Friday Blogging 8/19/2022

David and Maryann are making a delicious cherry cobbler for us to eat.
Steve is supervising the making of the cobbler.
The cobbler is ready for the oven and Steve approved.
Vinnie is showing us his new clothes. He looks great.
We enjoyed walking the trail at McMath Park.
Walk ‘n’ roll time!
A great day for a beautiful picnic lunch.
Melissa made a new friend.
David enjoyed petting the cat.

Friday Blogging 8/11/2022

We are making dog biscuits for our local SPCA and animal control.
Brandon did a nice job stirring the dough.
Melissa is spreading flour on her board to roll out biscuits.
David enjoys helping local animals.
Zel had a great time making biscuits.
United Way Wellness with Betsy…. what a good exercise instructor.
Zooming with Betsy!
Our fig tree is getting there.
Out with the old and in with the new.

Thursday Blog 8/4/2022

That’s one great ear of corn that we grew.
Our masterpieces.
Brandon enjoys watering the plants.
United Way Wellness with Betsy. Here she is instructing us again.
Our herb box has bright colors.
Zel is picking his lunch.
Zel enjoyed watering the tomato plants.
We are all having fun painting pictures of the beach.
John is doing a nice job of watering the cucumbers.