Friday Blogging

Maryann and David doing good work making treats for the monkeys at American Primate Haven!
Water on David, water on!  Those maters say “thank you!”
Our luffa gourd patch is coming along nicely!  We are excited to be growing luffa gourds for the first time, and yes, you are reading that right!  These gourds can be used as luffa sponges for the bathroom!
luffa gourd
These are what the luffa gourds will look like when they are done growing!
We our proud to have built this Purple Martin House!  Amy says “It was very time consuming but it turned out nice.”
C L the cookin’ man getting ready to open up the No Limits Hot Dog Cart for the day.  More more more please C L!  Those hot dogs are soooo good!  Great job!
The day lilies out front of the No Limits sign have begun to bloom!  They are so pretty!
These day lilies have got it goin’ on!  Pretty pretty!

Friday Blogging

David, Maryann, and Zel working hard on lunch making day!
Cook on my people, cook on!
Brandon giving the flowers water.  Good job!
Amy cool maxin’ and relaxin’ on a beautiful day!  Very pretty picture!
For lunch making day this month we had chicken salad and Mexican corn cups!  It was the bomb!
Three people working hard!  Kyle and Zel are loading the old shed to be delivered to C L, and Rachel is mow-mow-mowin’!  Keepin’ No Limits looking beautiful!
Our vegetables are growing up well!  In this box we are growing cucumbers and three types of lettuce donated by our friend and board member Laurice Hohlt!
Brandon using one of his favorite tools, the power washer, to clean up the shed pieces before delivering them!  Good job!
Our first strawberries of the season.  David says “They are some very merry berries!”
Fertilizing the baby trees to help them grow!
Amy, Kyle, and Sherry building the Purple Martin House that was bought with funding from the Billie Fitzgerald Spring Memorial Grant provided by the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District!  Amy says “It was hard work and we hope the birds love it!”
Close up shot of our monthly self advocacy lesson with Rachel.  Amy says “She is a good teacher!”
Kyle and Brandon playing in the sand box!  Just kidding, they were weeding the cantaloupe box.  Great work!
Zel givin’ C L and Denise’s dog Charlie kisses!  How sweet!

Friday Blogging

Pretty Amy picking out a pretty inspirational quote to write on the white board before program begins!
Brandon working on his continued education requirements to maintain his Master Naturalist certification!  Good work!
All smiles for new pollinator garden equipment!  Thank you to the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District (ESSWCD) for granting No Limits funding through the Spring 2019 Billie Fitzgerald Memorial Grant!  We were able to purchase a Purple Martin house, a brand new gardening hose…
…and a CoCoRaHs rain gauge to measure rainfall in Tasley (which will also assist the Eastern Shore of Virginia Chapter of Master Naturalists too!)  Not pictured is our new trellis for our native vine type flowers!  Thank you so much again to the ESSWCD!
Working hard on Kiwanis Comfort Dolls.  Brandon says “They are so comforting they might make you fall asleep!”
Brandon helping out with yard work.  Don’t cut your fingers off, only the bushes!  (just kidding and great work Brandon!)
Thank you to Claudia Underwood for donating a citrus tree and native Spiderwort to add to our pollinator garden!
Plant on Brandon, plant on!
Brandon having a good time volunteering to set up the Master Naturalist Picnic!
Brandon says “I’m just enjoying the picnic with my buddies!  It was fun!” (Brandon is enjoying a picnic with other Virginia Master Naturalists)
Rachel brought her new puppy Jake to see everyone! Steve said he thinks Jake will be a great swimmer and we all couldn’t agree more!
Jason got to meet the puppy too. Aww!
Iesha (the very first Kate Award Winner) came by to visit and to show her support for the No Limits Hot Dog Cart! It was so good to see you Iesha, and thanks for coming!

Friday Blogging

Planting peach trees. We love this time of year!
Thank you to Dave Vaughn for donating a native Prickly Pear Cactus to No Limits. We are excited to watch it grow!
Two men moving cabinets (and doing a good job!) Adrian and John helped to move the cabinets so that the floors at No Limits could be polished and fixed!
Thank you to R & R Coatings for doing a great job on the floors. The polished concrete looks cool and it has proven very durable so far. We like it a lot! Amy says “this floor is the bomb now!”
Rachel donated some Chia Pets! We hope they grow. Ch-ch-ch-chia!
Thank you again Dave for our prickly pears! Brandon says “I hope they flower and fruit soon!” P.S. We named this cactus George.
We’re gonna sit here and wait for these berries to be ripe. Just kidding, but we hope they hurry up! We are ready for blueberries!
Despite how it may look, Adrian is not picking Brandon’s nose – haha – he is helping him learn very important skills!
Start your engines!
Brandon donated a native Yucca plant for the No Limits Pollinator Garden. Thanks Brandon!
Old friends catchin’ up! It was great to see our pal Andre and we are so glad he is back!
Two men hard at work. Thanks for your help gentlemen!
Calvin helped out a lot too this week!  Thanks Calvin!
Planting, planting, planting!
Irises out front of No Limits looking lovely!

Check out 2 videos of Brandon mowing the yard with the riding mower below!  Great work Brandon you are doing a wonderful job with the yard!

No Limits Eastern Shore at the Mill House and the Virginia Brain Injury Council

Last Friday, April 26th, No Limits members and staff were provided with 2 awesome opportunities!  The first opportunity was a trip to visit with members and staff of the Mill House Clubhouse for survivors of brain injury located in Richmond, VA!

Brandon checking out the Mill House members’ fish tank!
C L, Matt, and Brandon visiting with members and staff from the Mill House!

The second awesome opportunity we enjoyed was presenting about No Limits to the Virginia Brain Injury Council (VBIC) [please click the link to learn more about the VBIC]!

From the VBIC website, the VBIC is a statewide advisory council comprised of consumers (i.e., survivors of brain injury and family members, caretakers, and representatives of survivors); licensed, registered, and certified healthcare professionals; service providers; individuals not affiliated with any brain injury program, state agency representatives; and other ad hoc advisory members.

The mission of the Council is to promote accessible, affordable, and appropriate services for Virginians with brain injury and their families by advising the lead state agency for brain injury, the Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services.

Emma, Brandon, Matt, and C L waiting for presentation time!
A shot from the No Limits presentation.
Shot #2 from the presentation.

Thank you to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services as well as the Virginia Brain Injury Council for inviting No Limits to speak!


Friday Blogging

Look at all that stuffing!  It’s the most we’ve ever seen.  Thank you to Fairfield World for granting No Limits a giant box of stuffing to work on our various sewing projects (including  making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls and toys for animals in shelters)!
Everyone having a good time (especially Zel – haha!) making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls.  Great work!
We celebrated David’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday David, and many more!  Amy and Brandon also say “More cake too please!  It was soooo good!”
Who wore it better?  Zel….
or Emma?!  Haha!  Thank you Maryann for letting us check out your fire fighting gear it was cool!
Everyone is focused on Kamesha’s last nutrition lesson.  Thank you Kamesha and the VA Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-Ed program so much for providing nutrition lessons at No Limits this year.  We have enjoyed learning with you and also learned a whole lot!  Thanks again.