Friday Blogging

We had a good time playing bingo this week.  Bingo is especially fun when Randolph is “in da house!”
Relaxing and playing cards while we wait for buses to arrive!
Happy birthday Zel, and many, many more!
We made over 300 dog biscuits this week in preparation for Brain Injury Awareness Day this year!  Next week a group of No Limits members and staff will travel to the General Assembly in Richmond where we will visit the desk of every delegate and senator in Virginia.  When we visit the legislators we will gift them a package of hand-made dog treats to show them all of the great and productive work that members of No Limits engage in!
We had so many biscuits to make that Adrian got to help make biscuits too!
Great work everyone!
Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep them dog treats rollin’!

Friday Blogging

Another year and another blooming season! We love to see our Christmas Cactus bloom every winter!
Working hard to create Kiwanis Comfort Dolls!  This a collaborative project that we enjoy working on to support children in need in our community.
Brianna came to visit us this week!  We missed you Brianna and enjoyed learning new card games with you.  Cognitive activities are great for your mind!
We have a lunch making day each month where one member decides on a new recipe for us to cook and enjoy.  This month it was Steve’s month, and he chose Teryaki Chicken Stir Fry.  It was GREAT!
Can you smell the master chef’s of No Limits are cooking?!
Zel says “I can almost taste it just by seeing the picture.”  We all agree Zel, what a good picture of David frying up our teryaki chicken!
Steve says that the recipe was “a success”!  Zel says that in this picture he was reminding Steve that he wanted seconds.
Whip it good David!  David is whippin’ up Steve’s birthday cake!
Happy birthday Steve, and many, many more!
Make a wish!  Happy birthday again Steve!


Friday Blogging

Making dog biscuits, yay!
Samantha had her aunt hand-make everyone at No Limits a scarf!  They are so nice and warm!!  Jason and Brandon posed with theirs.
Steve modeling his new scarf.  Thanks again Samantha!
“Dudes day”!  Some of the men of No Limits enjoying reading over the weekly newspaper.  Current events are so important to us!

Welcome to Chris Miller, new DARS BISCU Director!

At No Limits Eastern Shore we are excited to welcome Christiane “Chris” Miller in her new role as Director of the Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit at the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (VA DARS)!

Chris Miller with Brandon, Rachel, and Melissa from NLES

We are especially delighted that Chris took time out during her busy first month in her important statewide position to travel out to the Eastern Shore to meet us and learn about our programs and our people. Not everyone makes the trek out to our region so we really appreciate her for making that effort!

BISCU Director Chris and NLES Director Rachel reviewing the history of brain injury services provision on the Eastern Shore

We expect great things from Chris Miller as she develops in her new role and we are already looking forward to her next visit as DARS begins a round of statewide brain injury program evaluations in preparation for this year’s 5 year funding renewal process. She has also promised to come out on a summer Friday to visit the No Limits Hot Dog Cart!

Chris Miller meeting some No Limits bell ringers (for the Salvation Army) on her December visit to NLES

Puppy Blog!

Maryann brought her new puppy Tessa to visit at No Limits!

Jason was pleased to meet Tessa!

Samantha is the “puppy whisperer”.

Taking a rest after a long morning meeting new friends!

Tessa having a walk around with her new friend David.

Here’s to hoping that Tessa doesn’t get as tall as Brandon!  Hahaha

Is it a bunny or a Shih Tzu puppy?  (Doesn’t she look very bunny-like sitting there with her Mom?  Haha)  Thanks for bringing Tessa in to visit Maryann!

Friday Blogging

Happy birthday Matt, and many, many more!

Saying “farewell” to the holidays by having some fun putting away decorations.  Zel and Brandon are the No Limits Christmas Angels!

Master Chef David whippin’ up Maryann’s birthday cake.  Thanks David!

Our Board Chair (and Jason’s momma!) Liz Walters donated a peppermint bark making kit.  Brandon is drizzling melted chocolate over the top of the “bark”.  Yum!

David taking out his frustration on the finished peppermint bark while Brandon sneaks a piece that didn’t make it to the “breaking tray”.  Hahaha!  (P.S. David was not actually mad, hitting the bark was the easiest way to break it up!)

Maryann lookin’ great for her birthday!  Happy birthday Maryann!

Rachel’s future daughter-in-law Beritt and her son Jay visited us this week!  Jay is helping Zel to complete some puzzles.

Jay finishing up a “Frozen” puzzle.

The No Limits Barista, a.k.a. our No Limits’ Executive Director Rachel, donated some hot cocoa and marshmallows for us to enjoy on a cold day.  Thanks Rachel!

Jay meeting the No Limits Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Cocoa break!

Brandon teaching “little” Jay about “little” Tyrannosaurs!


No Limits Bell Ringers 2019

As we welcome the New Year, we would like to share photos of one of our favorite annual traditions – ringing the bells for the Salvation Army.  We love volunteering within our community and ringing the bells is a perfect way to do so!  Check out the proud No Limits bell ringers from 2019 below!!

Our friend Lamar, Samantha, Steve, CL, and Melissa

Melissa & Emma


Kyle Fulk, the No Limits Case Coordinator, rang bells as well this year but forgot to snag a photo of himself ringing.  🙂

Happy New Year and best wishes to all as we begin this new decade!

In Loving Memory of Diane (Velvet Diana Copes, 2/1/48 – 12/26/19)

Diane with her good friend Margaret Ann Harris at the 2015 No Limits Christmas party

No Limits Eastern Shore is deeply saddened to report the passing of our longtime member and beloved friend, Velvet Diana Copes. Diane, as she was known, was a strong, kind, and fiercely determined woman who fought mightily to retain her independence and did so with grace, dignity, and love. Her laughter and her compassion will be greatly missed by all who had the honor of knowing her. Diane was an advocate, a volunteer, and an excellent friend who loved and was loved by her family, her church, and her community. There will be a Memorial Service held at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Wardtown, VA, on Saturday, 1/4/19, at 11 am. Her obituary can be found here:

Diane ringing the bells for the Salvation Army in 2012 with Maryann Brittingham and the late Isaiah Reid
Diane with friends at a Delmarva Shorebirds game in 2012
Diane on her birthday in 2017
Diane ringing the bells! December 2016
Diane with Bob Gelhard in the No Limits garden in 2010
Diane with a fish she caught, 2010