Wednesday Blog 11/24/2021

Melissa was queen for the day celebrating the day before her birthday.

Chef Boyar-David is whipping up some magic in the kitchen.
Checking in on our friends across the water.
Impromptu ice cream social before the holiday.

T’was the day before Thanksgiving and all through No Limits, not a creature was stirring except for some crickets.  We’ve got to cook a turkey, a pie and some stuffing.  Be careful with that turkey, those legs aren’t for drumming! Whether pumpkin, sweet potato or pecan pie, we are all THANKFUL for each of our lives.

We’re spreading holiday joy to all of our friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from No Limits Eastern Shore!

Friday Blog 11/12/2021

Melissa enjoys making dog biscuits with Maryann.
Zel is a nice rolling pin master.
CL schooling Maryann in checkers.
We’re all putting our thinking caps on.
Our pea plants are growing.
Matt is covered for his photo with Rachel. Welcome back Matt!

Brandon doing a great job watering the peas. Thank you Brandon!

David, Corina and Joe are tossing beanbags to spin the wheel.

Friday Blog 11/5/2021

David is looking for a win!
Andrew is making his move.
Corina, Jason and David are doing the wave.
United Way Wellness with Betsy. We miss you.
Melissa loves making cat shelters with Maryann.
To eat or not to eat, that is the question.
Maryann is playing her best, but Zel is determined to win.
Jason has a creepy crawly on his head!
Fall decorations on display. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Maryann is getting a grip on the spider situation.