Thursday Blogging 9/22/2022

Rachel received cupcakes and beautiful flowers in honor of her national award.
United Way Wellness with Betsy is always a hit. Visit us in person soon!
Zel is waiting to see what comes up.
David and Maryann check on our geocache.
Jason and Steve had it made in the shade while waiting for the bus.
It’s not goodbye, but see ya later. Melissa enjoyed her going away gift.

Our Award Winning Executive Director!

No Limits Eastern Shore is proud to announce that our Executive Director Rachel Evans has been named by the National Rehabilitation Association as the 2022 recipient of the Bell Greve Memorial Award.

The Bell Greve Memorial Award is presented to a person who has shown unusual initiative or creativity in developing and/or administering a service program for people with disabilities.  The award is named for Bell Greve, founder of the Cleveland Rehabilitation Center. A pioneer in the development and provision of relief and rehabilitation services to the poor, sick, and people with disabilities,  Bell Greve gained international distinction for her work with local, state, and international social service agencies.

No Limits members, Rachel Evans, and the Bell Greve Memorial award!

Rachel was nominated for this award based on her work developing brain injury services on the Eastern Shore of Virginia through No Limits Eastern Shore Brain Injury Services. The video below is about 8 minutes long and shows Rachel Evans accepting the award on 9/15/22 at the National Rehabilitation Association’s virtual awards ceremony:



Thursday Blogging 9/15/2022

We are loving the park.
Steve and Nicole are cruising the pavilion.
Brandon is picking up trash at the park.
Zel is also picking up litter.
Andrew is enjoying the company of his father.
Enjoying lunch and the cool breeze.
Melissa enjoyed having lunch with everyone together.
Andrew had fun helping Maryann in the kitchen. They made banana bread for everyone.
Ta-Da! Delicious banana bread.
Fresh catnip harvest is ready.
Brandon and Zel are collecting seeds from our dried sunflowers.
Melissa and David made cupcakes for Rachel’s award presentation.

Thursday Blogging 9/8/2022

Brandon had a great time bowling.
Drying our sunflowers to get the seeds.
Steve and Nicole are giving the plants a cold drink of water.
Melissa enjoyed giving water to the plants.
Propagating new plants from clippings.
David is the dough-master.
Brandon before the mess. Ha-ha.
The snap peas have grown a lot since last week.
Our beautiful herb garden.