Thursday Blogging 3/15/2023

Brandon and Kyle have recertified as Master Naturalists. Great job!
Kyle and Brandon are checking out a turtle.
Bon apetit. Thank you Manna Cafe for yet another delicious lunch.
Thumbs up all around.
David is making baked goods for a local community fundraiser.
Peach cobbler and brownies.
CL is very festive for our early St. Patrick’s Day and No Limits Anniversary celebration!!
Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes is a traditional Irish meal.
Thank you to Liz for the delicious deviled eggs.
Everyone is Irish for St. Patrick’s Day.
There’s always room for dessert.
Zel definitely approves.
We all enjoyed the day.


Thursday Blogging 3/9/2023

Chef Boyar- David cooking for our No Limits Cafe.
Burger assembly line.
Burgers with all the fixings.
Zel is ready for his tasty burger to arrive from the grill.
Cleve and David are dropping off our homemade dog biscuits at the SPCA.
Kevin dropped off some of our homegrown catnip to the SPCA.
Happy kitties enjoying their catnip.
Our airplane plants are taking off!
The baby orange has a lime costume on.
Fruit are coming out of hiding.
David, Cleve and Maryann are enjoying a beautiful morning on the trail.
Kevin was taking pictures of different flowers along the trail.
Spring colors.
An Eastern Shore native plant along the trail.
Holiday prep for next week.

Friday Blogging 3/3/2023

Nick experiencing biscuit making for the first time.   Brandon is directing.
Cleve, Brandon, Kevin and Denise are wondering who will get their hands messy first.
Brandon enjoys working with his hands.
Steve and Nicole are making biscuits for the local primate sanctuary.
We are getting a head start on our spring garden.
Another delicious lunch at Manna Cafe. Thank you Fran and Bill!!
No Limits gives Manna Cafe multiple thumbs up.
Nick enjoyed celebrating his birthday with No Limits friends. Happy Birthday!
Nick’s cake just minutes before being devoured.