Friday Blogging

Enjoying our magnificent lunch at the Manna Cafe on Chincoteague Island!  The Manna Cafe is a nonprofit organization that serves free hot lunches to members of the community in need every single Monday at the Chincoteague United Methodist Church.
A group of us posed for a shot with Fran Lytle (in the light blue) the founder of the Manna Cafe.  Thank you to the Manna Cafe for all the great work y’all do to help out the community!
Early mornin’ camelia commencement!
We bought a rock polishing machine from National Geographic so that we can turn rough rocks into smooth stones!  It was a rocky start learning to use the machine but from here we hope the process will be as smooth as the rocks inside the machine, hahaha!
We can’t wait to see the finished product!  Here’s what the rocks look like before being polished.
Our board member Laurice Hohlt donated dill plants that had gone to seed in order for us to harvest the seeds and plant our own dill.  Zel says he can’t wait to make pickles next spring!
Coni Chandler from Intrepid Home Health Services came in to give us a lesson on dehydration.  Zel and Steve say “She quenched our thirst for knowledge on staying hydrated!”  Thank you Coni!
Steve, Zel, and David feeding the chickens grain so that they can graze all weekend.  Great team work!

Bald Eagle Release in Accomack

A few of us were lucky enough to witness the release of 2 bald eagles who were rescued and cared for by local wildlife rehabilitators on the Eastern Shore after they were found injured.  Thank you to the Eastern Shore Chapter of Virginia Master Naturalists for informing us of this really cool event, as well as the Wildlife Center of Virginia for rescuing and releasing these amazing birds!  Check out the pictures we took of the event below:


Friday Blogging

Enjoying a new activity that helps us get to know our friends and build our cognitive skills.  Zel and Steve both agree that it was interesting to learn so much about new friends!
Maryann and David making Berry Turnovers with locally grown berries from our own Community Garden!
Jason helped to supervise while making the turnovers!
Everyone agrees that they turned out great!  Brandon and Samantha say “They were delish!”  Zel thinks they were “Scrumptious!”
Zel says “Chef David cooking kielbasa sausages.  They are delicioso!”
Treasurer Matt helpin’ to count the No Limits Activity Fund.  Good work!
Maryann, Brandon, and David are making sure the newsletters are put together correctly before delivering them to local business and friends in the community!
Good men doing good work.  Brandon and David visited with Jackie and took him new sneakers this week.  Jackie was very pleased.  🙂
We are well known for hand-made thank you cards here at No Limits.  This week we made loads of new cards that we will send to say “thanks” to folks who donate or assist the No Limits Day Program.
Our eloquent and nice Maximilian Perennial Sunflowers.  Brandon is happy to see the native sunflowers growing so well in the No Limits Pollinator Garden!
Taking care of business and working towards future endeavors!  Great picture Matt.

Friday Blogging

Maryann, Zel, and David getting No Limits Eastern Shore T-Shirts ready for sale at the Chincoteague Farmers Market!
Handmade cat toys, made by members of No Limits and volunteers from YouthWorks, that contain locally grown catnip (from our own garden) were sold at the Farmers Market too!
Brandon visited C L and Maryann at the Chincoteague Farmers Market and got to see the No Limits table all set up.  It was a good day!
Another angle of the No Limits table.  Nice silly face C L!
Brandon bought a native Rose Mallow Hibiscus for the No Limits pollinator garden.  Thank you Brandon!
We have officially added Jason and Samantha to the Health and Safety Team!  Great work inspecting the vans and keeping us safe.
Steve having a good time getting to know new friends.
Zel and Brandon putting together a new weed trimmer.  Steve says that “trimming weeds is an important and great skill to learn!”

Eastern Shore Master Naturalists Butterfly Count

Last week, long-time member, Brandon, and No Limits’ Case Coordinator, Kyle Fulk, volunteered their Eastern Shore Master Naturalist skills by assisting with a local butterfly count at Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve.  The results of these counts will provide important data to scientists and policy-makers at the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory which assists with management and policy making decisions regarding the wildlife/environment of Virginia’s Eastern Shore.  Outstanding work!


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Friday Blogging

Our Walking Trail Assessment Team went out to assess the Cape Charles walking trail this week.
Although the trail had a few accessibility concerns, it was overall a great walk and we enjoyed assessing it!  Our Walking Trails page will be updated to reflect this new assessment over the next week.
Brandon was happy to see dunes and native plant life reestablished along the Cape Charles trail.  He says that having the dunes (and plants) back will help prevent flooding in town.  Awesome!
A nice shot of the park in Cape Charles that can be found along the walking trail.  Brandon says he was “admiring the plant life”.
Jason is all smiles and happy to be at No Limits!
David hand feeding the No Limits’ hens some grass.  Don’t get pecked David!
Brandon protecting native plants in the No Limits Pollinator Garden from being mowed by surrounding them with bricks.
David and Jason having a nice morning chat before activities began.
The No Limits Hot Dog Cart has a leaky water line.  It’s okay though, we are working on getting it fixed as soon as we can!  In this picture you see all hands on deck loading the cart up to take to the shop.  Good work!
Prank of the week!  Brandon and Adrian say that this is Kyle’s new chauffeur.  Hahaha!
Our Friday morning crew discussing current events happening on Virginia’s Eastern Shore!  Great to see you Steve and Samantha!

Annual Satisfaction Survey 2019

It is time for the Annual Satisfaction survey!  We encourage anyone and everyone to complete this brief online survey  – survivors of brain injury, members of No Limits Eastern Shore (NLES), family, friends, fellow service providers, community members, anybody who interacts with NLES.

Online NLES Satisfaction Survey 2019

Thank you!

If you would prefer to complete this survey on paper please click the following link to obtain a printable format of the survey – Printable NLES Satisfaction Survey 2019

You may also call (757) 789-3990 or e-mail to request a paper form.

Completed paper surveys may be mailed, faxed, or e-mailed to No Limits Eastern Shore.

Thank you!

Friday Blogging

DSCF7712 (2)
All hands on deck to keep the yard looking beautiful!  Great work.
Brandon doing a great job to keep the yard looking tidy as well.
Brandon was mixing already nutrient rich compost from our smaller composter into the new, yet-to-be-compost materials that are in our larger compost tumbler.
Mixing the batter for Amy’s birthday cake.  We really like this picture of Zel and Maryann!
Happy birthday Amy, and many, many more!
During Amy’s birthday party, we also wished Amy and her long time companion, Sherry, “good luck” and shared a bittersweet “goodbye” with them.  They are ready to start some new adventures and we hope to see you all again real soon!
Zel says “We will miss you Sherry!  Come back and see us soon.  Brandon wanted to add that “Sherry is looking very cool” in this picture. 🙂
Although we found that we prefer classic jigsaw puzzles, these new vertical puzzles were pretty intriguing to try out!
Brandon doing what he does best, helping to keep everything clean!  Good work Brandon!


This week we received our 4th, fantastic, and beautiful outdoor building from Backyard Escapes in Pocomoke Maryland.  As always, the building (a new storage shed) arrived in perfect condition, and the crew from Backyard Escapes ensured that the new building’s installation was an easy and efficient process.  They even helped us to move our “crab shack” (or gazebo building) to a new location in the yard in the same morning as installing the new shed!  THANK YOU Backyard Escapes for your great work and customer service.  Check out pictures of the gazebo being moved and our new shed being installed below! DSCF7735DSCF7737DSCF7739DSCF7741DSCF7743DSCF7744DSCF7745DSCF7746

YouthWorks Week 7 2019

We enjoyed our 7th, but unfortunately last, week with YouthWorks volunteers for the summer… but boy did we end on a great note!  This week’s YouthWorks volunteers assisted with a very important and much need project – breaking down the old plastic shed and helping to install and organize a brand new shed from the awesome folks at Backyard Escapes!  Check out photos of our time with YouthWorks volunteers from week 7 below!

The old shed needed to be emptied and broken down into pieces and YouthWorks Week 7 knocked all of that work out in one morning – nice!


Everything from the old shed needed to be moved to the brand new (and VERY NICE) new shed pictured here beyond the No Limits’ yard sign!


Our “crab shack” or covered gazebo needed to be reorganized as well for better use in its new spot.  Week 7 volunteers also helped us with this!


Organizing the new shed!  It is so nice!


Taking a break from hard work in the shade!
Taking down the old shed.


The old shed needed washing too before it could be stored.


Week 7 y’all rock!  Thanks again for your help and making memories with us!