Thursday Blog 08/26/2021

Enjoying Virtual No Limits with our friends who are currently unable to join us physically.
We invite the bell each time we have Betsy with us for health and wellness sessions.
CL is completely relaxed as Betsy provides his massage.
Our participants have been hard at work making these comfort dolls for local residents at Commonwealth Senior Living.
Our Operations Coordinator, Maryann is cutting and sewing the doll patterns for our project.
David and our Day Support Coordinator, Crystal are putting the final touches on the dolls.
David is under cloud nine while stuffing the comfort dolls.
Brandon and our Case Manager, Kyle went out to check some of the local walking trails as part of their Master Naturalist adventures.

Friday Blog for 08/20/2021

Our beautiful No Limits sign adorns the pollinator garden.
Our pollinator garden is thriving!
Our director, Rachel leads Virtual No Limits with an advocacy lesson on civil rights.
A very competitive game of Uno to keep us on our toes.
Brandon gives the chickens a few frozen treats on a hot day.
David and Zel are potting a couple of plants that were brought to us from one of our board members, Laurice.
Our participants have recently named this area our Indoor Plant Sanctuary.

Friday Blog 08/13/2021

Adrian is going over the latest news and current events with an excited group.
Our day coordinator, Crystal shares a classic waltz with Zel during exercise.
Joe is all smiles as we celebrated his birthday with him.

Our friends who couldn’t join us in person joined us virtually.

Everyone worked hard on making treats for the local primate sanctuary.

Brandon came in to help with our chickens and refilling the birdfeeders.

CL learned how to invite the bell for our exercise and massage sessions with Betsy.

Jake took a trip to Chincoteague Park with our case manager Kyle. Boy that cheeseburger really has his attention.

An Exciting Week Shared with World Leadership!

Our Director Rachel explains how to prevent brain injuries. World Leadership fellows from Norfolk Academy spent the day with us to learn what we do here at No Limits.
The students from Norfolk Academy are listening intently to important details about daily activities that our survivors participate in.
Game On! Participants and students came together in two teams for a challenging game of cornhole. MaryAnn tells Melissa where to stand to start the game off.
Jason watches our cornhole game, cheering us on!
David is concentrating on making the perfect throw.
Zel is having fun during our cornhole game. Scores were super close!