Helping out the DRPT!

This week No Limits assisted Mia Candy, a Senior Planner with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT), in developing the Virginia Coordinated Human Services Mobility Plan 2018 Update (CHSM Plan).  This plan sets the direction for the state to improve transportation options for vulnerable populations including people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and low income groups.

Thank you for coming Mia!  It was nice to meet you and we are proud to have assisted with this inclusive plan!  We’re also thrilled to have helped to give the Eastern Shore a voice in the plan update.  Mia also visited with the great folks at Star Transit and even rode a bus or two during her visit.

To learn more information about the CHSM Plan, or the Virginia Department of Rail and Transportation, please visit the DRPT website at or contact directly.


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