Friday Blogging by Amy, Terrance, David, Diane, Brittney, and Emma


Harvest, harvest!  We’re still harvesting yummy veggies from our Community Garden.  Here’s a picture of some green beans – don’t they look MMM MMM GOOD!  Amy says “more please!”


Robin Sexauer from DARS donated a griddle to us!  Words can not express how excited we are to use our new griddle!  Thank you so much Robin!


Without even planning on it Terrance and Brandon dressed up like twins today!  We can hardly even tell who’s who!  Haha!  Go ahead with your bad selves – lookin’ good guys!


Diane giving our chicken friends a yummy treat!  This lady is hard at work!  Diane says “Chickens need to eat too!”


Emma and DJ making sure the first-aid kit is all up to date.  Work on my people, work on!


David and Maryann getting ready to deliver our first dozen of eggs that we have gathered from our new hen friends!  David says “You should see the size of some of these eggs!”

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