Friday Blog 3/25/2022

We enjoyed making and eating corned beef with cabbage. It is our St. Patrick’s Day traditional meal.
David enjoys helping in the kitchen anytime. Here he is peeling potatoes to go with our meal.
We had pistachio pudding for dessert.
Melissa was very happy to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.
Jason had a visit from his mom during our celebration.

Kyle celebrated in style with his kilt.
Shenanigans going on in the kitchen with Maryann.

Brandon is ready for spring planting season. Thank you Brandon for all that you do to help with the garden!

World Leadership School Presentation 3/21/2022

On Thursday 3/17/2022, No Limits had visitors from The Awty International School in Houston, Texas.  These outstanding students are involved with World Leadership School. Thank you so much for allowing us to share our Teen Brain Injury Prevention Outreach presentation with you!!!

We enjoyed having them interact with us and for asking such great questions!
One of our presentations was about how we help brain injury survivors, and the difference between the types of injury (we also did a Teen Brain Injury Prevention Outreach Presentation, or TBIPOP).
After the presentation, we introduced the students to one of our gross motor activities. It became a friendly competition! Fun was had by all.
Cornhole is a great gross motor activity. It involves hand-eye coordination, balance, and concentration.

Thank you for allowing us to host your group!  We learned just as much from you as you did from us.  Our members thoroughly enjoyed your visit.

Friday Blog 3/11/2022

Zel is painting a birdhouse for another member who isn’t here today. What a great spring project.

Jon has his hands full. He likes to help others.
United Way Wellness with Betsy. We miss you Betsy, hope to see you soon!
Jason joined us on virtual with Corina and his interactive cat. Here kitty, kitty.
Andrew is smiling for no reason. Mom would be proud.


Friday Blog 3/4/2022

Making a large cat shelter for local community cats. Melissa and David did a very nice job.
Morning trivia with Maryann. Some super smart folks in here.

Tuesday afternoon B-I-N-G-O. We all had fun playing the game.
We all had fun taking a group photo!

Advocacy jeopardy to celebrate Brain Injury Awareness month.