Friday Blogging


One of our spring plants has arrived.  Yay!  Welcome to our new Purple Gem Azalea!


Brandon planting the purple azalea in its new home – the No Limits Pollinator Garden!  We can’t wait to see it flower.


Oh no there’s a leopard in here!  Oh!  Just kidding, it’s only Amy’s jacket, hahaha.


Amy the leopard in her indoor jungle.  Rawr!  Lookin’ good Amy!


Zel helping with the indoor garden.  Great job Zel!


Green Thumb Brandon caring for many indoor and outdoor plants.  Plant on Brandon, plant on.


Friday morning lessons with Adrian.  This week we learned a whole lot about Tangier Island and the tidal events that happen there.  It was really interesting, thanks Adrian!

Friday Blogging


It might be February but we are prepping for spring here at No Limits!  We planted several types of tomato and pepper seeds so that the seedlings will be ready for spring planting.


Brandon also helped to take cuttings from a rubber tree that was donated by No Limits’ Board Member Laurice Hohlt!  Thanks Laurice!


It has been a very productive week!  We assisted in Comfort Doll creation for the Kiwanis Club of Accomack and also finished another cat bed made with a donated sweater to deliver to the local animal shelter.  Thank you to the Kiwanis Club of Accomack for the opportunity to continue working on such a rewarding project, and thank you to Anita Allen for donating sweaters to make cat beds!


The Kiwanis Club of Accomack also donated Girl Scout cookies to No Limits’ members this week.  Yum!  Thank y’all so much!


Spring cleaning early.  CL made sure the kitchen chickens were scrubbed clean!


David assisted in “detail cleaning” the microwaves.  Good work men!


Long-time member of No Limits, Brandon, as well as No Limits’ Board Member, Laurice Hohlt, brought Valentine’s gifts for everyone this week.  It was so sweet – the candy and the thought!  Haha!


Thanks again Brandon!


David had Emma cracking up while we learned to make homemade beef jerky.  What was so funny we wonder?!


We made homemade jerky this week out of ground beef and donated jerky mix/seasonings donated to us by John and Rachel Evans (our Executive Director).  Kyle is making a funny face because Brandon told him that he was holding the jerky like a baby, haha!


Brandon rolling out the jerky meat into strips.  Roll on Brandon!


Our finished jerky!  It is so delicious.  More please!


Betsy Pinder recently took a trip to Guatemala and she brought back spices to show us before we began our United Way Exercise Group for the day!


Betsy shared some really interesting facts about her trip with us.  It was really informative and fun to learn about where she traveled to.  Thanks again Betsy!

Friday Blogging


Kamesha came in this week to give an informative lesson on low-cost healthy eating!  Kamesha is a Family Nutrition Program Assistant from the Virginia Cooperative Extension.  Thank you very much to Kamesha and the Virginia Cooperative Extension for providing nutrition lessons to No Limits!


David helped Kamesha prepare a healthy snack as part of the nutrition lesson.  We made salt free popcorn with pretzels and spices.  It was mmm mmm good!  Thank you again Kamesha.


Brandon likes to assist with daily chores because it helps him to de-stress.  He says that it gives his mind something to focus on which helps him to “chill”.  Great job Brandon, and thanks for your help!


Chef David cooks for humans and animals!  David is mixing up a batch of dog bones for the local animal shelters.


Zel and Brandon are hard at work.  Brandon says “we had fun too!”


Matt helping with the weekly No Limits Cafe money count.  Count on Matt, count on!


One of our rescued succulents loves its home with No Limits so much that it’s flowering.  Very pretty!  Our resident plant experts cannot name this succulent – if you think you can please comment on our website or social media pages to let us know it’s name!

Friday Blogging

bc bia

Brandon having a happy time advocating for continued support for brain injury services at the General Assembly in Richmond.  Great job Brandon!


Emma and Brandon had a great meeting with Senator Lynwood Lewis’ Legislative Assistant, Jessie, to discuss support for brain injury services on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  Not pictured are long time member of No Limits, CL, and Kyle Fulk, No Limits’ Case Coordinator, who were so busy meeting with Delegate Rob Bloxom that we forgot to snag a photo.  Shoot!


Kyle is preparing the monthly garden meeting.  Everyone is in agreement that this was one of our favorite garden meetings of all time.  We are very excited for spring planting this year!


Mixing up some cookies for our friend Zel.  Mix it up Brandon!


Chef David and Maryann working on another cookie batch.  Yummmmm.


Everyone wished Zel a very happy birthday in his card, even Zel!  He says “I wrote happy birthday and many more to me.”


Happy birthday Zel, and many, many more!  May God bless you!


We got to celebrate our friend Randolph’s birthday this week too!  Randolph is an original member of the No Limits’ day program – say what?!


Thanks for hanging out with us and being our friend for all of these years Randolph, and many more birthdays to you!


It was so cold on the Eastern Shore this week one of our chickens stole Brandon’s hat!  Just kidding, it was our pal Adrian playing a joke.  He always keeps us laughing!