Friday Blogging with Amy, Terrance, Zel, David, Maryann, and Emma

We had an unfortunate mishap with our 4 original hens here at No Limits.  Over a holiday weekend a stinky, nasty fox broke in to our hen house and we lost all 4 of our chickens.  😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

We knew that we wanted to get some more hens, but in order to do so we had to have the hen house “fox proofed”.  We would like to thank Maryann and Donnie Brittingham for donating their time to help us predator proof our coop.  After we had battened down the hatches on our coop we were able to get 4 new hens!


Let us introduce our new friends (from left to right) – Mueller, Paschall, Henny, and Penny!  Don’t they look nice?!


Check out the ladies livin’ large in their new, glamorous coop!


Happy birthday to the man of the hour; we wish him well and lots of power!  We celebrated Jason’s birthday this week by having a pizza party (hosted by Matt!) and ice cream cake (brought in by Liz Walters).  The pizza was scrumptious and the ice cream cake was very FAB!  Thanks again Matt and Liz for helping us to make our party out of sight!


Zel getting some cucumbers from our garden ready to make pickles!  We bet once they’re ready and everyone tastes them they’ll be delicious.  Thank you to Terrance for a wonderful idea of what to do with some of the last of our garden grown cucumbers!

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