Thursday Blogging 9/14/2023

Maryann and David are prepping onions and peppers.
Chef Boy-ar-David is cutting up vittles.
Nick is doing his thing on the grill. Captain Cheesesteak!
Nick feels at home behind a grill.
Delicious Eastern Shore cheesesteak that Nick made for our lunch.
Fresh caramelized peppers and onions.
Captain Cheesesteak enjoying the fruits of his labor.
Chilling and enjoying lunch.
Chuck is planting his giant peppers.
Brandon is prepping for fresh catnip.
Kevin is harvesting more kitty weed.
Catnip is ready for the next step…… processing.
Chuck is watering the next round.
More flowers = more fruit.
First stages of a new fig tree. Let it grow.
The yucca looks healthy.
Our hibiscus says “hi!”.

Fall string beans sprouting.
Is it a pepper or a tomato? That is the question.
We have updated the No Limits art gallery.
Excited about our bingo prizes.

Thursday Blogging 9/7/2023

Chuck and Zel are digging up crab grass for the fall garden.
Zel is clearing the bed out.
Brandon, David and Kyle are planting string beans.
Chuck says don’t forget to do this one.
Cleve is watering the new seeds.
Chuck’s special project is thriving.
The fruit trees are flowering again.
One is the loneliest number. A single eggplant flower remains.
CL and Chuck are working on organization.
Kevin’s first day of school for master naturalist.
Today’s outdoor supervisor.
Andrew and Kevin on their first day of master naturalist.


Friday Blogging September 1, 2023

Kevin brought his race kart in for show and tell.
Kevin Shive showing us what he drives!
He can’t drive 55
The race kart
Getting strikes in Pocomoke
Andrew’s got his game face on (representing the Georgia Bulldogs)
Action shot of Nick’s professional form
Speaking of game faces, here’s Zel (check out those shoes!!)
Quincy and Andrew talking strategy
David & the Big Banana watching the game
Andrew ready to roll
The Banana Bunch strikes again
David’s got form
Lunch is served
Closeup of lunch – thank you Pocomoke Lanes!
Enjoying lunch after a good game
Ronzelle and Jason
Final scores
A hot dog cart selfie on a windy day (that’s Rachel & C L)…check out this week’s Eastern Shore Post for a feature on C L!

Thursday Blogging 8/24/2023

Chuck and Ken are checking for new growth.
Brandon and Kevin are planting bee friendly flowers.
Zel is composting again.
Hard at work with cafe cooking and painting.
Loaded nachos were delicious and filling.
Ken is dishing up another masterpiece.
Maryann and David are the answer to “Where’s the beef?”.
Cleve is the drink mixer for the day.
A great morning to be outside.
Jake is showing off his lunch.
Bees are still hanging out at Manna.
Manna Cafe always has great meals. This week it was chicken cordon bleu.
All smiles at this table with Nick and Cleve.
Brandon and Maryann are socializing after a good meal.
Steve is enjoying a great meal at Manna Cafe with friends.
This butterfly is supporting pollinators.
Kermit hopped over for a visit.

Thursday Blogging 8/17/2023

Mmmm goood. Enjoying the fruits of our labor.
Sugar baby watermelons that we grew ourselves.
Kevin and Zel are picking only the best.
Chuck is playing in the dirt and hoping plants grow.
Brandon and Cleve are on a garden mission.
Cleve is checking to see if the lavender is dry.
Zel says it smells good.
Zel and Kevin are preparing another batch of catnip.
Zel and Cleve are men at work.
Steve, Zel, Cleve and Brandon are stripping lavender.
Catnip is ready to go.
Happy kitties, here we come.
A Black Eyed Susan in our pollinator garden.
A wild Chicory flower in the garden.

Thursday Blogging 8/10/2023

Ken and Cleve are maintaining our parking lot.
Katnip Kevin is our kitty weed mixologist.
Catnip production before and after.
Only the best for our community cats.
CL and his son Daniel are returning from a community event.
Daniel tells us about the other community partners from the event.
A great shot of the whole room.
Homemade berry cobbler for a local group home.
Spaghetti bolognese from Manna Cafe was a hot menu item.
Thank you for filling a special request.
Friendly Fran is always there to greet everyone in the hall.
Food coma in 3….2….1
No Limits friends.
Randolph is looking pretty fly in his shades.
Summer days are great for ice cream.

Thursday Blogging 8/3/2023

Zel is giving the lavender a much needed haircut.
Cleve is watering the plants.
Beautiful flowers outside of Manna Cafe. Even the bees know where the good stuff is.
Chicken parmesan for the win! Thank you Manna Cafe!!
We are ready to chow down.
Good food and even better friends.
Full bellies equal warm smiles.
Kevin taking over Maryann’s spot and her cup.
Tuesday bingo at the club is competitive.
Bingo buddies.
Zel is chillin’ like a villain.

Volunteers From Youthworks

Volunteers from Youthworks visited No Limits Eastern Shore to learn about brain injury and to help with projects.  They enjoyed our presentations about what we do and preventing brain injury.  We greatly appreciate all of their hard work and enthusiasm.  They did an amazing job!  Thank you all so much!!!!



Daniel is posing for the camera and giving our chicken a treat.



Friday Blogging 7/28/2023

All hands on deck for another round of fresh catnip.
Cleve is busy harvesting the next crop of catnip.
Zel is working hard.
Our hibiscus is really showing its face.
Our corn is starting to pop.
The pear tree is bearing fruit.
Our lunch went south of the border for the day. Tacos!
Chef a la David cutting up in the kitchen.
David and Maryann getting taco ready.
David enjoys making lunch for everyone.
No Limits was present at Delegate Bloxom’s Fentanyl Awareness Event.
United Way Wellness with Thomas! We enjoy our massages and exercise.
Good morning stretch.
Andrew and Jessica posing for the camera.
Zel and Brandon are helping out with the pollinator garden.
Brandon and Zel are planting herbs in the garden.
Nick and Ken are on team red shirt.
Randolph is getting fresh air and sunshine.
CL is our friendly hot dog man.
CL enjoys serving the community with the No Limits Hot Dog Cart.