Friday Blogging 10/28/2022

Brandon and Zel are doing a great job of trimming the bushes.
Matt enjoys being silly with a surgical hat.
Ten little visitors from Halloween Town.
Spooky brownies taste good.
Count Steven I is ready for lunch.
Randolph the scarecrow is ready for all of the treats to pass his way.
The Bone Collector and a hippie.
We had good luck today, in spite of a black cat crossing our paths.
We had a great time at our Halloween party.
Steampunk Corina wearing her daughter’s hat.

Thursday Blogging 10/20/2022

Henrietta is happy to see Brandon with cracked corn for her.
Men at work.
Birds of a feather flock together.
Greenhouse work has begun. We are very grateful to the C.D. Fleming, Jr. Charitable Foundation for their support of No Limits Eastern Shore in general and our greenhouse project in particular!
Zel enjoys putting things together. He is building a wheelchair accessible garden bed for our greenhouse. The bed is made accessible by being the correct height, designed to allow a person using a wheelchair to pull right up to it, and by having a back that is higher than the front to facilitate gardening from a seated position.
Our first prickly pear.


Thursday Blogging 10/13/2022

Monkey business. Making treats for the local primate sanctuary.
Teamwork makes the dream work.
Zel enjoys building. He helped to put together a veg trug for catnip.
Greenhouse planning for late fall.
We celebrated Rachel’s birthday on Friday. Happy Birthday Rachel!
Decorating for Halloween. Let’s get spooky.
Our snap peas are growing big and tall.