Friday Blog 1/28/2022

We were all thankful to celebrate the Czech culture. Liz showed us things that her mother gave her from her life in Czechoslovakia.

Andrew celebrated his birthday with us.
Steve celebrated his birthday with us also. He says now it’s time to go in reverse.

United Way Wellness with Betsy! Jason was feeling mischevious as soon as she spoke. He enjoyed interrupting her.
Doing the wave!
Zel is another year older and we helped him celebrate.

Friday Blog 1/7/2022

Happy Birthday Maryann! Wishing you many more.
David made a delicious birthday cake for Maryann.
David and Crystal working on Maryann’s cake.
Zel is taking a picture with the birthday girl.
Melissa and Zel are good friends.
Testing our knowledge.
Andrew is hanging out after lunch.