Friday Blog 4/22/2022

Melissa and Crystal stopped to take a picture while they were out checking on our geocache in Onancock, VA.

Brandon enjoys feeding the chickens fresh clover.

Corina got a surprise visit from her daughter, Lylah. So cute!
Rachel fills us in about some new information in the world of brain injury treatments.


In Memoriam : Joe DeMarco Sr.

No Limits Eastern Shore is saddened to announce the passing of our member, Joe DeMarco.  Joe loved coming to No Limits and seeing the friends he had made in his time here.  He also enjoyed making cat shelters and dog treats for community outreach projects.  His favorite thing to do was enjoy a hot cup of coffee with a big smile on his face.  He will surely be missed.

Joe helping to make shelters for outdoor cats for Northern Accomack Community Cats.
Joe enjoying some sunshine.
Joe and friends checking out an area park.

Please click below to read Joe’s full obituary:

Joseph DeMarco Obituary

2022 Kate Award Winners Announced

No Limits Eastern Shore is proud to announce the winners of the 2022 Kate Award!  Our judges (survivors of brain injury here at No Limits) couldn’t choose just one winner, so we have two outstanding winners.  Congratulations to Leo Ayres II and Nevaeh Riggs on their achievements!

Find out more about these two outstanding kids by clicking the link below

2022 Kate Award First Place Winners

Friday Blog 4/15/2022

The start of our greenhouse looks awesome! Thank you Donnie and Brian for building our platform.
Melissa was so excited to have a surprise visit from our Director’s niece, Dixie.
A tiskit, a tasket, here comes Zel with his basket. Every morning, he checks on our chickens and collects the eggs.
Happy birthday Brandon! We celebrated with him this morning and he was all smiles.
John, Kyle and Zel enjoyed the sunshine when they were cutting grass.

United Way Wellness with Betsy is always fun. See you soon!
Chef David doing what he loves. Members made individual omelettes in a bag with the ingredients they chose.

It’s Iesha! A visit from our very first Kate Award winner. What a great surprise.

Our purple martin house had some visitors this week.


Friday Blog 4/1/2022

David and Maryann doing what they do best. Making banana shaped treats for the local primate sanctuary.

Steve is enjoying a hot cup of joe and talking about pizza.
Spring has sprung and John couldn’t wait to cut the grass. Great job!
Kim Whitelock, leader of Girl Scout Troop#137 visited with a cookie donation for our members. Thank you and your troop for your kindness and generosity. Delicious!

The 3 musketeers! Good friends are easy to find here at No Limits.
United Way Wellness with Betsy. She is a good friend to us and is coming back soon.
Melissa is so happy to make her own lunch. Yummy.
Andrew likes playing bingo. He’s on a winning streak.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! We ended the month with a fun ice cream social.