Friday 09/24/2021

Bean bag tic-tac-toe was a big hit for a motor skill game. Concentration was high as participants focused on their technique.
Everyone was excited about our game of Jeopardy. They enjoy answering the questions no matter how tricky they may be.
Operations Coordinator, Maryann and Melissa were hard at work building a dolly for the portable washing machine. Two heads are better than one.
We all enjoyed a very active game of Uno. Everyone had their thinking caps on to make the best moves.

Friday Blog 9/10/2021

Zel and our Safety Coordinator, Adrian put in some hard work reorganizing our shed.
Operations Coordinator, Maryann leads everyone in a fun game of Blurt outside in the fresh air.
Executive Director, Rachel and Zel are busy bagging up the homemade treats for the SPCA animals.
Jake is learning about computer technology with our Case Manager, Kyle.
Brandon and our Case Manager, Kyle are planning what will be planted next in our vegetable boxes.
Corina and Jason are enjoying a game of Name That Tune.
Steve and Sam are enjoying a fun day here at No Limits.
David was checking in on the chickens to make sure they were in the shade on a hot day.

Friday Blog 9/3/2021

Zel is quite the handyman, seen here with our Case Manager, Kyle, replacing lights.
Vinnie, Steve, and Jason were tuned in to Virtual No Limits and having fun.
Our Day Support Coordinator, Crystal and Operations Coordinator, Maryann took the guys to George McMath Park in Onancock. Great scenery and fresh air.  Joe, Zel and David are all smiles as we look at the flowers and native plants.
Zel and David really enjoyed walking through the maze at the park.
Brandon enjoys helping with our garden. He pulled up the cucumber plants to prepare the ground for fall planting.