The 2018 Annual Kiwanis of Accomack County Craft Show

We would like to thank the Kiwanis Club of Accomack very much for offering No Limits booth space at their annual craft show this year as well their gracious cash donation to the No Limits Day Program!

NoLimitsCheck111718 (2)

Program Coordinator, Emma, receiving the cash donation from the Kiwanis Club of Accomack at the No Limits booth during the 2018 Annual Kiwanis of Accomack County Craft Show.

Thank you again to the Kiwanis Club of Accomack!

Friday Blogging


David helped to hand make over 20 Christmas cards using recycled Christmas cards from years past this week.  Thank you David, and thank you Laurice Hohlt for donating the recycled cards!


Amy and Zel using teamwork to help Maryann finish our holiday sewing project.  It looks like Zel is saying “what you talkin’ ’bout Willis?!”


Look how nice everything turned out.  We can’t wait to deliver these hand made pillows and scarves to our friends living in nursing homes!


11 days until Christmas!  Presents are starting to appear under the No Limits tree!  What a wonderful time of year!

Friday Blogging


Brandon and David having a good time working on making festive night lights.  Thank you to No Limits Board Member, Laurice Hohlt, for providing us with materials to make these useful decorations!


Amy’s not afraid to get her hands dirty.


A few of our finished products.  These would also make cool Christmas gifts!


We were inspired with the holiday night lights craft and we decided to hand make holiday pillows to gift to our friends living in local nursing homes.


Here’s David hard at work making a pillow.


Making presents just like Santa’s elves!


Amy helping Maryann out with sewing.  Way to go!


Amy with the pretty pillow she made.  We hope our friends enjoy their gifts!

Helping out the DRPT!

This week No Limits assisted Mia Candy, a Senior Planner with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), in developing the Virginia Coordinated Human Services Mobility Plan 2018 Update (CHSM Plan).  This plan sets the direction for the state to improve transportation options for vulnerable populations including people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and low income groups.

Thank you for coming Mia!  It was nice to meet you and we are proud to have assisted with this inclusive plan!  We’re also thrilled to have helped to give the Eastern Shore a voice in the plan update.  Mia also visited with the great folks at Star Transit and even rode a bus or two during her visit.

To learn more information about the CHSM Plan, or the Virginia Department of Rail and Transportation, please visit the DRPT website at or contact directly.