Friday Blogging 7/29/2022

Zel enjoyed cutting up vegetables to cook for lunch.
Melissa did a great job of shredding zucchini for making zucchini bread.
David is ready to stir the pot for freezer pickles.
Jason was happy to be in charge of supervision of the zucchini bread.
Steve toasts a job well done.
Melissa enjoys time with Jasper the cat.
United Way Wellness with Betsy is always a hit. We miss you!
We are Betsy’s favorite groupies.
Andrew and Dale are deep in thought and focused on Betsy.
Brandon is becoming one with the chicken.
John stays hydrated while enjoying working outside.
Out with the old and in with the new. Ready to plant our fall garden.
A very nice picture of CL and his son Daniel.

Thursday Blogging 7/7/2022

David enjoyed helping to make baked zucchini for everyone.
The baked zucchini that we made was delicious.
A beautiful hibiscus flower in our pollinator garden.
Bees are pollinating our vegetables.
Peppers are ready.
We harvested a giant zucchini!
Melissa counted money and rolled her change.
Rachel, Brandon and Kyle added fresh dirt to the catnip trug.
John is showing Andrew how to water the plants.
Brotherly love.