Friday Blog 2/25/2022

Master Naturalists Brandon and Kyle went out to check out a wildlife nature trail at Doe Creek. Looks like fun!
Crystal makes coffee every morning before the day program starts. Everyone says it is good and hot.
Melissa and David are good at making cat shelters for Northern Accomack Community Cats.
Teamwork makes the dream work! Joe and David are hard at work.
Zel and Maryann are checking our podium to see if we can put wheels on it.
Our favorite goofy goober having fun with some duct tape while we were making cat shelters.
Kyle was leading us in our garden meeting for us to start planning for spring. Greenhouse here we come!
We enjoyed our time on our virtual lunch with our friends at Denbigh House in Newport News, VA. It was good to see one of our past members.

Friday Blog 2/18/22

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Making our own cards for family and friends.

Battle of wits. Concentrating on the next strategic move.

Making tiramisu and ravioli with meatballs. What a great way to celebrate Italian culture.
Fly and be free! Our purple martin house is ready for spring.
Thinking hard about our activity. Uno is a great cognitive activity.