Friday Blogging

Our rock project is coming along nicely.  David, Brandon, Maryann, and Zel, y’all rock for helping to polish and clean those rocks!
Brightening up a rainy and cold day with some color.  We made window clings to decorate our homes with and to give to our families as gifts!
Coffee break at No Limits!  Matt and Zel look like they are having a great morning.
A group shot of the “4 musketeers” after working on some gross motor skills.  Nice shot!
Treasurer Matt and his dedicated assistant Dr. Zel are counting up money earned from the No Limits Cafe over the past week.  Count on y’all!

Friday Blogging

Washing off our new batch of polished rocks.  They have 3 weeks to go!  We love our new, quiet rock tumbler, it works really well!
The Rock Kings of No Limits preparing our rocks for their 2nd week of polishing.  Great work!
After polishing rocks we work on hand making monkey treats for the monkeys at American Primate Haven in Onancock!
Having fun and working on gross motor skills with our newest gross motor game – a tic-tac-toe toss.  Play on Brandon, play on!
A few of us working on in-chair exercise to begin our Friday morning.  The video is fast-paced and a bit hard to keep up with but we enjoy it anyway!

Our Shockley Farms and Downtown Cape Charles Trip!

This week we took a nostalgic trip to Shockley Farms in Cape Charles, Virginia to pick out pumpkins and enjoy a hay ride.  Many of us hadn’t done this since we were very young.  Thank you to Shockley Farms for going out of their way to make the day extra special for No Limits, we greatly appreciate it!  After visiting the farm we had a picnic in downtown Cape Charles near the water.  It was a very nice trip!


Saturday Blogging

Chicken dancing and reviewing current events.  A classic Friday morning at No Limits!
Brandon watering the fall crops.  We can’t wait to eat them!
Zel and Brandon giving the No Limits Hens a morning snack!
Getting the new rock tumbler rockin’ and rollin’!  We are having a great time learning about polishing rocks!
Spreading the volunteer offspring of our spring lettuce crop that we let go to seed.  Thanks to our board member Laurice Hohlt for donating the original lettuce plants!

Friday Blogging

Kyle and Brandon are planting peas!  We hope they grow soon!
We enjoyed another great meal at the Manna Cafe on Chincoteague Island this week.  Zel says “It was good til the last drop!”  Yum, yum, yum!
The three musketeers inspecting the fire extinguishers for safety.  Brandon wants to mention that he brought his “pet cat” for the inspection too!  (P.S. the cat is not real! haha)
We enjoyed an extra special trip this week to our friend Samantha’s house.  She allowed us to have a “Petting Zoo” style visit with all of her wonderful critters!  Check out more pics of our trip to visit with Samantha’s animals below. 🙂


She even has geese, honk honk!


Feeding the fowl – hahaha!
This chicken ate right out of David’s hand.  Nice!
Steve joined us to meet the animals too!