Chincoteague Fishing Trip 2023

We have been so busy lately that we made time to relax and go fishing.  Everyone had a great time and we even caught a few fish!  We ended the day with Island Creamery ice cream.  Thank you to everyone who loaned us fishing poles and bait for the trip.

If anyone has poles that they no longer need or want, the members of No Limits Eastern Shore would like to have their own poles for trips like this.


Friday Blogging 10/27/2023

A beautiful day for a picnic at the park in Cape Charles.
Brandon and Zel say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.
Our resident photographer getting photographed himself.
Zel and Kevin enjoying a park selfie. Let me tell you about my best friend….
Cleve, Jason, Ron, Nick and Maryann are unloading our feast.

Nick is cheesing it up.
Good times and great friends.
Andrew, Quincy, Brandon, Kevin and Maryann enjoying lunch at the park.
Resident supervisor, Cleve observing Ken servicing the van.  Safety first!
Outdoor yoga with Gwen.
Everyone was feeling the good vibes.
Nicole set up our No Limits candy station for a trunk or treat at a local elementary school.
We be buggin’ at No Limits.  Feeling lucky today.
Another fantastic lunch from our favorite folks at Manna Cafe.
Nick is definitely digging the meal.
Chow time.
You’re wearing my shirt!  Brandon and Crystal are twinning.

Ken is chilling like a villain.



Thursday Blogging 10/19/2023

Zel, Nicole, Malissa, Steve and Brandon are making treat bags for a community event.
David, Cleve and Maryann are on quality control.
Treat bag assembly line.
David and Maryann are making sweet treats for a local community fundraiser.
Chef Boy-ar-David is the boss today.
Brandon is saving the string beans for the greenhouse.
Cleve and Brandon are saving the bean plants that have flowers.
A healthy string bean plant.
Brandon is proud of his work.
Kevin, Andrew, Brandon and Zel have our catnip in winter conditioning.
Kevin and Brandon are nurturing the catnip with love.
Zel is happy to replace the geocache.
Hidden in plain sight.
Beauty on the trail.
Brandon and Kevin are working hard.

Ken and Cleve are sprucing up the place.
Stubborn bird droppings.
David is out to lunch. Try back later.
David and Brandon are treating Henrietta.
What in the world could this be?
We’ve been waiting for these!
Our new promotional item…..floating brain pens.

Thursday Blogging 10/12/2023

Calvin is taking a break from helping set up.
CL is doing his job at the hot dog cart.
Kevin and Maryann are cooking up sloppy joes for lunch.
Kevin and Maryann are prepping our plates for a hearty lunch.
Sloppy joes for the win!
Nick is taking a break from the hard work of checking out a trail.
Brandon says there’s not enough head room on this trail.
Andrew is practicing his presentation for Master Naturalist.
Kevin is telling us about his love of turtles.
Kevin and Cleve are changing the decal on our van.
Ta-Da! New decal on the van. Can you see us now?
Cleve is decorating for fall. ‘Tis the season.
Steve and Nicole are figuring out where the pumpkin will go.
Kevin, Cleve and Zel are planning a tape strategy.
Zel is getting into the pumpkin spirit.
A very Happy Birthday to our Executive Director, Rachel!!
Thank you to Rachel’s mom, Joan McCarthy for donating lounge chairs to No Limits.
Nick and Brandon are relaxing and enjoying the lounge chairs.
Nick and Kevin approved!
Chuck signed his book for us.


Thursday Blogging 10/5/2023

Steve, Brandon, Kevin, Zel and Nicole are pricing and getting ready for our yard sale.
David is bagging the cookies he made for the end of season hot dog cart day.
Yum, Yum! Fresh out of the oven.
Chuck is giving the fruits and vegetables a drink.
Kevin and Zel are harvesting the next round of catnip.
Cleve and Brandon are getting the chicken some fresh water.
Thank you Manna Cafe for a meal well done!
Zel enjoyed the meal, especially the ice cream dessert.
Nicole, Steve and Cleve say it was a great meal and better company.
Andrew and Quincy are getting every bite.
Nick, David and Maryann always enjoy a trip to Manna Cafe.
Steve and Cleve are two peas in a pod.