Cakes for Kiwanis

No Limits Eastern Shore volunteered twice this month to make cakes for Kiwanis.  The cakes go to the Wachapreague Carnival for the cake wheel booth.  We enjoy supporting the community.

David proudly turns over homemade cakes to Connie Campbell. She represents Kiwanis.
Delicious homemade cakes for a good cause.
Second set of cakes for the month of June.
David and Maryann whipping up cakes for the carnival.
David makes sure that everything is just right.


Thursday Blogging 6/29/2023

Where are the watermelons hiding?
Brandon, Cleve and Kevin are adding flower seeds to the pollinator garden.
Zel and Cleve are harvesting wineberries.
Cleve is showing off the fruits of his labor.
Nick is harvesting No Limits Kitty Weed.
Round two is drying in the greenhouse.
What a scrumptious cucumber.
Zel is enjoying the garden. Chomp, chomp.
Veggies are plentiful.
Pollinator buddies.
Ken is getting things ready.
Brandon is blazing trails.
Nick is soaking up the sun.
Andrew, Jessica and Randolph are enjoying the outdoors.
Yoga with Gwen is always relaxing. We enjoy your visits!
Everyone is in the zone.
Matt is showing us how it’s done.
Our bee friends pollinating the lavender.
Chef Bill and Kevin hamming it up.
Chicken cordon bleu was our tasty Manna Cafe lunch this week. Thank you Fran and Bill for another fantastic meal!
Happy faces of the No Limits crew.
Fran surprised us with italian ice for dessert.
First time photography by Brandon.
Another great shot by Brandon with Kevin’s camera.
Yoga Gwen met us at Manna Cafe for lunch.



No Limits Hot Dog Cart Returns!

CL’s dogs and brats were a huge success on opening day!
Our first customers of the day were familiar faces, John and his niece.
Andrew’s family came to support our event and enjoy a good hot dog.
Club friends eating their lunches outside. Happy Hot Dog Day!
Zel and Jessica are setting up for our yard sale.
Our yard sale went great. Thank you to all who came out and supported the event.
David’s family came to show their support.
Steve dug the dawg.

Thursday Blogging 6/22/2023

Beautiful weather and a fun trip to Kiptopeke State Park.
Pavilion picnic.
Andrew is ready to check out the park.
The park is home to migratory birds.
Even found a geocache on one of the trails.
The turtle is camera shy.
A skink is enjoying sun on the boardwalk.
The heron was hoping that the fishermen would share their catch.
Making our way to the fishing pier.
Nick and Cleve are checking out the sights.
Old vs. new.
Historical concrete ships.
David posing for the camera.
Brandon, the tour guide.
Loading up, homeward bound.
Cleve and Ken doing vehicle maintenance.
Nick and Zel putting away cart supplies.
Even cool moths love No Limits.
Kevin and Steve on the kitty weed production line.
Our garden is producing!
Lavender is ready to harvest.

Thursday Blogging 6/15/2023

Zel, Ken and Kevin working on the yard.
Cleve is giving the catnip a drink.
A butterfly visiting our herbs.
Our zucchini are coming along.
Brandon is fertilizing the plants.
Kevin hugging the flowers.
Zel, Ken and Cleve are checking the hot dog cart umbrella.
Zel, Nick and Cleve are ready for the hot dog cart this week.
Our favorite meal at Manna Cafe! Teriyaki chicken with noodles.
Victoria is always smiling when we visit.
Thank you Manna Cafe for the amazing meal!
Everyone enjoyed the meal and seeing our friends.
We are full and happy.
The gang is all here.
Randolph is so happy.
Nick is putting prices on stuff for our yard sale.
Kevin and Ron help to sort things.
The SPCA pets appreciated the treats that we made.

Thursday Blogging 6/8/2023

Calvin is doing some lawn maintenance.
Brandon and Cleve say it takes two to tango.
Zel is a man on a mission.
Cleve is watering the corn and dreaming about popcorn.
Brandon and Zel are harvesting a fresh batch of No Limits kitty weed.
David and Cleve are getting ready to dry the No Limits kitty weed.
Fresh new catnip sprouts.
Chef David is making chocolate cupcakes.
Cleve enjoys helping in the kitchen.
Zucchini and squash are happening.
We are looking forward to our cucumbers.
The pear tree has fruit!
What color will our hibiscus bloom?

Thursday Blogging 6/1/2023

Brandon and Kevin are checking out the Doe Creek Wildlife Refuge.
Can you identify the animal that made this?
Beautiful shoreline.
Andrew enjoyed his time at Camp Bruce McCoy.
Planting our forget me not seeds from Shore Health & Rehab.
Let’s see how soon they sprout.
Jason and David hanging out between raindrops.
Andrew and Meiah are checking on the greenhouse progress.
David and Junior are wondering who is walking who.
Brandon is giving Henrietta fresh lettuce from our garden.
David and Maryann are cutting up veggies for tacos.