Friday Blogging


Look at all that stuffing!  It’s the most we’ve ever seen.  Thank you to Fairfield World for granting No Limits a giant box of stuffing to work on our various sewing projects (including  making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls and toys for animals in shelters)!


Everyone having a good time (especially Zel – haha!) making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls.  Great work!


We celebrated David’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday David, and many more!  Amy and Brandon also say “More cake too please!  It was soooo good!”


Who wore it better?  Zel….


or Emma?!  Haha!  Thank you Maryann for letting us check out your fire fighting gear it was cool!


Everyone is focused on Kamesha’s last nutrition lesson.  Thank you Kamesha and the VA Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-Ed program so much for providing nutrition lessons at No Limits this year.  We have enjoyed learning with you and also learned a whole lot!  Thanks again.

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