Thursday Blogging 5/25/2023

Garden artwork. We made new signs for our fruits and veggies.
Steve says tomato, tomato- call it what you want. They still taste good.
Cleve is thinking he’s hungry.
Michelle is happy with apples.
Jason and Arlene with their cucumber sign.
Good looking cucumber and eggplant.
Ronzelle is enjoying this project.
Jessica is having fun painting a watermelon.
Keeping kitties happy.
We finished some awesome looking garden signs.
CL and Kyle went to a community outreach event. Spreading the word about No Limits and brain injury awareness.
Another round of fresh catnip.
Thank you Manna Cafe for another great meal! We appreciate all that you do, especially your kindness.
Fran greets us at the door on every visit.
We all enjoyed the orange chicken with rice. Bon apetit.
David says he enjoyed everything.
Full bellies and happy faces.
Jason and Arlene can’t wait to come back again.
Nicole and Steve are enjoying their lunch.
Brandon loves visits to Manna Cafe.
See you again soon Manna Cafe.
Cleve says it’s good till the last drop. Strawberry and banana smoothies were a hit.

Thursday Blogging on Monday 5/22/2023

Onancock nature trail assessment and picnic.
No Limits group shot before the trail.
Trail buddies and native plants.
Peas on trees.
Grub time after the trail walk.
Our geocache is hiding…
Coming in hot.
Onancock wildlife showing off.
No Limits was here.
Meiah and Andrew admiring the creek.
Showing love for our local SPCA workers.
Kevin and Brandon are harvesting fresh rosemary.
Kevin, Zel and Ken are admiring their work with the rosemary.
Zel bagging the dried rosemary.
Matt is getting things together for an upcoming community event.
Steve and Nicole are working on using math skills.
Thank you so much John Evans for our lunch! We enjoyed it all.
A special lunch at No Limits.
Everything was so good.
Brandon knows that Henrietta loves mealworms.
Henrietta is enjoying another beautiful day.
Kevin, Brandon and Zel planting saplings.
Starting to look like real oranges.
Kumquats are coming along.
The tomatoes are flowering.
Mother of Millions living up to their name.
Brandon is in his element.

Nick is putting in the work and getting fit.

Jason is all smiles.

Junior is enjoying belly rubs from David.
David and Ken are cooking up burgers and dogs.
Kevin and Ken are wondering, where’s the beef?
No Limits Cafe was banging this week!
Everyone enjoyed the cookout.
Nom noms.

Thursday Blogging 5/11/2023

Guess what is coming back soon? The No Limits Hot Dog Cart is getting ready.  Ken and Cleve are working hard.
Cleve is sanitizing the hot dog cart.
Ken and Zel say all systems are a go!
Thank you Manna Cafe for a fantastic meal. Bill’s teriyaki chicken was the bomb.
Everyone was glad to go back to Manna Cafe on Chincoteague.
Many thanks to Manna Cafe! We always enjoy the meal and friendly people.
Our peach tree is fruitful and multiplying.
First harvest of the season and the kitty weed is good.
Thank you Gwen for showing us how to do yoga. It helps our bodies and minds. Namaste.
Matt made a special trip to join us for yoga with Gwen. He and Crystal are having a good time.
David is taking it easy.
Brandon is getting into his arm stretch.
At the end of each session, we all say Namaste with Gwen. Appreciating the best in everyone.


Thursday Blogging 5/4/2023

David, Zel and Maryann are adding ingredients for monkey biscuits.
David the mixer is at it again.
Nick is rolling in the dough.
Steve and Nicole are making sure we follow the recipe.
Meiah is enjoying her first time making monkey biscuits.
David and Cleve are biscuit buddies.
Brandon and Nick have their biscuit making game faces on.
Jason and Arlene are a great biscuit making team.
Zel and Brandon say teamwork makes the dream work.
Zel is taking care of our garden nursery.
Zucchini and summer squash are popping up.
Meatball and parmesan sub boats was our cafe lunch this week.
Boats are going in for toasting. Say cheese!
Kevin is our celebrity cafe chef this week.
Sub boat construction complete.
Every good boat deserves some hidden mozzarella.
Our mascot, Junior is showing puppy love to Andrew.