Friday Blogging

The Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services held a “Q&A on Brain Injury” for Brain Injury Awareness Month.  Here you see David and Amy watching the Director of the Brain Injury Services Coordination Unit, Patti Goodall, answering brain injury related questions.
Our friend Vinny’s question on employment after a brain injury was featured in the Q&A!  Cool!
More biscuit making!  We love making dog biscuits.  Hey David, Eddie wants you to know he thinks you’re really good at making biscuits!  Good job.
Young chickens gettin’ all clean for the day!  They are getting so big!
Our “In-Chair Exercise” Group with Betsy!  Thank you so much to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore for funding our Exercise Group!
We celebrated Kyle’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday Kyle!

Scenes from our Open House!

On Thursday, 3/23/17, we held an Open House – if you missed it, please look for our “Virtual Open House” tour on our Facebook page. We really enjoyed all of the company! We’d like to say a special thank you to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) for sponsoring this Brain Injury Awareness Month event.

The lovely ladies from DARS – Eleanor Williams/Richmond,Robin Sexauer/Eastern Shore, Bonnie Gill/Norfolk, Teri Nunley/Norfolk, Idena Bailey/Eastern Shore, and Wanda Allen/Richmond. Thank you all for coming, and for all you do every day!
David visiting with his family.
A scene from the day.
Some networking going on 🙂
It was nice to see our building full of guests!
It is always a pleasure to have Eleanor Williams from DARS Central Office come to visit (seen here with our Executive Director Rachel Evans).
Lunch time!
Our plant and catnip sale table stayed pretty busy! Thank you for supporting the No Limits Activity Fund!
No Limits business went on as usual during Open House – CL is entertaining us as always!
A guest visiting the DARS table.
Another view of the day.
Our Board Chair Rosemary Pendleton with Barbara Miles from the Kiwanis Club of Accomack County and our good friend Maureen Stout.
Rachel, Brandon, and Retired Delegate Bob Bloxom. Bob, who was also Virginia’s first Cabinet Secretary for Agriculture, is a hero to the Eastern Shore brain injury community for his role in bringing brain injury services to the Shore almost 20 years ago. His son Rob Bloxom is our current Delegate.
We were delighted to have the opportunity to show Bob what we’ve done with the place!
Faith and Sherry, always helping out and looking good doing it! Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Open House a success!!

Friday (NEW CHICKENS) Blogging!

We are so excited to introduce some of our new, young hens! Here you see Denise holding our Araucana hen who will lay pastel colored eggs!
Jason was happy to meet a new friend.
Brandon helping to clean out the new hens “transporting” house.
Uh oh!  An escapee!  These young ladies sure can fly, fly, fly.
Denise introducing the babies to their new, temporary home. They will have to live inside until they are bigger and the weather is warmer!
Amy meeting a baby chick.  Peep peep!
Eddie says, “Brandon is so good with the chickens that he may have a career working with them one day!” We agree Eddie, he does a great job with them! Brandon is also fascinated that the chickens are descendants of dinosaurs which is why he was reading a book on dinosaurs while “babysitting” the chicks!
Aren’t they cute?!
Thank you again SO MUCH to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for awarding us the grant which has made it possible for us to buy our new hens AND new coop!  Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for upcoming announcements on our Hot Dog Cart!


The 2017 Kate Awards

This week we distributed the 2017 Kathleen W. Richardson Citizenship Awards to a wonderful group of young people here on the Eastern Shore! Known as the Kate Awards, these awards are given to high school students living on the Eastern Shore to honor community engagement and volunteerism (aka “great kids”!!) in memory of Kate, a founding No Limits member who was an active volunteer herself.

The 2017 Kate Award Board – thank you to Denise Brown for putting this board together!


Taylee Thomas, First Place Winner for 2017, is a 9th grader at Chincoteague High School.
Taylee is involved in numerous community activities. She is active in her church youth group, helps to feed the hungry, volunteers at community banquets and Vacation Bible School and other events. She was the top youth fundraiser at the Chincoteague Walk for Life and the 30 Hour Famine. Taylee has helped raise money for breast cancer awareness with her volleyball team, participates annually in Operation Christmas Child, and organized a local “Prayer around the Pole” event at which she was the main speaker. 
Taylee Thomas and Honorable Mention Winner Bradley Conner with the Kate Award cake.
Honorable Mention Winner Christine Brady is a senior at Broadwater Academy.
Honorable Mention Winner Madison Wessells is a junior at Broadwater Academy.
Honorable Mention Winner Bradley Conner is a senior at Chincoteague High School.
Christine and Madison (seen here with Denise Brown) came by early to receive their awards because Christine was due in Richmond for the Model General Assembly. 
Taylee and Bradley and their Moms came to the ceremony on Open House Day at No Limits. All of the Kate Award winners Moms deserve a lot of credit for raising such amazing kids!
Bradley Conner receiving his award. 
Another picture of Christine Brady and Madison Wessells with their trophies.

Friday Blogging

Betsy Pinder came in as a guest speaker this week! She spoke about her recent trip to Guatemala. It was nice to learn about another country.
It was a very interesting presentation. Look at how attentive Brandon, DJ, and Eddie were being! Adrian says “that means they loved it!”
Hugg is all ready for St. Patrick’s Day….
….and so is Kyle! Haha!
Getting ready to move the chickens into their new mansion!
Say what?! Look at our happy hens!  They are hard to see because they are having a chicken party under their new mansion! Thank you again so much to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for awarding us the grant which funded this new coop!
Happy birthday Faith, and many more! What a yummy cake you chose to have! Delish.

Friday Blogging

Adrian, our Health & Safety Coordinator, determining how much sand we will need to fill up our new chicken coop! We are so grateful to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for supporting this project!!
We got a big load of sand and had to store some for later use. Thank you to Hill Sand & Gravel for delivering the sand!
Brandond and DJ are rockin’ a “thumbs up” pose because they were excited to work in the nice weather!
Dig on Brandon with your bad self! Get that new coop ready! Woo!
Jason, Zel, and Amy helping to prepare our Brain Works Corner Presentation!
Brandon & Zel doing their best “American Gothic” Impression!

Friday Blogging

Happy birthday Jackie!  It was great to see you for your birthday!  And many more!
Congratulations again to David, Amy, & Maryann on placing 2nd in the “Ugly Cake” contest at Waggapalooza!  Good job y’all!
The group workin’ on gross motor skills by playing corn hole.  Amy says, “gross motor games are very good for you!”  Yes they are Amy!
Havin’ a good time planting and caring for our spearmint project!  We care for and grow spearmint plants to be donated to hospice patients in our community through Intrepid Home Health Services. 
Playing around and having some fun after planting spearmint and vegetable seeds!
We can’t wait to see if our seeds will sprout and we also can’t wait to eat all the veggies we can grow!
Biscuit on people, biscuit on!  Dog and cat treats  being made for local animal shelters!