Friday Blogging


Emma and Brandon protecting the palm tree for winter.


We always enjoy self advocacy lessons with Rachel!


We had a great time this week decorating for the holidays.  Doesn’t CL make a great Santa?!


Nice job decorating David and Amy.


CL makes a good Santa AND a good Grinch!  Haha!


Jason’s all smiles for Christmas time!


David and Sheri made sure everyone’s stocking was hung up.


Maryann and Amy are happy to see how nice all of the decorations look!


Kyle, CL, and Zel getting ready to head out for our first Salvation Army bell ringing shift for the year.  It was a really cold day.  Thanks for toughing it out guys!


Time to ring the bells.  Great job again for volunteering guys.


  Zel says, “It might have been cold, but we still had a good time!”  Nice false teeth and reindeer ears CL and Kyle.  No wonder Zel has such a big smile!


Our great friend, a long time volunteer of No Limits, and the first ever recipient of the Kate Award, Iesha, came by and brought her son for all of us to meet.  He is so cute!


It was such a nice surprise to meet your little man Iesha.  We can’t believe how big he’s getting!


Amy was so happy to see Iesha she didn’t want her to leave.

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