Saturday Blogging


Chicken dancing and reviewing current events.  A classic Friday morning at No Limits!


Brandon watering the fall crops.  We can’t wait to eat them!


Zel and Brandon giving the No Limits Hens a morning snack!


Getting the new rock tumbler rockin’ and rollin’!  We are having a great time learning about polishing rocks!


Spreading the volunteer offspring of our spring lettuce crop that we let go to seed.  Thanks to our board member Laurice Hohlt for donating the original lettuce plants!

Friday Blogging


Kyle and Brandon are planting peas!  We hope they grow soon!


We enjoyed another great meal at the Manna Cafe on Chincoteague Island this week.  Zel says “It was good til the last drop!”  Yum, yum, yum!


The three musketeers inspecting the fire extinguishers for safety.  Brandon wants to mention that he brought his “pet cat” for the inspection too!  (P.S. the cat is not real! haha)


We enjoyed an extra special trip this week to our friend Samantha’s house.  She allowed us to have a “Petting Zoo” style visit with all of her wonderful critters!  Check out more pics of our trip to visit with Samantha’s animals below. 🙂



She even has geese, honk honk!



Feeding the fowl – hahaha!


This chicken ate right out of David’s hand.  Nice!


Steve joined us to meet the animals too!

Friday Blogging


Half done, half to go!  Steve enjoyed working on his first art project at No Limits – he is making a vase to give as a gift.


Quack, quack, quack!  The kind staff at Parksley Livestock Supply allowed us to get an up close look at their baby ducks.


It’s hard to see but Brandon is buffing one of the finished rocks recently polished here at No Limits in our “at home” rock tumbler.  Buff away Brando!


Zel’s height came in handy to hang the AED sign.  Great work!


Maryann and Zel are working hard to keep the grounds closest to the building neat and tidy.  It looks really great!  Check out the finished product of this space in the pic below.


Finished!  B-e-a-utiful!  A big thank you to Brandon, David, and Calvin for assisting with this project too.


We let our spring lettuce crop go to seed and then spread those seeds last month in order to produce a volunteer fall lettuce crop.  Thank you to Laurice Hohlt for donating the original lettuce plants.  They lasted 2 seasons and may even last more!


Brandon was keeping a close eye on the pollinator garden while Maryann was mowing.  He ensured that none of the flowering plants were cut down.


Happy birthday Jason, and many, many more!  Thank you to Jason’s mom, Liz, for donating pizza and cake to make Jason’s party extra special and tasty!


Time to blow out the candles Jason!  What did you wish for?


Early morning yard work to prepare the garden for fall crops.  Four men working hard!


C L and Zel enjoying a sunny and breezy morning waiting for the rest of the buses to arrive at No Limits.


We’ve been collecting soda can tabs for over a year and recently donated them to the Ronald McDonald House in Richmond!  We are so glad the tabs have gone to a great cause.

Friday Blogging


Look it’s Mr. Chicken Snack!  Aka, our resident garden spider…


…we call him Mr. Chicken Snack because if he falls from his web he will become a gourmet garden spider for the No Limits Hens!  Until he falls though, Brandon says “he is helping with bug control in the chicken coop!”


Morning glories are one of the prettier weeds that we pulled up this week.


Composting weeds makes rich soil for next year!  Work on Brandon, work on!


Steve says “Pulling weeds is hard work but someone has to do it!”  Good work!


No Limits created a brochure that assesses local walking trails for accessibility a few years back.  They were running out of the brochures at the Virginia Welcome Center in Cape Charles so a few of us took a trip to deliver new ones!


While at the Welcome Center we noticed the Blue Star Memorial that is a tribute to the Armed Forces of the United States and had to stop to get a picture with it because we all support the Armed Forces too.


Farmer Zel zipping along and beautifying the yard.


Brandon helped to chop down some mulberry bushes this week – why not?!


A few members of the Health & Safety team doing what they do best, making sure that the yard is safe.  Great work!

Cherrystone Campground 2019

We enjoyed our 3rd annual trip to “Cherrystone Campground” this week.  It was an absolute blast!  We would first like to say “thank you” to Cherrystone for allowing us to enjoy the park again this year and going out of the way to make sure our day was special and loads of fun!  We enjoyed riding around on the “Clam Tram”, crabbing, fishing, a nice picnic, as well as simply enjoying the company of our close friends.  Check out pictures from our trip below.  🙂DSCF8053DSCF8056DSCF8057DSCF8059DSCF8060DSCF8061DSCF8062DSCF8063DSCF8064DSCF8066DSCF8068DSCF8071DSCF8072DSCF8073DSCF8077DSCF8078DSCF8079DSCF8080DSCF8081DSCF8082DSCF8084DSCF8085DSCF8087DSCF8088DSCF8089DSCF8090DSCF8091DSCF8092DSCF8094DSCF8095DSCF8096DSCF8097DSCF8099DSCF8100DSCF8101DSCF8102DSCF8103DSCF8104DSCF8105DSCF8106DSCF8108DSCF8109DSCF8110DSCF8114DSCF8115DSCF8116DSCF8117DSCF8118DSCF8119DSCF8120DSCF8122DSCF8123DSCF8124DSCF8125DSCF8127DSCF8128DSCF8135DSCF8136DSCF8137DSCF8138DSCF8141Untitled-120190917_12534520190917_131407_HDR20190917_131424_HDR

Friday Blogging


Zel says he was “very happy to help out!” (We were unloading wooden beams to line the accessible pathway in the No Limits gardens).


Making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls to be distributed to children in need in our community.


C L was flossing his teeth, hahaha just kidding!  He was helping to sew Kiwanis Comfort Dolls!


Steve says “There is still hope for a “No Limits Pumpkin Patch” even though there’s only one growing!”


Chicken chow time!  Brandon showing the No Limits’ Hens some TLC.


Monthly first aid inspection complete.  Good work!


Our “butt-a-lope”!  Is this not a hilarious looking cantaloupe?!


Dorian damage/destruction!  Luckily this was the only damage No Limits received from the recent storm.  We were sorry to lose our luffa gourd patch though.


Long time member of No Limits, Matt, wanted to try out polishing rocks!  Here are our rocks so far.  David says “They really rock!” 😉


The No Limits Mascot Hugg.


Everyone outside for a monthly van inspection.


“I love corn-hole!” *sing to the tune of I Love Rock and Roll* 🙂

Friday Blogging


Enjoying our magnificent lunch at the Manna Cafe on Chincoteague Island!  The Manna Cafe is a nonprofit organization that serves free hot lunches to members of the community in need every single Monday at the Chincoteague United Methodist Church.


A group of us posed for a shot with Fran Lytle (in the light blue) the founder of the Manna Cafe.  Thank you to the Manna Cafe for all the great work y’all do to help out the community!


Early mornin’ camelia commencement!


We bought a rock polishing machine from National Geographic so that we can turn rough rocks into smooth stones!  It was a rocky start learning to use the machine but from here we hope the process will be as smooth as the rocks inside the machine, hahaha!


We can’t wait to see the finished product!  Here’s what the rocks look like before being polished.


Our board member Laurice Hohlt donated dill plants that had gone to seed in order for us to harvest the seeds and plant our own dill.  Zel says he can’t wait to make pickles next spring!


Coni Chandler from Intrepid Home Health Services came in to give us a lesson on dehydration.  Zel and Steve say “She quenched our thirst for knowledge on staying hydrated!”  Thank you Coni!


Steve, Zel, and David feeding the chickens grain so that they can graze all weekend.  Great team work!

Bald Eagle Release in Accomack

A few of us were lucky enough to witness the release of 2 bald eagles who were rescued and cared for by local wildlife rehabilitators on the Eastern Shore after they were found injured.  Thank you to the Eastern Shore Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists for informing us of this really cool event, as well as the Wildlife Center of Virginia for rescuing and releasing these amazing birds!  Check out the pictures we took of the event below:


Friday Blogging


Enjoying a new activity that helps us get to know our friends and build our cognitive skills.  Zel and Steve both agree that it was interesting to learn so much about new friends!


Maryann and David making Berry Turnovers with locally grown berries from our own Community Garden!


Jason helped to supervise while making the turnovers!


Everyone agrees that they turned out great!  Brandon and Samantha say “They were delish!”  Zel thinks they were “Scrumptious!”


Zel says “Chef David cooking kielbasa sausages.  They are delicioso!”


Treasurer Matt helpin’ to count the No Limits Activity Fund.  Good work!


Maryann, Brandon, and David are making sure the newsletters are put together correctly before delivering them to local business and friends in the community!


Good men doing good work.  Brandon and David visited with Jackie and took him new sneakers this week.  Jackie was very pleased.  🙂


We are well known for hand-made thank you cards here at No Limits.  This week we made loads of new cards that we will send to say “thanks” to folks who donate or assist the No Limits Day Program.


Our eloquent and nice Maximilian Perennial Sunflowers.  Brandon is happy to see the native sunflowers growing so well in the No Limits Pollinator Garden!


Taking care of business and working towards future endeavors!  Great picture Matt.