Youth Works Week 1


We are so excited to announce that YouthWorks is back for the summer!  YouthWorks is a nonprofit corporation that offers Christ-based mission trips for youth all over the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  Each summer they come out to help communities in need keep up with renovations, lawn maintenance, gardening, and summer chores among many, many other things.  We have the unique opportunity this summer to have YouthWorks join us for 2 days out of our week which allows us to teach groups of teenagers from all over the country about the dangers of brain injury and how it can be prevented.  This week we had 2 groups of Youth Works teens come to help us out – one was from Wilson, North Carolina and the other came from Kenosha, Wisconsin!


Presenting YouthWorks with a brain injury prevention PowerPoint!


YouthWorks hard at work helping us clean our big conversion van!


They even super scrubbed the top!


You guys did such a great job! Thank you sooo much!


They also vacuumed both of our vans!


Lawn maintenance at its best! Thank you all so much again for coming to help us out! We really appreciate it!

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