Friday Blogging with Amy, Matt, John, Terrance, and Zel with Emma

DJ looking at some educational Christian videos in his spare time.  Learn on DJ, learn on!
Look at all the new gadgets that Rosemary Pendleton donated to us!  Thank you so much Rosemary!  We can’t wait to try them all out!
In this picture we have Zel taking a “break” (not really, haha!) with his rake!  Rake on Zel with your bad self!  Woot woot!
Jason’s mom, Liz Walters, made us some delicious Halloween cupcakes!  We know that they were made with love because they were mm mm good!  Weeeee loved them!
Zel dressed up as a Grandma for Halloween and tried to scare everyone!  Haha!  What an imaginative costume!  Lookin’ good Zel!

Friday Blogging by Diane, Amy, Terrance, Sherry, and Brittney with Emma

We are very pleased to introduce our new Health and Safety Coordinator Adrian!  In this picture we see Adrian and DJ working together on a monthly vehicle inspection.   Terrance says “Nothing is better than safety!”
Zel bought a very sweet and thoughtful gift for his buddy John at the thrift store.  He knew that John likes to eat a vegetarian diet and thought this vegetarian cook book would make the perfect gift!  Isn’t that nice!!
Look at David hard at work!  Rake on David, rake on!  David is always willing to lend a helping hand.  Keep up the great work!
Adrian and Zel getting our chickens some fresh water!  Keep up the great work you all!!
Best buddies, Zel and Brandon, taking it easy after working in the yard.  Lookin’ good men, woot woot!

Friday Blogging with Brandon, Terrance, John, DJ, Zel, Amy, Matt, and David

Jason working with his aide Shirley on a gross motor activity.  Go Jason go!  Good job buddy, go ahead with your bad self!
Look at these young men hard at work!  DJ and Zel working together to break down an old computer desk that we hope to “up-cycle”!  Brandon and Zel would like to see us build a shelf or bookcase, but even if we do not, Zel says that “transformation is a must” and we will find something useful to make with the spare parts!
Brandon recycling some plastic bottles.  Matt says “recycling is the right thing to do, so recycle on Brandon!”
For our lunch making day this month we made fresh roast beef and tuna fish subs with veggie straws!  Boy they were deliciously awesome!  Brandon says they were “mmm mmmm good!”
Zel won the candy count at No Limits this month and because Zel won, he should have lots of fun, and he doesn’t have to go trick or treating this month!  John says “thank you for sharing your candy with us Zel!”

Friday Blogging with Amy, John, Zel, Matt, and Emma

Maryann and John picking some green beans from the garden.  Pick on y’all with your bad selves!
Terrance gathered some green beans as well!  Gather on Terrance, gather on!  Oh boy, oh boy do those look good!
Brandon and DJ clearing out one of our raised garden beds in preparation for the winter.  Looks great you guys, keep up the good work!  Woot woot!
Out with the old and in with the new!  Brandon throwing some old vegetables into our compost tumbler in order to make some fresh compost that we will be able to use in our garden next Spring!
Zel and Rachel busy cleaning up some pine needles in the backyard using a really cool, adaptable trash bag funnel.  What a wonderful invention!  Thank you so much Rachel for picking up this awesome funnel that helps make yard work easier for everyone!

Friday Blogging by Amy, Terrance, David, Diane, Brittney, and Emma

Harvest, harvest!  We’re still harvesting yummy veggies from our Community Garden.  Here’s a picture of some green beans – don’t they look MMM MMM GOOD!  Amy says “more please!”
Robin Sexauer from DARS donated a griddle to us!  Words can not express how excited we are to use our new griddle!  Thank you so much Robin!
Without even planning on it Terrance and Brandon dressed up like twins today!  We can hardly even tell who’s who!  Haha!  Go ahead with your bad selves – lookin’ good guys!
Diane giving our chicken friends a yummy treat!  This lady is hard at work!  Diane says “Chickens need to eat too!”
Emma and DJ making sure the first-aid kit is all up to date.  Work on my people, work on!
David and Maryann getting ready to deliver our first dozen of eggs that we have gathered from our new hen friends!  David says “You should see the size of some of these eggs!”