Friday Blogging


We made some changes to our indoor garden lights and our Christmas Cactus is blooming. Pretty colors in the house!


One of our grow boxes is getting full again….time to make some room for spring planting!


Working on creating Comfort Dolls in partnership with the Kiwanis Club of Accomack. We think this is a really wonderful project and love to help out even though it is hard work!


Our Executive Director, Rachel, gave an awesome lesson on self advocacy this week!


Starting our spring/summer vegetables inside from seed. We can’t wait to see the veggies start growing!


Our long-time friend Maureen donated an assortment of household items to No Limits and within those items was a decorative rooster. We took the rooster out to the No Limits hens to see how they would react!


…They were not amused by the rooster and wanted nothing to do with “him”.


They wouldn’t even go near him for corn treats (which they love.)  It was a funny experience though!  🙂


David, Brandon, and Kyle working on prototypes for a new project we are working on – building air plant terrariums! Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for updates on when we will start selling these decorative house plants!

Friday Blogging

DSCF5189 (2)

Old pals catchin’ up and helping out in the kitchen after making biscuits for Brain Injury Awareness Day!

DSCF5192 (2)

The “No Limits Fab Four” aka DJ, Brandon, CL, and Andre.  Looking great gentlemen!


Brandon and CL posing for a “loco” or “crazy” photo in the parking lot before heading into visit with the Delegates and Senators in Richmond for Brain Injury Awareness Day!


Here is a “non-loco” picture of CL and Brandon before heading in to meet with the legislators.  Look how happy these two men are to promote Brain Injury Awareness!

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We are sorry to announce that we were so busy this year while visiting the Virginia General Assembly that we forgot to take a picture of our hard work in action!  Here we see Brandon posing for a picture with an informational card/treat sample packet that was delivered to the desk of every Delegate and Senator in Virginia!


Zel making sure we stay warm by helping with a monthly air filter inspection.


Gotta make sure the vents are clean!  Thanks Zel and great work.


Two great friends – Zel and Adrian.  Thank you to our Health & Safety Team for being such a big help!

Friday Blogging


Our newest member of No Limits, Brianna, taught us to make a delicious and healthy “Pozole” or a Mexican Stew this week.  Thank you Brianna it was very good and fun to learn from you!!


Thank you Zel for helping Maryann to call Bingo!


CL brought in a few bags of skittles so that we could all try the “Skittles Taste Test”.  The test works as follows: you are given a list of the flavors that may be given to you and then you have to close your eyes and try to guess the correct flavor based on taste alone!  It is not as easy to guess as you might think.  Here you can see our Executive Director, Rachel, joining in on the fun.  🙂


What flavor is it Rachel?!  Hehehe, we gave her a sour one with no warning!  Sorry!  She did guess the flavor correctly though.


Maryann, Andre, and David hand-making cat treats that will be delivered to the Delegates and Senators at the Virginia General Assembly when we travel to Richmond next week for Brain Injury Awareness Day.  A special shout-out to our buddy Andre who came to help out on his birthday!!!  Thanks again Andre, and happy birthday!


Look at all these treats!  We are excited to offer the cat treat samples along with our informational rack cards to the legislators in Richmond in order to show them an example of the productive work that we do here at No Limits.  Last year we took dog biscuits and we think it was a huge success!


We made over 4,200 hand-made cat treats to be delivered.  WOOP WOOP!  Great work team!


Bag on my peeps, bag on!  Bag those cat treats for the legislators!


It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our long-time friend and one of our favorite Star Transit bus drivers, Barry Kranich.  Barry was an avid supporter and dear friend of No Limits Eastern Shore.  He will be greatly missed and we hope that he may rest in peace.

Friday Blogging


Zel and Kyle determining how many bags of cat treats we will need when we visit the General Assembly for the 2018 Brain Injury Awareness Day! Work on my men, work on!


Happy birthday to Zel and Brianna, our newest member here at No Limits. Welcome Brianna!


Zel caught Emma finishing up her day, hooray! (shredding the daily to-do list) Nice photography work Zel!


These two men are working on a monthly first aid kit inspection.


DJ giving us a thumbs up to let us know everything is okay! Thank you for always keeping us safe.


Getting ready for spring and clearing up some space for more indoor gardening!


Amy helped with indoor gardening by supervising to make sure no plants were missed. Amy says “Whew! Supervising is hard work.”


The No Limits Crew strengthening their minds by working on thinking, attention, and memory skills. Nice!


The No Limits hens pecking around, chillin’, and enjoying the sun!


It is kind of hard to see – but this is a picture of DJ and Zel helping out the chickens by cleaning the coop.


The “Hard-working, Chicken Helping, Three Stooges” are getting some sand in order to put the finishing touches on the nice, clean, chicken coop!  Dig on!


Chef David helping to fill our bellies by making Maryann’s birthday cake.  More please!


Happy birthday Maryann!  And many, many more!


Say cheese!  We love Maryann’s smile in this picture.  It looks like she’s having a nice time.  Happy birthday again Maryann!