Thursday Blogging 12/8/2022

Steve enjoys making monkey biscuits for the local primate sanctuary.
Brandon is mixing the dough for monkey treats.
Kevin and Steve are taking direction from Nicole.
Zel enjoys helping the community.
David says The Grinch is attacking him.
Brandon is meticulously checking on his babies, especially the banana tree.
We are exercising our minds.
A little rearranging going on.
We are watching CL’s reindeer until the holidays.
Jason is the supervisor in charge.

Thursday Blogging 12/1/2022

Primate food is growing well.
Kevin and Andrew are watering the bok choy for the monkeys.
Baby bok choy are growing up well.
Kevin and John are discussing this week’s weather.
Zel, Brandon and Kevin are hanging Christmas lights.
Santa is on his way.
CL found his favorite color in the Christmas decorations.
Zel is putting up the Christmas village.
David and Brandon are having way too much fun decorating for Christmas.
United Way Wellness with Betsy- We are getting our stretch on!