About nolimitseasternshore

No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

Friday Blogging April 9, 2021

Rachel’s husband, John, helped to resolve a weed problem in the pollinator garden by helping us to till the soil.

John also helped us to cut the legs off of a few of our raised boxes because they were ready to be “dropped to the ground”. Thanks for all of your help John!

Dottie Bott-Travis helped us to plant some winter vegetables and flowers this past fall. This our last surviving flower. We call it the “lone survivor”! Thanks again to Dottie for all of your help in the garden.

Three musketeers hard at work planting flowers where John tilled!

The No Limits Water Girl! Melissa helped water the new flowers Thanks Melissa!

Brandon making sure our fruit trees are growing well.

What a great group we had for Cognitive Rehabilitation during Virtual No Limits this week!

Kindle class with Rachel! Rachel taught Melissa how to use her new Kindle. Kindles allow members of No Limits to stay connected to their peers, family, and local businesses in a virtual manner. This is a much needed resource here on the rural Eastern Shore. Melissa and Rachel are maskless because they are proudly 2 weeks post vaccination. Congratulations!

Adrian, Angela, David, and Kyle all pitched in to make sure the lawnmower is ready for the cutting season.

Friday Blogging April 2, 2021

Watch out! David’s gonna spray you with the hose! (just kidding, he was spraying the van after helping to wash it)

A quick round of “baseball” before heading home for the day.

Members of No Limits prepared Easter gifts for our friends at a local group home. We hope they enjoy them!

Brandon hand feeding the chickens. He is the chicken whisperer!

Joe enjoying his morning joe. Nice hat too, Joe!

We enjoyed a “blast from the past” activity this week dying Easter eggs after preparing Easter gifts and cards for our friends.

Whip it up Melissa! We dyed Easter eggs using a modern “whip dye” kit. It was very cool! David thinks it looks just like meringue.

A watched pot never boils! Right Angela?

Don’t steal those pop rocks David!

David making sure everyone on our Easter card list was sent a card. Thanks for your help!

Friday Blogging March 26, 2021

Maryann and David mixing up individual mini cakes to be delivered to a local group home! Members of No Limits make and deliver goods to an area group home every month.

Don’t they look “mmm mmm good”?!

Rachel explaining the Marcus Alert Community Input Survey to No Limits members. This survey is very important in assisting in the development of a behavioral health crisis system in Virginia. We encourage anyone who has input on behavioral health crisis services in their community to complete this survey using the following link: https://virginiadbhds.wufoo.com/forms/marcus-alert-community-input-survey?fbclid=IwAR2hekYZL25_Rlws0y1WU1n_YBmSujhBxASqo2ofODYs-CP1Pq-5Z7DdhKY

David spending some time with the No Limits Hens!

Our camellia plant enjoyed the rain this week. We think that “she” was “drinking up all the rain”!

Flower blooms on a tree in the No Limits Pollinator Garden.

A pussy willow plant donated by No Limits’ Board Member Laurice Hohlt is blooming beautifully!

Maryann danced and Irish jig while Emma played the “invisible fiddle” during a coffee break this week. We have fun while we work hard!

United Way Exercise with Betsy during Virtual No Limits this week. Thanks for helping us to stay healthy Betsy!

Randolph and Steve did a wonderful job exercising with us. It was good to see y’all!

Angela helped to mow the yard this week. It looks great, thank you Angela!

Melissa and Zel were the purple twins!

Friday Blogging March 19, 2021

During Virtual No Limits this week we enjoyed a nutrition lesson with Tonya from the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-Ed Program. Zel says “it was entertaining!”

We caught Emma off guard!

No Limits’ Case Coordinator, Kyle, got to visit with Steve this week. We are so glad Kyle was able to visit with you Steve! We miss you!

No Limits celebrated its 20th anniversary this week.  We enjoyed take out lunches from the Sage Diner in Onley.  Zel, Angela, David, and Emma say “it was really good!”  Below you can see two pictures of the awesome food that members of No Limits enjoyed for the Anniversary Lunch!

Friday Blogging March 12, 2021

Getting ready to begin a session of Virtual No Limits!

We had United Way Exercise with Betsy for one of our Virtual No Limits sessions this week!

No Limits’ Case Coordinator, Kyle Fulk, is also a clothing designer! (just kidding, but he IS helping CL “bedazzle” a pair of jeans!)

CL is loving his new NFL inspired pants!

Spray on Kyle!

Zel and Rachel reorganized one of the No Limits Activity rooms. Zel says “Team work makes the dream work!”

Melissa is back! We missed you Melissa, we are so glad you are back!

Making dog biscuits for pups at local shelters. Great work everyone!

Rachel had an announcement!

CL removing dirt from one of our raised garden boxes so that it could be moved.

The “Fab Four” pose for a picture after lots of yardwork! Go team!

Kyle helped to till the Pollinator Garden. Thanks Kyle!

Kyle cool maxin’ and relaxin’ after tilling the garden.

Moving the garden boxes was hard but important work!

The volunteer organization YouthWorks painted this on our garden box a few summers ago. We look forward to working with YouthWorks again one day after the world is a bit safer!

Adrian looks like he’s getting ready to bust a move!

Ms. Angela giving a lesson to her favorite students. Haha!

Spring is comin’! At last!

Friday Blogging, March 5, 2021

Zel does a fantastic job of caring for our hens (with help from friends too!)

Spring WILL come! It’s already peeping through in our gardens.

Working on cards for community outreach. These cards are very important to our members who have been shut-in during the pandemic.

It’s starting to get a little crowded as folks return to No Limits so we had to do a little redecorating! Yeah, let’s put the sewing machines in Rachel’s office!

Thanks CL and Zel for doing the heavy lifting! Don’t worry, that is a stuffed animal and not a real cat! It was a gift from our friend Terrance.

CL took a rest after all that work!

Men at work. Wait until Emma sees her office on Monday! We need some records (old school vinyl) for the record player Kyle donated!

Angela and David grabbing some coffee before the day gets started.

If you have been to No Limits in the last 8 years or so, you may be familiar with our inflatable dinosaur. He moves around, but as of today he’s back in Rachel’s office, guarding the sewing machines!

Friday Blogging

Congratulations on your new truck CL! Zel says “it’s nice and spiffy!”

United Way Exercise with Betsy is a great way to work out and relax!

Maryann came up with a quick and fun game to help us strengthen our minds.

Zel says “this game helps our cognitive skills and it is good for recognition skills too.”  This game is a rehabilitative game meant to strengthen cognitive skills.

CL says he is praying for his life, because Cognitive Rehabilitation can be really hard!  (just kidding he was deep in thought)

Jason, Brandon, and Steve got to work on their cognitive skills too! Thank y’all for joining us virtually. It was fun!

Angela wore herself out working on thinking skills so she needed water! (haha!)

Focus Group with Amanda Ritchie from BIAV

Last week during one of our Virtual No Limits sessions we were joined by Amanda Ritchie, Engagement Coordinator from the Brain Injury Association of Virginia, to discuss needs of survivors of brain injury on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  It was a great focus group, and we thank Amanda very much for reaching out to No Limits to hold this meeting.  Check out pictures of the focus group below!

Friday Blogging

We have been taking advantage of the poor weather here at No Limits to organize the building. Thank you David….

…and Angela and Zel for helping out!

During Virtual No Limits we have been enjoying nutrition education with Kamesha Watson from the Virginia Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-Ed program!

After our nutrition lesson we enjoyed a game of Nutrition Jeopardy! Thank you Kamesha for joining us and teaching us.

Socially distancing ourselves to enjoy an activity together as a group.

Angela received flowers from her Valentine. They were so pretty!

The Muffin Man at work! David and Maryann making individually packaged muffins to be delivered to a local group home in the community.

Zel helping Emma with paper work. Thanks for your help Zel!

The muffins turned out great! We hope the residents enjoy them!


Friday Blogging

Angela and Adrian were excited to fill the hand soap dispensers with new soap!

One of our favorite Friday activities is reading the Eastern Shore Post together to learn about what’s going on in our community. Zel says “it can be very informative and interesting”.

When we read the paper we load it on our large activity screen to make it easier for everyone to read.

Angela says “Even though he’s crazy, Adrian gives a good health lesson”. (She is only joking of course, we love learning with Adrian!)

The No Limits’ Hens pose for a photo after eating some delicious meal worms that Angela gave them.