About nolimitseasternshore

No Limits Eastern Shore is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of survivors of brain injury on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia. In September 2012 we were awarded a contract by the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services to operate the No Limits day program in Onancock, VA.

Friday Blogging


C L and Jason preparing to put up our Purple Martin “hotel”!


Brandon helped too!


Up she goes!


The No Limits Purple Martin hotel is officially open for business!


Three men hard at work.


Brandon and Adrian inspecting our first aid kit.  Thanks for helping to keep us all safe.

In Loving Memory of Mr. William Sample, 3/1/47 – 3/1/20

Mr. William with the late Barry Kranich

No Limits Eastern Shore is deeply saddened to announce the passing of our dear friend and longtime No Limits member William Henry Sample. Mr. William, as he was known to us, left this world on the same day that he entered it, on March 1.

Mr. William picking blueberries in Hacks Neck

William Sample was a kind and thoughtful man who loved the Lord with all his heart. He loved listening to gospel music and he had a beautiful voice that he would lift in praise. He will be very missed, may he rest in peace.

Please enjoy a video of William singing one of his favorite songs at No Limits a few years back.

Friday Blogging


Wash on David, wash on!  (David is washing potatoes for a group meal)


Chef David and Maryann whippin’ up some kielbasa, cabbage, and potatoes.  It was delicious!


Zel says “Cognitive learning has Steve looking perturbed.”  Hahaha, I think we just caught him off guard Zel!


Having a dog gone good time make treats for dogs at local animal shelters.


It was pretty cool to have long-time members of No Limits C L and Denise’s son Daniel leading a cognitive game for us this week.  He is growing up so fast!


Full house!  Zel says “It’s a party in here!”  No Limits members and staff enjoying their lunch this past Wednesday.

Friday Blogging


Making dog biscuits for pups at local shelters.  Zel says “I hope the pups think they are “dog gone” delicious!”


Kyle organizing files and being faithful to his job.  Good work!


We celebrated Randolph’s birthday this week.  Happy birthday Randolph!!!


We enjoyed seeing Randolph having fun on his birthday.


Jason had a good time playing name that tune!


Name that tune on a Friday morning made for a fun activity.


Our week has come to an end.  Goodbye and have a good weekend from Three No Limits Musketeers!

Brain Injury Awareness Day 2020

Each year members and staff from No Limits attend “Brain Injury Awareness Day” at the Virginia General Assembly in Richmond in order to promote brain injury awareness as well as to advocate for brain injury services.  Check out photos of members and staff preparing for/attending Brain Injury Awareness Day below!


Samantha teaching Brandon the best way to staple our packets for delivery.  This year we delivered hand-made dog biscuits to all of the Delegates and Senators at the Virginia General Assembly.


Having a good time walking to the General Assembly from the parking garage.


Strike a pose!  Representative Kyle was pictured walking with his trusty legislative aides, C L and Brandon!  (haha!)


Posing for a picture while waiting for a meeting with Senator Lynwood Lewis!


Brandon, C L, and Kyle were all smiles after working hard at the General Assembly in advocating for brain injury services!


We found this nice lady outside to take a picture with too.  Just kidding, it’s Emma!

Friday Blogging


We had our monthly garden meeting this week and we are looking forward to growing native fruit trees this spring!  Steve says he thought the meeting went very well.


King of Coupons, Dr. Zel, doing what he loves to do!


Making Kiwanis Comfort Dolls to be distributed to children in need throughout our community.  C L looks like he is really enjoying making new baby dolls!


Speaking of C L, we celebrated his birthday this week.  A little bit late, but it was fun!


Brownies for Mr. Brown’s birthday.  Happy birthday C L!


Taking it easy on a Friday morning before getting to work on our weekly current event discussion.


Pranks were abundant this Friday.  Everyone got a kick out of waiting for Corina to find a pine cone decoration in her hood!  Thanks for being a great sport about it Corina.

Friday Blogging


We had a good time playing bingo this week.  Bingo is especially fun when Randolph is “in da house!”


Relaxing and playing cards while we wait for buses to arrive!


Happy birthday Zel, and many, many more!


We made over 300 dog biscuits this week in preparation for Brain Injury Awareness Day this year!  Next week a group of No Limits members and staff will travel to the General Assembly in Richmond where we will visit the desk of every delegate and senator in Virginia.  When we visit the legislators we will gift them a package of hand-made dog treats to show them all of the great and productive work that members of No Limits engage in!


We had so many biscuits to make that Adrian got to help make biscuits too!


Great work everyone!


Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep them dog treats rollin’!