Volunteers From Youthworks

Volunteers from Youthworks visited No Limits Eastern Shore to learn about brain injury and to help with projects.  They enjoyed our presentations about what we do and preventing brain injury.  We greatly appreciate all of their hard work and enthusiasm.  They did an amazing job!  Thank you all so much!!!!



Daniel is posing for the camera and giving our chicken a treat.



Friday Blogging 7/28/2023

All hands on deck for another round of fresh catnip.
Cleve is busy harvesting the next crop of catnip.
Zel is working hard.
Our hibiscus is really showing its face.
Our corn is starting to pop.
The pear tree is bearing fruit.
Our lunch went south of the border for the day. Tacos!
Chef a la David cutting up in the kitchen.
David and Maryann getting taco ready.
David enjoys making lunch for everyone.
No Limits was present at Delegate Bloxom’s Fentanyl Awareness Event.
United Way Wellness with Thomas! We enjoy our massages and exercise.
Good morning stretch.
Andrew and Jessica posing for the camera.
Zel and Brandon are helping out with the pollinator garden.
Brandon and Zel are planting herbs in the garden.
Nick and Ken are on team red shirt.
Randolph is getting fresh air and sunshine.
CL is our friendly hot dog man.
CL enjoys serving the community with the No Limits Hot Dog Cart.

Thursday Blogging 7/13/2023

Cleve, Nick, David, Maryann and Brandon are preparing to make delicious zucchini bread.
All hands on deck.
Maryann and Brandon are grating fresh zucchini.
Cleve can’t wait to taste the zucchini bread.
Steve is supervising the making of cucumber salad.
Zel is waiting to cut onions.
No Limits treats the SPCA to homemade zucchini bread.
Kitties enjoyed their kitty weed treat too.
Zel and Cleve are picking fresh blackberries and wineberries.
Another hearty harvest.
Kyle and Rachel making schedule changes.
Thanks again Manna Cafe!! Another happy meal.
We always enjoy our visits to Manna Cafe.
After meal conversation.
David is getting solid points during gross motor.
Ronzelle is on his way to a second place finish. Jason is a great teammate.
Nick is very serious about gross motor.


Thursday Blogging 7/6/2023

Our corn is coming along nicely.
A baby watermelon.
Healthy squash in our garden.
Our zucchinis are gaining weight and they’re huge!
Kevin and Cleve are working on kitty weed.
Cleve is watering the children of the corn.
Rose of Sharon that was transplanted from our previous location. Still going strong.
Cleve and Crystal are freeing up space.
Zel and Cleve are relocating the partition.
Cleve and Nicole are taking down the last remnants.
Steve and David are supervising the changes.
Summer pizza lunch.
Everyone enjoyed yummy pizza.
Junior came to visit.  He has stars in his eyes for pizza.