Friday Blogging 04/30/2021

CL is a dog biscuit making bandit!
Tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers all ready to be planted in the No Limits Garden!
David smilin’ ’cause the sun is shinin’!
Melissa helped to clean up the indoor garden containers outside. Great work Melissa!
Thumbs up for composting and making new soil! CL says it looks like she might be saying “P U it stinks in there!” haha
CL and Case Coordinator Kyle learning all about the person-centered, statewide network known as “No Wrong Door”. Great work y’all!
David blowing out his candle on his birthday. Zel says “Make a wish and cherish your thoughts!”
Happy birthday David, and many, many more!
David and Maryann getting the sweet peppers in the ground. Zel says “I can’t wait to see what they produce”. We’re all with you there Zel!
Melissa was eager to get outside and enjoy the sunshine this week too. What a sunny, fun, and productive week we have had!


Friday Blogging 04/23/2021

Zel filling one of the bird feeders in the No Limits yard. A little birdy says “Thanks Zel!”
What’s so funny Melissa and Zel?!
Three friends hard at work. The No Limits Community Garden is ready for spring planting!
For the No Limits’ Film Series this month, we enjoyed a documentary on Survivor of Traumatic Brain Injury, Doctor Joann Scott, and her recovery. Zel says that it was a very interesting and informative video.
Raising the roof? YMCA? Nope! It was United Way Exercise with Betsy day!
We were lucky enough to catch some of the quarterly Virginia Brain Injury Council Meeting this week. Thank you to the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services for streaming this meeting on your Youtube Channel which allows us to view it live.

Friday Blogging 04/16/2021

Angela says “stop taking pictures of me while I’m working hard!”
What a beautiful selfie Adrian!
There was a lot of change to be counted and Zel pitched in to help. Zel says that he never minds helping out someone in need! Thanks Zel!
The 2021 Kate Award Plaques turned out great! Thank you to High Tide Fabrication for making these beautiful plaques!
Rachel, Angela, and Maryann putting together award packages for the 2021 Kate Award Winners!
Happy birthday Brandon! We hope you loved your cake and card!
Agriculture Man Brandon hand feeding his friends the No Limits Hens.
The banana tree will be back again for another summer season. We wonder if it will flower again this year? Only time will tell!
Emma had a birthday this week too! Happy birthday Emma!
Angela is really becoming an expert lawn mower. Thanks for all of your help with the lawn Angela!
David enjoying the morning sun with a cup of coffee and a visit with the chickens.
Zel says “Adrian is taking care of business!” Thanks for all of your help Adrian!

Friday Blogging April 9, 2021

Rachel’s husband, John, helped to resolve a weed problem in the pollinator garden by helping us to till the soil.
John also helped us to cut the legs off of a few of our raised boxes because they were ready to be “dropped to the ground”. Thanks for all of your help John!
Dottie Bott-Travis helped us to plant some winter vegetables and flowers this past fall. This our last surviving flower. We call it the “lone survivor”! Thanks again to Dottie for all of your help in the garden.
Three musketeers hard at work planting flowers where John tilled!
The No Limits Water Girl! Melissa helped water the new flowers Thanks Melissa!
Brandon making sure our fruit trees are growing well.
What a great group we had for Cognitive Rehabilitation during Virtual No Limits this week!
Kindle class with Rachel! Rachel taught Melissa how to use her new Kindle. Kindles allow members of No Limits to stay connected to their peers, family, and local businesses in a virtual manner. This is a much needed resource here on the rural Eastern Shore. Melissa and Rachel are maskless because they are proudly 2 weeks post vaccination. Congratulations!
Adrian, Angela, David, and Kyle all pitched in to make sure the lawnmower is ready for the cutting season.

Friday Blogging April 2, 2021

Watch out! David’s gonna spray you with the hose! (just kidding, he was spraying the van after helping to wash it)
A quick round of “baseball” before heading home for the day.
Members of No Limits prepared Easter gifts for our friends at a local group home. We hope they enjoy them!
Brandon hand feeding the chickens. He is the chicken whisperer!
Joe enjoying his morning joe. Nice hat too, Joe!
We enjoyed a “blast from the past” activity this week dying Easter eggs after preparing Easter gifts and cards for our friends.
Whip it up Melissa! We dyed Easter eggs using a modern “whip dye” kit. It was very cool! David thinks it looks just like meringue.
A watched pot never boils! Right Angela?
Don’t steal those pop rocks David!
David making sure everyone on our Easter card list was sent a card. Thanks for your help!