Friday Blogging


Giving the air plants their weekly bath before using them to make terrariums for our annual Open House/Fundraiser!


Amy helping to make terrariums.  Go ahead Amy, looks good!


Brandon helped with terrarium making too.  He even collected pebbles from the yard that were just right for the terrariums.  Good job!


The Outreach Team all worked together to staple monthly newsletters.


The Outreach Team worked to bag biscuits for the No Limits Open House/Fundraiser as well.  Bow wow, great job!  Folks have told us that they like to feed the biscuits to their dogs because we make them preservative free – very cool!


Brandon fertilizing one of the No Limits pear trees.


Working on a crossword puzzle as a group.  (Good job raising your hand Zel.  Hahaha!)

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