Friday Blogging


Enjoying the weather and answering trivia questions while waiting for buses.


First mow of the season is complete thanks to our Executive Director Rachel Evans!  Mow on Rachel, mow mow mow!


Blueberry plants donated by Claudia Underwood.  Thank you so much!


We made another batch of brownies to benefit the Literacy Council this week.  Thank you Maryann and David for your super baking skills!


Adding flowers to the pollinator garden.  Good work Brandon.


Planting berry bushes!  Brandon says “I hope they produce some good fruit!”


We cleared out the last garden box of weeds.  Now it is time to plant!


It was hard work but a job well done.  Now we wait for cantaloupe!


The staff from Brandon’s residence (My Voice, My Choice L.L.C.) threw a pizza party for Brandon’s birthday!  What fun!


It was a double birthday too because Emma’s birthday is Saturday!


Happy birthday Emma and Brandon, and many, many more!!

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