Thursday Blogging 11/30/2023

We have new chickens ya’ll!
Kevin is the chicken whisperer.
Everyone is excited to see the new chickens.
Zel carries the chickens to their new home.
Kevin and Ken are wrangling chicks.
Henrietta is checking out her new neighbors.
Chickens are making themselves at home.
Pecking order is in full view.
No Limits is glad to have new chickens.
Cleve is hard at work in the kitchen.
Mmmm brownies.
Congratulations to Kevin and Andrew for completing Master Naturalist! Great job!
No Limits is proud to have four Master Naturalists in our group.
Kevin is getting the last outdoor harvest before the freeze.
Brandon is supervising Kevin’s kitty weed.
Catnip business has been brisk. Always harvesting.
Zel and Cleve are prepping No Limits for the holiday season.
Nick and Brandon are decorating our main tree.
Final product.
Cleve and Maryann are admiring the tiny tree.
Candy cane colors.
David is setting up one of our villages.
Village number two.
Nicole and Steve are organizing our promo items.
David, Kevin and Zel lend a helping hand to Nicole and Steve.
The stockings were hung on the wall with care.
Zel is hanging the “Letter to Santa” stocking.
Brandon is excited to be the keeper of the snowmen.
Nick and Cleve decorated the windows.
Kevin and his holiday bling.
Enjoyed popcorn and a movie before Thanksgiving.

Wednesday Blogging 11/22/2023

Strutting our stuff on a trail assessment walk.
Noticing a hazard on our path.
Parksley is feeling festive.
Enjoying a great walk with the No Limits crew.
Old school charm on Bennett Street.
Santa’s drop box.
Choo choo! Parksley is known for its trains.
Brandon is super excited about the trains.
Parksley is sporting a hot red caboose.
Artistic railcar picture.
A glimpse into yester-years rail travel.
Parsksley’s Railway Museum is a stop along the trail.
Meeting of the minds.
Ending our trail walk in time for lunch.
CL and Daniel are making memories.
Nick and Cleve are preparing to feast.
Steve, Nicole and Maryann are talking turkey.
Brandon is the head of security.
Christmas is in the air.
Kevin, Cleve and Brandon are doing Master Naturalist stuff.

Thursday Blogging 11/16/2023

No Limits Thanksgiving feast.
Celebrating a week early with a delicious hot meal.
Zel and Cleve are giving the catnip a morning drink.
The catnip is strong in this one.
New catnip babies/ May the force be with them.
The peppers will soon be spicing things up.
Beginning stages of giant tomatoes.
A head start on spring.
Broccoli is looking good.
Broccoli and cauliflower are doing well.
Another great meal at Manna Cafe. Thank you to everyone at Manna for all you do.
Everyone hanging out after a great meal.
Postmaster Zel.

Thursday Blogging 11/9/2023

Assembling a new house for Henrietta.
Henrietta will soon have new roommates.
Cleve, Kevin, Brandon and Zel are putting in the work.
Finished product.
David and Maryann are making cupcakes for a celebration.
David beats to a different drum.
Andrew and Kevin are celebrating completion of Virginia Master Naturalist.
Happy days.
Congratulations to Andrew and Kevin!!
David, Maryann and Malissa are getting ready for cafe day.
David and Maryann are cutting up again.
Woohoo! Happy taco day.
Fixing them up right.
Randolph sure does love blue.
Our favorite Manna Cafe meal, teriyaki chicken!! Chef Bill makes it the best.
We are ready to chow down.
David is savoring the flavor.
Nick says he is full and happy.
Steve saved room for dessert.
Andrew is “The Thinker”.
Kevin always has a green thumb.
String beans are sprouting in the greenhouse.


Friday Blogging 11/3/2023

Brandon, Cleve and David are working outside on a beautiful day.
Zel and Cleve are pulling the final weeds.
David is spoiling Henrietta with treats.
Brandon can hardly contain his excitement.
Zel proudly puts the flag out.
Calvin is zooming through to check on the garden.
Nick is chilling and enjoying conversation with friends.
Zel and Kevin are putting up decorations.
Kevin is being spooky.
Caution: Do not enter.
Kevin, Cleve and Zel are getting party ready.
Ready to party.
David is preparing our jello brain.
Zel and Cleve are figuring out what they are doing next.
Brandon enjoys caring for the chicken.
Nicole is spreading the word about No Limits at another local trunk or treat.