Friday Blogging

DSCF5189 (2)

Old pals catchin’ up and helping out in the kitchen after making biscuits for Brain Injury Awareness Day!

DSCF5192 (2)

The “No Limits Fab Four” aka DJ, Brandon, CL, and Andre.  Looking great gentlemen!


Brandon and CL posing for a “loco” or “crazy” photo in the parking lot before heading into visit with the Delegates and Senators in Richmond for Brain Injury Awareness Day!


Here is a “non-loco” picture of CL and Brandon before heading in to meet with the legislators.  Look how happy these two men are to promote Brain Injury Awareness!

bc blog post 21618

We are sorry to announce that we were so busy this year while visiting the Virginia General Assembly that we forgot to take a picture of our hard work in action!  Here we see Brandon posing for a picture with an informational card/treat sample packet that was delivered to the desk of every Delegate and Senator in Virginia!


Zel making sure we stay warm by helping with a monthly air filter inspection.


Gotta make sure the vents are clean!  Thanks Zel and great work.


Two great friends – Zel and Adrian.  Thank you to our Health & Safety Team for being such a big help!

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