of building to help assemble a new storage cabinet!  (Another Coldwell Banker purchase!  Thank y’all!)


This cabinet will store all of the wonderful scrapbook and craft items donated by the Kranich family after the unfortunate passing of our dear friend Jean Kranich.


Maryann helped too!  It’s really starting to come together here.


Andre helped Rachel and CL to figure out a tough section.


Great teamwork men!


David and Brandon discussing what needs to be done to our indoor garden plants.


Brandon, David, and Jason showing Rachel our new air plants.


Emma has everyone’s attention as we review the 2018 Kate Award Applications.


Thumbs up for some great applications!  Please stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page this week for an announcement on the 2018 Kate Award Winner!

Friday Blogging


We made some changes to our indoor garden lights and our Christmas Cactus is blooming. Pretty colors in the house!


One of our grow boxes is getting full again….time to make some room for spring planting!


Working on creating Comfort Dolls in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Accomack. We think this is a really wonderful project and love to help out even though it is hard work!


Our Executive Director, Rachel, gave an awesome lesson on self advocacy this week!


Starting our spring/summer vegetables inside from seed. We can’t wait to see the veggies start growing!


Our long-time friend Maureen donated an assortment of household items to No Limits and within those items was a decorative rooster. We took the rooster out to the No Limits hens to see how they would react!


…They were not amused by the rooster and wanted nothing to do with “him”.


They wouldn’t even go near him for corn treats (which they love.)  It was a funny experience though!  🙂


David, Brandon, and Kyle working on prototypes for a new project we are working on – building air plant terrariums! Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for updates on when we will start selling these decorative house plants!