Friday Blogging


The No Limits Enhanced Outreach team visited with Mr. William for his birthday.  Lookin’ good Mr. William!  Amy says “You’re the bomb!”


Jack Jack aka our good pal Jackie had a birthday too, so we visited with him to celebrate as well!


It’s getting warmer… which means  we’re starting to add on to our outdoor garden!  Brandon is planting lavender in No Limits’ dedicated herb garden!


In this picture Brandon is adding sand around the lavender plant.  He says “the sand will help the soil to drain and lavender plants prefer quick draining soil.”


Kamesha from the Virginia’s Cooperative Extension’s SNAP-ED program came in to give another cool lesson on nutrition this week.  We learned about fruit and made fruit smoothies that were mmm mmm good!  Thanks Kamesha!


Friday mornings with Adrian is a favorite activity here at No Limits!  This Friday we had our monthly safety meeting and learned about how to stay safe during a tornado.  Amy says “Adrian is a great teacher!”

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