Wednesday Blogging 11/23/2022

Celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving with a good lunch.
Randolph is enjoying his lunch and giving thanks.
Michelle and her mondo burger.
Kevin, Zel and Brandon are harvesting catnip.
Chef David is preparing our Bavarian meatballs for culture corner.
Steve wants to know if lunch is ready!
Andrew is the thinker.
Adrian is at it again!
Kevin, Steve and Zel are running the catnip processing plant.
Cold-loving cabbage has survived the bunnies.
Zel is de-birding the crab shack.

Thursday Blogging 11/17/2022

Andrew is explaining the watering rules for the greenhouse.
Andrew is telling Kevin not to water the swiss chard, it’s good.
Our swiss chard is very colorful.
The bok choy is already coming up.
The begonia loves the greenhouse!
Relaxing in the greenhouse.
We are very proud of the resin coasters we made. They look great!
David working hard on his coaster.
Matt enjoying his coaster.

Thursday Blogging 11/10/2022

Beginning our trail assessment in Cape Charles, VA.
Brandon found his first love, books.
Our picnic lunch was fantastic.
Self-Advocacy is the hot topic of the day.
Andrew did a great job planting the swiss chard.
Kevin and Brandon did a great job planting the bok choy.
Nailed it.
Meeting of the Johns.
Thank you so much!
Great day to be outside.

Friday Blogging 11/4/2022

Brandon is excited about fruit trees in the greenhouse.
We have a dwarf banana tree.
The weather was perfect for a greenhouse day.
Steve enjoyed watering herbs in our greenhouse.
Fresh dog treats coming up.
Zel enjoys helping others.
Good job Brandon. Teaching Corina how to do laundry.
Testing out the new vacuum. Vroom vroom.
We had a delicious lunch at Manna Cafe on Chincoteague.
Brandon approved.
Great weather for a stroll outside.