Friday Blogging

We bought some new chairs! Zel says “they’re lovely and durable!”
Question and answer time! We stay busy even while waiting for the bus!
“DJ Cool Breeze” please don’t sneeze – you might lose your glasses!
DJ, David, and Zel working on our monthly van check! Always better to be safe than sorry!
Water on Brandon, water on!


Youth Works Week 1


We are so excited to announce that YouthWorks is back for the summer!  YouthWorks is a nonprofit corporation that offers Christ-based mission trips for youth all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each summer they come out to help communities in need keep up with renovations, lawn maintenance, gardening, and summer chores among many, many other things.  We have the unique opportunity this summer to have YouthWorks join us for 2 days out of our week which allows us to teach groups of teenagers from all over the country about the dangers of brain injury and how it can be prevented.  This week we had 2 groups of Youth Works teens come to help us out – one was from Wilson, North Carolina and the other came from Kenosha, Wisconsin!

Presenting YouthWorks with a brain injury prevention PowerPoint!
YouthWorks hard at work helping us clean our big conversion van!
They even super scrubbed the top!
You guys did such a great job! Thank you sooo much!
They also vacuumed both of our vans!
Lawn maintenance at its best! Thank you all so much again for coming to help us out! We really appreciate it!

Friday Blogging

This is a project that we accomplish with the help of the Kiwanis Club of Accomack to make emergency dolls to be donated to our local EMS providers!  We are hoping these dolls help to make the journey of sick or injured children’s recovery a little brighter!
We hope the children who receive these dolls like them!
This week we celebrated Beth’s birthday! Beth says it was really nice and she liked it a lot!
DJ doing a wonderful thing and giving our maters a drink!
Brandon making sure the wildflowers are doing well and getting bigger!
Sarah chopping some peppers to make omelettes in a bag!
For lunch making day this month we made omelettes in a bag, bacon, and quick grits!
Doesn’t this look good?! We thought it was delicious!
The No Limits Tag Team Matt and David getting ready for the match! (a.k.a. a morning activity!)

Friday Blogging

Our prized strawberries from our beautiful community garden! MMMM mmm good!
David and Adrian getting our Health Advocacy lesson together! We made healthy salads! Work on my men, work on!
Yum yum! More please! Look at this healthy salad!
Each month we make dog biscuits for our local animal control pups and this is the recipe we use. “Peamutt” Butter Biscuits – HAHAHA!
David and Sherry keeping Rachel safe from invisible plant monsters!
Water on my girls, water on! Keep them maters lookin’ good!
Plant on DJ! Plant them bush beans!
Arrrrr! AY AY MATEY!
Knead, knead, knead until your hands bleed! JUST KIDDING! Amy’s in the dough gettin’ her hands dirty!
Makin’ heart shaped biscuits with love!
Rachel and Jason havin’ a great time!


Welcome Back Youthworks!!!

We are so excited – Youthworks is coming back soon! We have all kinds of projects lined up (John has big plans for invisibly clean windows!). Youthworks is an amazing organization, please check them out on the web at

Youthworks crew helping us out last summer.
Youthworks crew helping us out last summer.

We wait all year for the wonderful kids from Youthworks to come back. They help us with projects and they give us an opportunity to educate a different group of youth each week about brain injury and how to prevent it.

Youthworks kids building a raised strawberry bed for us.
Youthworks kids building a raised strawberry bed for us last summer.
The strawberry bed the Youthworks crew built last year.
The strawberry bed the Youthworks crew built last year.
The strawberry bed this year - thank you Youthworks!!!
The strawberry bed this year – thank you Youthworks!!!

Friday Blogging

This man is ready to work! Work on John, work on!
Maryann and David cutting some beautiful strawberries from the garden! Cut on guys, cut on!
It’s clean up day! DJ, Adrian, and Zel scrubbing the bingo balls to make them look brand new! Scrub, scrub, scrub!
Zel and Judy posing with some aloe vera plants and potting soil that Judy’s sister-in-law Carol generously donated to us!
Brandon and David planting flowers we bought with the grant we received from the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District! Keep on plantin’ my people!
Thank you again to the Eastern Shore Soil and Water Conservation District for the grant money they awarded to us to build this beautiful pollinator garden! We hope the birds and the bees love it just as much as we do!
Rachel’s husband John stopped by to help us out with some yard work! Here’s a pic of Amy making her buddy feel right at home here at No Limits! Say cheese!
iesha pic
We would like to congratulate Iesha Warrington, our 2014 Kate Award Winner, on her graduation from Central Baptist Academy tonight! Keep up the great work Iesha! We look forward to seeing you soon!!!