Friday Blogging May 28, 2021

Whippin’ up some treats for a local primate sanctuary!
Joe helped to make monkey treats too! Thanks Joe!
Melissa showing off her new shirt. It says “chicken whisperer”. She will have to practice with the No Limits’ Hens!
Melissa showed off her shirt to her friends during Virtual No Limits too.
BFFs helping each other to water the ‘maters. Melissa was helping too by supervising!
We made our very first batch of “Whoopie Pies” this week. Angela says “They were pretty darn good!” Be on the lookout for homemade Whoopie Pies to be sold from the No Limits Hot Dog Cart this summer!
Our first batch was a bit messy, but they sure tasted great!
We think Rachel was probably saying “It is so good to see you!” to Randolph.
Brandon helped Emma to learn how to use the riding mower this week. Thanks for being a great teacher Brandon!
David and CL visiting with Jason. We were so happy to see our friend in-person. It had been over a year! We are so thankful that our friends from local nursing homes are able to visit with us again. YAY!!!

Friday Blogging May 21, 2021

CL and Maryann getting the cart ready for our Polish Sausage Taste Test!
David and Angela enjoying the sunshine!
Thank you to our Board Member Laurice Hohlt for bringing us a new ground cover, plus other plants!
CL dressed up for our Taste Test!
Joe is maxing and relaxing!
Lunch was great!
Brandon and the chickens share a moment of Zen.
A baby bunny came to visit. Baby Bugs Bunny!
Our herb garden.
Somebody in Keyport, New Jersey, loves us! Thank you so much for always thinking of us Maureen! Thank you for your support. XOXO

Friday Blogging 05/14/21

*Please note that if you see any staff or members together without masks it means that those who are pictured are fully vaccinated against COVID-19! Woohooo!!*

Rachel’s husband, John, came in to help out with the lawn last week. Thank you for your help John! We all think the yard looks grrrrr-eat!
CL working hard to build a rack for the garden hose.
Great work CL!
We celebrated Angela’s birthday this week. Happy birthday Angela, and many, many more!
Zel helping Maryann to hand-make dolls to be given to a local nursing home’s unit for residents living with dementia. Are your hands sore yet?!
Brandon whackin’ some weeds by the No Limits berry patch.
Two friends enjoying the shade on a sunny day.
Emma and Zel building the Passionflower trellis. David says “We can’t wait for the vines to take hold of their new home!”
Melissa harvesting catnip. The kitties say “meow meow Melissa” which means “thanks!”
Preparing for a monthly first-aid kit inspection. Thanks to the No Limits Health and Safety crew (aka Adrian, David, Angela, Joe, and Zel) for helping to keep us safe this month!
The Purple Martin Hotel is a HUGE HIT this summer! Look at all those birds. David thinks that they were “evicted” from their old “apartment” and that is why we have so many moving in! Haha!


Friday Blogging 05/07/2021

A long phone call on a sunny day. Zel says “Kyle is getting paid in the SUN instead of the SHADE!”
Stay tuned! The No Limits’ Hot Dog Cart will be opening up this summer. Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for opening announcements coming soon!
Angela hand-making mother’s day cards for many moms who deserve a card. Great work.
Brandon watering the cucumbers. He is helping them to mature well!
The purple irises outside of the No Limits office are in full bloom. Aren’t they beautiful??
It’s National Nurses Week! We enjoyed learning about Florence Nightingale, considered to be the founder of modern nursing, to celebrate National Nurses week!