Friday Blogging

Brandon filling the No Limits hanging pocket garden with dirt so that we can plant strawberries.
Three men hard at work moving strawberries!
Strawberries in their new home.  Welcome home berries!
The butterfly bush tried to blow away with the wind!  We replanted it securely though.  Now we hope it will survive and flower again!
Cut on Zel, cut on!  Zel is cutting out material to make a kitchen apron.  He says that “learning to sew is a good skill to have.”
We celebrated Kyle’s birthday this week!  Happy birthday Kyle!
David helping to clean the chicken coop.  David says that he likes to help out with the chickens because he loves to be outside!
Amy and Maryann are sewing an oven mitt.  Very nice teamwork!
Finished!  It is b-e-a-utiful!
Brandon, David, and Zel on a walk to find native plants in Onancock.  They also updated the No Limits Geocaches – look for “Native Plants of the Eastern Shore” geocaches hidden by No Limits members in Onancock!

Friday Blogging

Giving the air plants their weekly bath before using them to make terrariums for our annual Open House/Fundraiser!
Amy helping to make terrariums.  Go ahead Amy, looks good!
Brandon helped with terrarium making too.  He even collected pebbles from the yard that were just right for the terrariums.  Good job!
The Outreach Team all worked together to staple monthly newsletters.
The Outreach Team worked to bag biscuits for the No Limits Open House/Fundraiser as well.  Bow wow, great job!  Folks have told us that they like to feed the biscuits to their dogs because we make them preservative free – very cool!
Brandon fertilizing one of the No Limits pear trees.
Working on a crossword puzzle as a group.  (Good job raising your hand Zel.  Hahaha!)

Thank You Eastern Shore!

For the second year in a row No Limits members dedicated their annual Open House/Fundraiser to raising money in support of another local organization here on the Eastern Shore, the Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence (ESCADV).  Check out pictures below of our 2019 Open House/Fundraiser in action!  Overall members of No Limits raised $337 to benefit the ESCADV by selling No Limits Hot Dogs, hand-made air plant terrariums, pet treats, and delicious baked goods that were made by No Limits as well as generously donated goods from the Market Street United Methodist Church Women, Liz Walters, and Kathy Carpenter.  Great job everyone!

Before the Open House our terrariums needed to be put together for sale.
Amy posing proudly with completed air plant terrariums.
Bake on David and Maryann, bake on!
Brandon and Kyle setting up the No Limits Eastern Shore For Sale table!


Terrarium close up!
Pet treat close up!
Idena Bailey and Robin Sexauer from the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services’s Eastern Shore office came by!
Samantha, Jason, and Liz enjoying each other’s company!
Randolph and Amy
Always so good to see our friend Randolph!
Tana, Art, and Anita (David’s family) came by to show their support as well!
CL, the “No Limits’ Hot Dog Man” being silly!

We had a great time and are so proud to have raised money for such a wonderful organization!


The wonderful ladies from the ESCADV posing with No Limits’ Executive Director, Rachel Evans, and long-time member of No Limits, Brandon!

Friday Blogging

Brandon rockin’ up the lavender plant!  He is adding rocks and sand around the lavender plant to help it to drain well.
Rock on Brandon, rock on!
Two good men hard at work making dog biscuits for No Limits’ Hot Dogs for a Cause Fundraiser!  Next Thurs. 3/21, from 11 am – 2 pm, No Limits’ members will be selling hot dogs, plants, and pet treats at our office in Tasley.  Proceeds from this event will benefit the Eastern Shore Coalition Against Domestic Violence!
Corina is having a baby!  In order to wish her well No Limits members and staff bought her a gift card so she can purchase items for her and her new little one.
Bagging up biscuits before the buses came!
Our Board Chair, Liz Walters, donated several interesting magazines to No Limits this week.  We took a few that we really enjoyed and donated the rest to a local thrift store for others to see!
We’d like to thank our friend Michael B. for donating pencils and a dollar tree gift card to No Limits.  Amy and David say “You are the bomb!”
Our ornamental pear tree is blooming!  Spring has sprung!
Brandon planting perennial sunflowers in the No Limits’ garden.
Tree selfie!  Kyle and Brandon, both Eastern Shore of Virginia Master Naturalists, volunteered with fellow Master Naturalists to plant native trees in Cape Charles this week!
Brandon helping to plant a Scarlet Oak tree.  Plant on Brandon!
Brandon “chillin'” in between tree planting.  He says that in this picture he was on the back of the “tree tractor” which carried the human volunteers and trees from place to place during the planting session.  Great work Brandon and Kyle!

Friday Blogging

The No Limits Enhanced Outreach team visited with Mr. William for his birthday.  Lookin’ good Mr. William!  Amy says “You’re the bomb!”
Jack Jack aka our good pal Jackie had a birthday too, so we visited with him to celebrate as well!
It’s getting warmer… which means  we’re starting to add on to our outdoor garden!  Brandon is planting lavender in No Limits’ dedicated herb garden!
In this picture Brandon is adding sand around the lavender plant.  He says “the sand will help the soil to drain and lavender plants prefer quick draining soil.”
Kamesha from the Virginia’s Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-ED program came in to give another cool lesson on nutrition this week.  We learned about fruit and made fruit smoothies that were mmm mmm good!  Thanks Kamesha!
Friday mornings with Adrian is a favorite activity here at No Limits!  This Friday we had our monthly safety meeting and learned about how to stay safe during a tornado.  Amy says “Adrian is a great teacher!”

Friday Blogging

The group working on a crossword puzzle together on our smart board.  It was difficult but fun!
United Way Exercise with Betsy!  One of our favorite activities.  Thank you as always to the United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore for helping to fund our in-chair exercise group!  Amy says “We’re exercising to be healthier.  Look at us go!”
Zel says “Hey Emma, stop taking pictures while I’m working!”  Amy says “At least you’re working hard!”
Adrian helped out with some hard work too.  Great job men!
Our native purple passionflower is growing “wild and free”!  We can’t wait to plant it in the No Limits Pollinator Garden this spring!