Friday Blogging 6/24/2022

Checking out a local nature trail and reading about the native plants.
Laying out our fresh lavender to dry.
Our garden looks healthy.
One beautiful cucumber.
Finally…..bocce ball!
Brandon is checking on the progress of our garden.
Mmmm fresh basil from our herb garden.
Our palm tree is waving in the breeze.
Matt is enjoying his new chair and taking it for a ride.
Melissa enjoyed helping Rachel to call bingo.




Thursday Blogging 6/16/2022

Melissa and David enjoy making chicken treats.
A great time was had by all at Manna Cafe on Chincoteague.
Our meal was scrumptious. We had southwest fiesta bake, chef salad and potato salad.
Thank you Fran and Chef Bill for a wonderful meal and a great time.
United Way Wellness with Betsy is always a good time. We enjoy our massages.
Jason had a surprise visit from his mom.
Thinking good thoughts and touching our toes.
Our beautiful pollinator garden is blooming.
An outstanding picture of Zel knowing what he’s doing.
Melissa and David enjoy making their morning coffee and cocoa.
Brandon and Kyle help to fertilize the vegetables.


World Leadership School: Pace Academy TBIPOP Visit

We had the opportunity for another Teen Brain Injury Prevention Outreach Presentation (TBIPOP) day on June 7 when we hosted 2 terrific groups of kids from the Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, and shared our dual messages of brain injury awareness and prevention.

The morning group
The afternoon group

Each group had a TBIPOP half day session: a presentation on who we are, what brain injury is, and what we do & a presentation targeted at preventing brain injury in young people, plus a group gross motor game (cornhole!). The rest of the blog will be photos from our great day, thank you for coming Pace Academy! You asked some of the best questions we have ever gotten, despite being younger than most groups we present to.

Friday Blog 6/10/2022

Fresh vegetables are great. We enjoy planting them and watching them grow.
David brought in fresh lettuce from the garden.
We enjoyed making pizza muffins for our lunch and so did our stomachs.

Getting it together in the kitchen. A good time was had by all.

Jason is very happy and loves pizza.
Making cards for those who cannot join us.

David is making cards also.

World Leadership School/Norfolk Academy TBIPOP Visit

We were excited to host this great group of young people from Norfolk Academy through the World Leadership School.
We started our day with an introduction to who we are & what we do.
After our TBIPOP we broke the ice with a gross motor skill building game (cornhole!).

After a lunch break it was time to work together to make dog biscuits for local animal shelters.

Special thanks for helping us out with some weeding!

We are always excited about sharing our messages of brain injury awareness and brain injury prevention. Thank you for coming, and please stay safe!

Friday Blog on Monday

Calvin did a great job cutting grass. Thank you!
More fresh catnip from the garden. Steve enjoys helping to get it ready for the community cats.
John helped with more of the catnip.
Paint day went great. The paintings turned out beautifully, and everyone enjoyed it.

Cleaning up and getting the hot dog cart ready.
The plants and vegetables were thirsty. Zel enjoys watering the garden in the mornings.



Friday Blog 5/27/2022

Monday morning coffee
Jason and his mom together again.
The gang is all here with smiles on their faces.
United Way Wellness with Betsy! CL has his funny fake teeth as usual.
Some great stretching going on.
Melissa is reaching her own feet.
Our vegetables are doing well.
Fresh herbs are growing fast.
The pollinator garden looks beautiful.

Friday Blog 5/20/2022

We’re doing a great job, planting cucumbers in the garden.
Hard at work planting fresh herbs. Steve is a great supervisor.
David enjoyed watering the tomatoes so that they will grow.
Kyle and Zel are good at planting corn seeds.
We had some visitors this week in our purple martin house.
Melissa enjoys putting detergent in the washer. A womans work is never done.

Betsy is showing us how it’s done. Great to have her back in person for our United Way Wellness!
Out with the old, in with the new. Busting up the concrete to make room for the new ramp.

Jason is goofing off with his towel on his head.

Friday Blog 5/13/2022

Hard at work filling the beds. Can’t wait to plant vegetables.

Testing out the greenhouse. We planted flower seeds in our pots.
Let’s see what comes from the flower seeds.


Our first catnip harvest for local community cats.

A big thank you to the youth group at Naomi Makemie Presbyterian Church for the gifts for our staff.
Glad to have Betsy back and in person.


Friday Blog 5/6/2022

Delicious looking plate from our Cinco De Mayo taco day.
David helping to prepare lunch for a hungry crowd.


Steve enjoying his food very much.
Matt loved his lunch so much that he put his mask on his head.
Randolph loves any chance to come see us.
David looks like he’s up to no good, but really he’s enjoying good food.
Melissa is happy about Cinco De Mayo food day.
Steve is concentrating hard about winning the ring toss.
Matt is waiting his turn to take the lead in our gross motor game.
Brandon trimmed the catnip so that we can get it ready for local community cats.

Thank you so much to an anonymous donor who prepared the rice and donated flan, strawberry cookies, and fruit punch for our Cinco De Mayo taco day.  Everyone here at No Limits is grateful for your kindness and generosity.