Friday Blogging


Creating celebratory cards!  Here at No Limits we still hand make cards.  Birthday cards, thank you cards, congratulations cards, holiday cards, etc.  We think it’s a meaningful way of sending out cards!


Getting ready for Melissa’s birthday baking bash!


Happy birthday Melissa, and many, many more!!!


Our board member Laurice donated two beautiful ferns to No Limits and they needed a haircut.  In this picture Brandon is trying to figure out where to start cutting fern #1.


Brandon called in for assistance on the hair cut from David.  We all think that these 2 pictures both show Brandon and David focusing very hard on how to be the best fern barbers there are!


Fern #1 done (on the right) now on to haircut for fern #2!


Brandon helping Maryann set up for the annual No Limits Thanksgiving Meal!


Two of our favorite chefs, Maryann and David, preparing our Thanksgiving lunch!


Our delicious feast!  We are so thankful each and every day for our family of friends here at No Limits.  As our dear friend Elton Trower used to say, “Don’t eat too much, bring all the food to me!”

Friday Blogging


C L brought in a very cool coin counter for us to use with the No Limits Activity Fund – thanks C L!


Strengthening our senses on a rainy Friday with the Scent Game!


We had a great morning here at No Limits!  Smiles and high fives all around!  Steve says that “Jason is wearing his best good morning smile!”


Two friends havin’ a good time working on their skills.


David is happily and patiently waiting for his turn.  What’s so funny David?!  We see that smile!  Steve says he liked his coffee so much he’s saluting it!  LOL!

Friday Blogging


Kyle the Farmener (farmer/gardener) tilling the pollinator garden so that we can’t plant tulips donated by Rachel!


Brandon and Maryann took a Halloween pumpkin that had started to rot and spread the seeds in the yard.  We are hopeful it will produce volunteer pumpkins for next fall!


Make new friends but keep the old – one is silver and the other gold!  We love this picture of long time member Randolph having a great time with our newest member Melissa.  Cornhole on friends!


Let’s all give Brandon a pat on the back for leading cognitive activities for the whole group two weeks in a row.  You’re really becoming an expert leader Brandon!

Friday Blogging


Steve says “Two brains are better than one!”  We found a brain shaped mushroom in the chicken yard and put it next to our model brain for a picture.


Double trouble!  Jason and C L wore the same outfit on Halloween.  Lookin’ good!


Our young swiss chard crop is doing well.  We can’t wait to eat it!


Our prospering native passionflower is absolutely flourishing.


Corina says “Trick or treat!  My little one has green feet!”  Thanks for bringing the cutest pumpkin in town by to visit us Corina.


Board Chair, Liz Walters, (also Jason’s awesome mom!) and Matt posing for a classic Halloween shot.  Jason has an inside joke to share with his mom, he says “It’s a witch with a bad foot!”  Haha!


Melissa joined the No Limits Health & Safety Team this week and helped to replace air filters.  Go Melissa, go!


Melissa and Emma were both cats for Halloween.  Meow!


Brandon helped to lead a trivia lesson in order to work on our cognition.  Can you name 20 different dog breeds in a row?  We did it as a team, but it was still hard work to get them all.