Friday Blogging

Growing catnip for all the kitties!  It’s lookin’ nice!
We can’t wait for our Luffa Gourd seeds to pop!  Check out more about luffa gourds here:
For lunch-making day this month we made Mexican chili!  Mmm it was good.  Matt says “It had an awesome taste and we did not waste!”
Last week of baking brownies for the Literacy Council.  What a fun way to give back to our community!
Grass mowing 101!  Adrian is helping Brandon to perfect his mowing skills.
Thank you to our Health & Safety team for keeping the No Limits yard beautiful!


Friday Blogging

Two nice, hard-working men.  Good job!
Bake on David, bake on!  Make them yummy brownies!
The secret ingredient to these brownies are melted chocolate chips – but we aren’t telling what kind, it’s a secret!
Quality control check on the brownie batter.  Amy says “They’re the bomb!”
Zel keeping the No Limits yard looking fresh!  Cut on Zel!
Work, work, work, work, work, work but we’re having fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!  Hahaha!
We made another awesome batch of brownies to be sold by the Book Bin to benefit the Literacy Council this week!  We hope they are a hit!
Corina visited us and allowed us to meet her new baby girl.  She is so cute Corina, thanks for stopping by!  We miss you!

The 2019 Kate Awards Take 2!

This past Thursday we awarded Tyler Joynes of Nandua High School as the 2nd Honorable Mention Recipient of the 2019 Kathleen Walsh Richardson Citizenship Awards (aka the Kate Awards).  Below are photos of the second awards ceremony held at No Limits to award Tyler for his achievements!

DSCF6934 (2)
The Joynes family, including Tyler, watching a presentation of the 2019 Kate Award Recipients.
DSCF6936 (2)
Tyler posing with Brandon with his trophy and prize!
DSCF6937 (2)
A great family shot!
DSCF6938 (2)
Thumbs up for a job well done!  Keep up the great work Tyler, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Friday Blogging

Enjoying the weather and answering trivia questions while waiting for buses.
First mow of the season is complete thanks to our Executive Director Rachel Evans!  Mow on Rachel, mow mow mow!
Blueberry plants donated by Claudia Underwood.  Thank you so much!
We made another batch of brownies to benefit the Literacy Council this week.  Thank you Maryann and David for your super baking skills!
Adding flowers to the pollinator garden.  Good work Brandon.
Planting berry bushes!  Brandon says “I hope they produce some good fruit!”
We cleared out the last garden box of weeds.  Now it is time to plant!
It was hard work but a job well done.  Now we wait for cantaloupe!
The staff from Brandon’s residence (My Voice, My Choice L.L.C.) threw a pizza party for Brandon’s birthday!  What fun!
It was a double birthday too because Emma’s birthday is Saturday!
Happy birthday Emma and Brandon, and many, many more!!

Outreach Cooking for the Eastern Shore Literacy Council

Activities that focus on productivity as well as giving back to our community are very important to us here at No Limits Eastern Shore and that is why we are so pleased to announce that throughout the month of April members of the No Limits day program will be baking brownies that will be sold to benefit the Eastern Shore Literacy Council.  Each week these amazing, triple chocolate, and hand-made brownies will be made fresh and delivered to the Book Bin in Onley, VA where they will be sold.


To learn more about Outreach Cooking activities at No Limits Eastern Shore please visit the “Outreach Cooking” section of our website at the following URL:

The 2019 Kate Awards

This past Thursday we awarded the 2019 Kathleen Walsh Richardson Citizenship Awards (aka the Kate Awards) to a few wonderful high school students here on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  The Kate Award focuses on awarding high school students for their volunteering and citizenship efforts throughout the community in the memory of Kate Richardson.  Kate was a founding member of No Limits as well as an extremely active community volunteer who unfortunately passed away in 2012.

Below are pictures from the 2019 awards ceremony where the 2019 1st Place Winner, Ashleigh Edwards of Holly Grove Christian School, as well as an Honorable Mention Recipient, Elizabeth Reid of Northampton High School were presented with their prizes.  Not pictured in these photos is our second Honorable Mention Recipient of 2019, Tyler Joynes of Nandua High School.  No Limits is looking forward to meeting Tyler next week at a 2nd ceremony for the 2019 Kate Awards where he will be presented with his award as well.

The Edwards family including Ashleigh Edwards, the 2019 1st Place Winner of the Kate Awards.
Elizabeth Reid, an Honorable Mention Recipient of the 2019 Kate Awards with her mother.  (Brandon is also photo bombing in the background!)
Tyler will come in next week to receive his award.  He was the 2nd Honorable Mention Recipient of the 2019 Kate Awards.
The 2019 Kate Award Board
Brandon presenting Elizabeth with her prize and trophy!


Ashleigh Edwards was our first recipient from Holly Grove Christian School ever to apply for the Kate Award – great job!
Brandon presenting Ashleigh with her prize and trophy.


To view the 2019 Kate Awards Ceremony #1, please watch the video below!

Congratulations to ALL recipients of the 2019 Kate Award.  Your outstanding volunteering efforts throughout the community truly exemplify what it means to be a great citizen.  We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.  Keep up the great work!

Friday Blogging

Zel cutting out pictures for the 2019 Kate Award Board.  Cut on Zel, with your hardworking self!
Amy helped to pick out the background colors for each picture.  Good work!
All hands on deck for Kiwanis Comfort Doll creating.  Work on happy people, make those dolls!
Maryann and Amy putting together the 2019 Kate Award Board – stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for our 2019 Kate Award Blog Post coming out tomorrow!
Kamesha from the VA Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-ED program came in to give a nutrition lesson this week.  We learned about healthy eating to prevent diseases like osteoporosis.  Zel really enjoyed it!
Everyone thinks that Kamesha gives great lessons and wants to thank her for coming in to share her knowledge with us!
Go Amy go!  Lookin’ good my friend.  Don’t stop get it get it!  Woot!
Two good men hard at work preparing our raised garden beds for spring planting.
Spring is here so we enjoyed an afternoon of trivia outside!  Awesome!
Brandon showing off his masterpiece aka his new lavender plant.  Lavender plant roots like rocky soil and Brandon made sure that this plant enjoyed its new home!
Another reason to stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page is to learn more about our most recent Outreach Cooking project.  Be on the look out early next week to see our blog post announcing our new project.  We love to give back to our community!