Friday (NEW CHICKENS) Blogging!


We are so excited to introduce some of our new, young hens! Here you see Denise holding our Araucana hen who will lay pastel colored eggs!


Jason was happy to meet a new friend.


Brandon helping to clean out the new hens “transporting” house.


Uh oh!  An escapee!  These young ladies sure can fly, fly, fly.


Denise introducing the babies to their new, temporary home. They will have to live inside until they are bigger and the weather is warmer!


Amy meeting a baby chick.  Peep peep!


Eddie says, “Brandon is so good with the chickens that he may have a career working with them one day!” We agree Eddie, he does a great job with them! Brandon is also fascinated that the chickens are descendants of dinosaurs which is why he was reading a book on dinosaurs while “babysitting” the chicks!


Aren’t they cute?!


Thank you again SO MUCH to the Eastern Shore of Virginia Community Foundation for awarding us the grant which has made it possible for us to buy our new hens AND new coop!  Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for upcoming announcements on our Hot Dog Cart!


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